Inside the September 1997 Issue
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Sparking Your Imagination

How to light your creative fire

Who Are You?

Create a strong brand identity to make sure everyone knows.

Are You Covered?

Finding the right business insurance to weather any storm.

Financing Your Franchise

Use these resources to gather the capital to get started.

Unlocking The Door To Success

Take a shortcut to start-up by buying a turnkey business.

A Real Toy Story

From wild-haired troll dolls to nostalgic teddy bears, Russ Berrie has the gift market all wrapped up.

The Adams Principle

Dilbert creator expounds on how not to treat your employees.

It's A Wrap

This fall, kids could turn the new cartoon series "Mummies Alive" into a licensee's dream.

How To Build A Million-Dollar Business

Six hall-of-fame entrepreneurs tell how they did it--and how you can, too.

In Season

Does your business suffer from seasonal slumps? Turn it to your advantage.

Survival Of The Fittest

Small manufacturers adapt to today's evolving markets.

E-mail Etiquette

Minding your manners when using e-mail pays off.


Bright Ideas

Ask Me Anything

Answers to the most frequently asked patent questions.
Business Beat

Getting A Life

One entrepreneur's tale of trying to have it all.
Business Beat

Tech It To The Streets

Technology zones are taking the country by storm.
Business Buzz

Bow Regards

Entrepreneurial Woman

True Colors

Global Vision

Big Deal

Landing the sole distribution rights for a foreign product.
Home Inc.

The Front Lines

Catching up on news that affects homebased business owners.
Travel Smarts

Jet Set

Need a more convenient way to fly? Share the ownership of a jet.
Building Blocks

Tricks Of The Trade

Become an expert before becoming a business owner.
Computer Ease

Online Banking

Use this new technology, and leave long bank lines behind.
Money Matters

Budget Basics

Why your new business needs a formal budget from day one.
Starting Smart

Trend Watch

Home Suite Home
Youre The Boss

Have Business Will Travel

Getting the biggest bang for your business-travel buck.
Bulletin Board


Business Hotline

Share The Wealth

Think the world of profit-sharing plans begins and ends with the 401(k)? Think again.
Whats Hot

Money Talks

Endless market potential gives ESL entrepreneurs something to talk about.
Capitol Issues

To Your Health

Two bills offer a solution to businesses that can't afford standard health insurance.
Family Business

Survival Training

Before focusing on succession, develop a strategic plan for growing the company.
Leading Edge

Harvest Time

How to reap maximum benefits from a slow-growing product.

Off The Clock

Need an attorney? New fee structures offer alternatives to the billable hour.
Management Smarts

Hire Power

How to find the best employees in today's dwindling market.
Staff Smarts

Inspiration Points

Unmotivated employees could cost you your business.
Advertising Workshop

Fire Starters

Want to capture readers' attention? Simple: Host a sales explosion.
Guerrilla Marketing

Test Flight

Woo new customers with a pilot project.
Marketing Edge

For The Asking

How can you increase profits? Just ask your customers.
Marketing Smarts

Homemade And Hot

Fund Smarts

Growing Up

A keen eye for small up-and-comers got this fund top marks from Morningstar.
Money Smarts

Golden Touch

Personal Finance

Playing To Win

Get into the college tuition game now--or you could lose later.
Raising Money

Fortune Telling

Putting together financial projections that attract investors
Stock Smarts

Clean Machines

Anti-virus software is McAfee Associates' stock in trade.
Tax Talk

Double Trouble

A new IRS proposal could mean more red tape--and higher taxes--for your partnership.
Opportunity Insider

Full Circle

The New Frontier

The New Frontier

Franchising makes inroads worldwide.
Business Bytes

Branching Out

Network computers offer a low-cost solution to your growing high-tech needs.
Business Software

Get The Bugs Out

Cure your computer's ills with anti-virus software.
Buyers Guide

Cutting The Cord

A look at digital cordless phones.
Tech Smarts

New And Improved

Web Smarts

Locals Only

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