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Inside the July 1997 Issue


The Unexpected Sales Tool

They're not just for artists anymore: Portfolios are a great way to show off your work to clients!

A Perfect Match

Finding the franchise that fits you to a tee

Only Fools Ca$h In

The investment world's dynamic duo reveals how to score a hit on the internet.

For What It's Worth

It's never too early to build your business's value.

Best Banks For Small Businesses

The nation's top 100 microloan lenders.

10 Booming Homebased Businesses

Thinking of starting a business from home? We've got 10 great ways to get started!


Bright Ideas
Learning the finer points of negotiating
Business Beat
Exploring the ups and downs of life as a small-business lobbyist
Entrepreneurial Woman
Global Vision
Exporting to South Africa and more.
Home Inc.
Audit Alert
Travel Smarts
Calling All Cabs
Building Blocks
A good supplier can be an invaluable business partner.
Checklist For Success
Make sure to address these important issues when buying.
Computer Ease
Turn your Web site into an electronic salesman that generates profits.
Home Front
How to recognize a fraudulent sales pitch before it costs you.
Start-Up Mart
Remain accessible to your customers by automating your front desk.
Starting Smart
Your source for small-business news, reviews, trends and troubleshooting
Business Hotline
Can you turn your thriving wholesale business into a successful retail one?
From The Pages Of...
Creating a place for values in your business
Special Events
Whats Hot
Entrepreneurs offering a compassionate option to nursing homes are fueling the $12 billion assisted living industry.
Capitol Issues
Republicans and Democrats do battle over employee comp time.
Capitol Issues
Republicans and Democrats do battle over employee comp time.
Family Business
Family businesses and venture capitalists are finally seeing eye to eye.
Leading Edge
Zero defections strategy keeps customers coming back
What you don't know about sexual harassment can hurt you.
Management Smarts
Staff Smarts
Get more from employees by upping your EQ.
Advertising Workshop
Searching for some sparkling ad copy? It might be right under your nose.
Guerrilla Marketing
Think time is money? Don't kid yourself--it's far more valuable than dollars and cents.
Marketing Edge
Networking opportunities are everywhere. Don't let them pass you by.
Marketing Smarts
Kid Stuff
Sales Success
Motivate yourself--and others--by becoming a mentor.
Fund Smarts
Often overlooked by investors, small fund may lead to buried treasure
Money Smarts
Personal Finance
You must remember this: Preparing for the stock market's risks helps you come out ahead.
Raising Money
When looking for financing, consider the expertise a value-added investor can offer.
Stock Smarts
Recent acquisitions and a focus on quality help airline supplier take flight
Tax Talk
Transferring part of your business to your children now could lower their taxes later.
What does business opportunity regulation mean to you?
Opportunity Insider
Business Bytes
As videoconferencing gains popularity, firms are working quickly to iron out the kinks.
Buyers Guide
Today's multifunctional modems make getting the word out a snap.
Tech Smarts
Web Smarts
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