The Votes Are In

Winners will be announced in December

Ranan Lachman - Pley

Ranan Lachman


Known as the Netflix for LEGOs, the rental service leverages the sharing economy to save money for families.
Josh Sprague - Orange Mud

Josh Sprague

Orange Mud

Efficient, well crafted, locally sourced gear, with a major focus on endurance sports.
Brittany Hodak - ZinePak

Brittany Hodak


Specializes in creating custom packages for pop-culture superfans.
Floyd Hayes - World's Fastest Agency

Floyd Hayes

World's Fastest Agency

Helps time-pressured clients keep pace with the lightning fast 24/7 global media and social culture.
Maria Seidman - Yapp

Maria Seidman


Do it yourself platform where anyone can simply and affordably create and instantly publish a mobile application for parts of their lives that matter to them.