Inside the February 1996 Issue
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The Future Of Franchising . . . Today!

Five trends that will carry franchising into the 21st century

Co-Opportunities In Advertising

Here's where to find extra money to stretch your advertising budget.

Boom or Bust?

A baby boomer's guide to avoiding the empty nest-egg syndrome.

Tomorrow Land

Visionary consultants explain why you need to think about tomorrow . . . today.

Pushing The Envelope

Mail order experts help one company reach the next level of success.

Cover Charge

The ins and outs of insuring your small business

It's Showtime

Tips for attending a franchise trade show

Going The Distance

Mail order entrepreneurs take a licking . . .but keep on ticking.


Biz Traveler

Biz Traveler

News for entrepreneurs on the go

Make Up Your Mind

Ann Graham Ehringer's Make Up Your Mind: Entrepreneurs Talk About Decision Making

The Lemonade Stand

The Lemonade Stand: A Guide to Encouraging the Entrepreneur in Your Child

Managing To Have Fun

Matt Weinstein's Managing To have Fun
Business Beat

Local Heroes

Banks come to the rescue of communities in need.
Business Beat

Spilling The Beans

Does your coffee cup runneth over?
Business Beat

Paper Cut

Lightening the bureaucratic load
Business Beat

A Different World

The Amish plow into entrepreneurship
Business Beat

Broadcast News

Getting good reception on the air
Business Buzz

Business Buzz

Be the first to know
Columns Article


Entrepreneurial Woman

Entrepreneurial Woman

Getting the facts, women mentors and more
Global Vision

Exchange Students

Exporting to the Netherlands and student joint ventures
Home Inc.

Getting Connected

Chambers of commerce put you in touch with your community.
Sounding Off

Friend Or Foe?

Getting to know my PC wasn't exactly love at first byte.
Whats Hot

Healthy Returns

Patients preferring the comforts of home have made home health care a $36 billion industry.
Money Matters

5 Steps To Business Financing With Friends Or Family

Managing Your Bottom Line
Bulletin Board

Bulletin Board

Help for entrepreneurs
Business Hotline

On The Level

Could Multilevel Marketing Boost Your Business To New Heights?
Special Events

Mark Your Calendars

Capitol Issues

Property Rights

Congress battles over bills to protect inventors.
Family Business

Overnight Succession

Planning ahead ensures business goes on--even when tragedy strikes.
Leading Edge

Paradox Found

Can accepting contradictions make you a better businessperson?
Legal Aid

Fighting Fakes

Courts Are Providing Increased Protection For Those Who Create Products And Packaging.
Management Smarts

Management Smarts

Tips and trends for growing your business
Staff Smarts

Raising Havoc

The right--and wrong--way to give employees raises
Taking Charge

Fighting Back

What to do when picketers pick on you
Taking Charge

Inside Track

You Don't Have To Be Agent 007 To Benefit From Competitive Intelligence.
Taking Charge

Mutual Benefits

These little extras cost you nothing--and pay off in happier employees.
Advertising Workshop

Higher Ad-Ucation

Convince Customers You're An Expert With Ads That Educate.
Geurrilla Marketing

Dont Fire Them, Fire Them Up

Scuttle Your Ships Before Advancing
Marketing Smarts

Marketing Smarts

Savvy ideas to boost sales
Sales Success


Customer's objections offer a window of opportunity for closing the sale.
Money Smarts

Money Smarts

Money-management strategies
Personal Finance

Smart Moves

Diversify in '96—and make this your best investment year ever.
Raising Money

Balancing Act

Private financing promises quick cash, but beware of potential lawsuits.
Tax Talk

Declaration of Independents

When are employees not employees? When they're independent contractors.
Franchise News

Two's a Crowd?

Despite changes to Iowa's franchise law, fellow franchisees may still feel too close for comfort.
Opportunity Insider

Start Your Engines

Opportunity Insider

Happy New Year

Opportunity Insider

Bagel Bonanza

Opportunity Insider

Best Bets

Here are the best franchise opportunities for African-Americans
Opportunity Insider

College Bound

Business Bytes

Tuning Up

Is your hard drive getting sluggish? Try these tips to get it back in top form.
Business Software

Package Deal

Software Suites Bundle The Most Popular Programs In One Easy-To-Use Package.
Buyers Guide

Double Duty

Home PCs for business and family give you the best of both worlds.
Tech Smarts

Tech Smarts

The latest in modern technology
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