Inside the November 1997 Issue
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Young Millionaires Part II

How 30 super achievers grew their million-dollar businesses.

Young Millionaires Part I

How 30 super achievers grew their million-dollar businesses.


Bright Ideas

Rest Insured

How the right insurance policy can protect you in a patent lawsuit
Business Beat

Junior Boomers

Who's next? The Net generation.
Business Buzz

Tooning In

Entrepreneurial Woman

Talking Back

Fast Track

The Missing Link

Say goodbye to overseas phone calls.
Global Smarts

Free For All

Travel Smarts

Road Hazards

Young Entrepreneur

Growth Spurt

Building Blocks

Somebody To Lean On

Build a strong support network to help you through the tough times.
Computer Ease

Business Netiquette

How to mind your manners when conducting business online.
Home Front

Don't Stay Home Alone

Use these networking techniques to fuel your business's growth.
Money Matters

Taking Charge

Increase your sales by obtaining merchant status to accept credit cards.
Start-Up Mart

Business Gifts

Show your appreciation while promoting your business.
Starting Smart

Very Important Prospects

Your source for small business news, reviews, trends and troubleshooting
Youre The Boss

Hiring Strategies

Following a script will keep your employee interviews on track.
Bulletin Board


NAFTA Relief Offered
Business Hotline

Pay Day

How to determine employee salaries.
Special Events

Mark Your Calendars

Whats Hot

Soup's On!

It started with the Soup Nazi. Now it's one of America's hottest restaurant concepts.
Capitol Issues

Clearing the Air

New EPA clean-air standards have some small businesses fuming.
Family Business

Family Business

Nonfamily mentors may be the best way to prepare the next generation.
Leading Edge

Words of Wisdom

A 2500-year-old Chinese philosophy holds new meaning for modern-day entrepreneurs.

Internal Affairs

Do unpaid interns sound like a good source of free labor? Think again!
Management Smarts

Now Hear This

Staff Smarts

Words of Wisdom

A 2500-year-old Chinese philosophy holds new meaning for modern-day entrepreneurs.
Staff Smarts

Culture Clash

Learn to recognize the warning signs of a business on the verge of collapse.
Advertising Workshop

Psst! The Secret's Out

Hook 'em with the one word that leaves 'em begging for more.
Guerrilla Marketing

Point and Click

Do-it-yourself marketing materials that do the work for you.
Marketing Edge

Write Brain

Writing well means using your head.
Marketing Smarts

Civic Duties

Sales Success

Expert Advice

Positioning your company ahead of the pack will make customers think of you first.
Fund Smarts

Home Grown

If you value consistency, check out the Homestead Value Fund.
Money Smarts

CFOs To Go

Personal Finance

Small Packages

For diversity-hungry investors, good things come in small cap stocks.
Raising Money

Loan Stars

With new technology at their fingertips, banks are opening their doors to small business.
Stock Smarts

Rain Maker

Think money doesn't grow on trees? Just ask Rainforest Cafe.
Tax Talk

Escape Route

In over your head? The IRS may have a plan to rescue you from a tax bind.
Opportunity Insider

On the Go

Romancing The Home

Romancing The Home

45 home improvement opportunities.
Business Bytes

Get It Together

There's never been a better time to implement a network in your small business.
Business Software

Remote Possibilities

Not in your office? Remote control software makes it simple to access your computer.
Buyers Guide

Phone Ahead

A new breed of high-tech telephones makes doing business easier than ever.
Tech Smarts

Surf's Up

Web Smarts

Keep 'Em Coming

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