Inside the January 1996 Issue
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Beating Large Competitors With Superior Customer Service

You can beat your bigger competitors by offering superior service. Here's how!

Be Your Own Publicist

Here's how to get your business in the news

Maximizing Your Personal Line Of Credit For Start-up Costs

Smart credit strategies for small businesses

Finding The Recipe To Success In The Chocolate Industry

Three businesses enjoy sweet success in the chocolate industry.

How Two Computer Consulting Techies Made Millions In Sales

Two techies turn computer consulting into mega cash.

Great Minds

It takes more than just brain power to make it as an inventor.

Just Do It

For expert motivator Jim Rohn, success is no mystery--it's simply a matter of discipline.

Investing 101

A crash course in building your personal portfolio

Man Of The House

Bringing linens out of the closet turned this retail maverick into a household name.

Stop, Thief!

Are your employees robbing you blind?

Behind The Wheel

Auto leasing options that get your business in gear




Books worth a look
Business Beat

Missing Persons

When employees call in sick, it's your business that suffers.
Business Beat

Color Me Productive

Busy employees are singing the blues.
Business Beat

In The Stars

A sneak peek at small business in 1996
Business Beat

Growing Up

Students learn real-life business lessons.
Business Beat

To Die For

Is your business hazardous to your health?
Business Beat

Anything Goes

There's no such thing as an unsaleable idea.
Business Beat

What Price Principles?

In an ideal world, profits and principles co-exist. In the real world, it's not so easy.
Business Buzz

Something's Brewing

Business Buzz

Getting Physical

Business Buzz

Salad Days

Business Buzz

Natural Born Grillers

Business Buzz

A Stitch In Time

Business Buzz

The Dating Game

Business Buzz

Mad About Magoo

Columns Article

Women & Minority Entrepreneurs

Inspiration and advice to help women and minorities face the challenges of business ownership.
Columns Article


Columns Article

Legal At Last

Homebased businesses are finally legal in Chicago. Here's how they did it.
Columns Article

Better Than Ever

A word from the editor in chief
Columns Article

Get With The Program

Columns Article

Have PC, Will Travel

Columns Article

Staking Your Claim

Columns Article

A Fax In The Hand . . .

Columns Article

Making Headlines

Entrepreneurial Woman

Making A Difference

Entrepreneurial Woman

Second Class

Global Vision

Capital Crunch

Global Vision

Class Distinctions


Playing Around

EAndre Farrar, Arthur Ganson and Rustam Booz have their hands on a winner.

One For The Road

Richard Haywood's Western-themed audio books are a runaway hit with truck drivers.
Sounding Off

Up All Night

Trade the joys of entrepreneurship for a night of restful sleep? Never.
Whats Hot

Star Techies

As computers become more indispensable, computer consulting becomes more profitable.
Bulletin Board

Bulletin Board

Help for entrepreneurs
Business Hotline

To The Rescue

Looking for health coverage? An insurance agent may be your best source.
Special Events

Special Events

Mark Your Calendars
Capitol Issues

Package Deal

The U.S. Postal Service's new marketing strategy may pay off for small business.
Family Business

The Parent Trap

The pros and cons of hiring your parents
Leading Edge

Informal Wear

Does dressing down send productivity up?
Leading Edge

Dumping Ground

Toxic waste on your property could cost you-even if you didn't put it there.
Staff Smarts

Good Questions

Does interviewing job candidates make you nervous? Try these tricks of the trade.
Staff Smarts

Word Perfect

Staff Smarts

Cutting Edge

Staff Smarts

Highway Robbery

Taking Charge


Keep your employees on track with a written mission statement.
Taking Charge

All The Rage

Don't blow your top: Turn your hostile reactions into positive solutions.
Taking Charge

Credit Worthy

Do your employees need company credit cards?
Advertising Workshop

Fax To The Max

Perk up your sales with fax cover sheets that do double duty as promotional tools.
Sales Success

Beat The Clock

Take time to develop new business . . . or you may end up with no business at all.
Money Smarts

On Guard

Money-management strategies
Money Smarts

Stock Options

Money-management strategies
Money Smarts

Loan Star

Money-management strategies
Personal Finance

Great Expectations

Is it too early to call 1998 a good year for entrepreneurs? Our experts certainly don't think so. Here's why...
Personal Finance

Bon Voyage!

Investing overseas could take your portfolio on a trip up, up, and away.
Raising Money

To The Letter

The path to a successful IPO starts with the crucial letter of intent.
Tax Talk

Hidden Assets

Don't try to hide: The IRS is looking harder than ever for unreported income.
Franchise News

True Confessions

What it's really like to be a franchisee?
Franchise News

Franchise Explosion

A report from franchising's front lines
Opportunity Insider

No Sub-Stitute

Any way you slice it, Subway comes out on top.
Opportunity Insider

A Closer Look

An expert reveals the secrets to investigating a franchise.
Business Bytes

Finders Keepers

Ever lose a computer file? You'll appreciate these tips for keeping things in order.
Business Software

Feature Presentation

The newest software makes creating presentations easier than ever.
Buyers Guide

Pocket Pals

Thanks to personal digital assistants, you can take it all with you.
Tech Smarts

Tech Smarts

The latest in modern technology
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