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Inside the June 1998 Issue


Check It Out

All the information you need to start your business is the library.

Prescription For Success

Medical billing services are just what the doctor ordered.

Time Bomb

Computers everywhere are on a crash course to the year 2000. What are you planning to do about it?

Latin Beat

You, too, could tap into this $273 billion consumer market -- if your pitch is right. Here's a must-read introduction to the vast, complex world of Latino, USA.

Staying Power

The good news: Your product is a hit. The bad news: Your product is a hit. The inescapable truth: Success is a tough act to follow.

The Buying Game

Not all pitches to retail buyers are created equal. Here's what you need to do to ensure your product is the one that generates attention--and sales.

Windows To The World

What does Bill Gates know that the rest of us don't? Find out from one entrepreneur in this exclusive excerpt from All I Really Need to Know in Business I Learned at Microsoft.

Fast Lane

Entrepreneur and Dun & Bradstreet's fourth annual Hot 100 -- the fastest-growing new small businesses in America.

Fast Track

Get on the road to success with the right franchise or business opportunity.


Columns Article
It's not all fun and games in the toy industry.
Columns Article
Small-business checking accounts may get their due.
Columns Article
Amusing your inner child at work.
Columns Article
Short and sweet really pays off.
Columns Article
Put on your golf shoes and get into the swing of things.
Columns Article
Your employees will love you for it.
Columns Article
Adding fuel to the affirmative action fire.
Columns Article
An economic boom isn't always a boon for entrepreneurs.
Columns Article
Are mileage programs at car rental companies running out of gas?
Columns Article
This summer, don't let your suitcase travel alone.
Columns Article
Minority women entrepreneurs thrive in the United States.
Columns Article
Cashing in on an age-old family recipe.
Columns Article
Follow the yellow brick roads...
Columns Article
A study in contrasts.
Columns Article
Time to raise your ant-tennas!
Global Smarts
With a market of more than 200 million consumers, China is ready for new business.
Up and Coming
Leadership styles through the ages.
Small Talk
Time bandits.
Software Solutions
The Internet is a gold mine of free software...if you know where to look.
Bright Ideas
Will your idea fly? Our expert tests the experts.
Bulletin Board
Resources for entrepreneurs.
Trade Shows
Mark Your Calendars
Whats Hot
Do-it-yourself stir-fry restaurants cater to diners' desire to have it their way.
Cutting Edge
Need advice? Try a peer group on for size.
Family Business
Don't force your kids to join the family business -- let them decide.
Paying for photos doesn't always give you the right to use them.
Management Article
New rules for using investigative reports to screen employees.
Management Article
Prevent repetitive-strain injuries with a few simple exercises.
Management Article
What to do when out-of-town visitors come to call.
Management Article
Putting big business techniques to work in your company.
Management Article
An outdoor site can breathe new life into your meetings.
Management Article
How to handle employees' bad behavior.
Management Article
Does your company measure up?
Management Article
Yearning for the sounds of silence.
Management Article
Setting policies on facial jewelry and body art.
Staff Smarts
Expose your financial secrets to employees? Are you crazy?
Advertising Workshop
How can you spice up your ads without sensationalizing them? Simple. Just drop a name or two.
Guerrilla Marketing
What makes a guerrilla entrepreneur? One part grit and two parts gumption.
Marketing Smarts
Odds are, this idea's a sure thing.
Marketing Smarts
Can't get the toll-free number of your dreams? Try this.
Marketing Smarts
Find the customers the techie way.
Sales Success
Top entrepreneurs share their hottest sales pointers.
Tips and Tactics
Brainstorm your way to more creative marketing.
Fund Smarts
If you can tolerate the risk, China region funds may be worth it in the long run.
Money Article
Don't pull your hair out. Read this instead.
Money Article
...the better you'll be prepared for windfalls.
Money Article
A new business check card.
Personal Finance
Get the lowdown on declining interest rates.
Raising Money
Small Business Investment Companies pick up where traditional banks leave off.
Stock Smarts
What's simmering at Campbell?
Tax Talk
Find out what Washington has in store as your tax dollar teeters on Capitol Hill.
Opportunity Article
Our fifth annual Business Travel, tips you won't want to leave home without.
Opportunity Article
What does your business do? A good logo tells the story.
Opportunity Article
The best-laid business plans...
Opportunity Article
They make saving the day look easy.
Opportunity Article
Loans to franchisees are up.
Opportunity Article
This entrepreneur gave ice cream a makeover.
Opportunity Article
Congress considers franchise legislation...again.
Opportunity Article
Maui Tacos hit the mainland.
Opportunity Article
Your neighborhood Pizza Hut may be for sale.
Opportunity Article
A new kind of gravy train.
Opportunity Article
When franchising meets the Web...
Business Bytes
If you think the Internet is just about e-mail, you've missed the point. Expanded phone and fax services offer your business new communication options.
Buyers Guide
Tiny, lightweight computers put the world in the palm of your hand.
Technology Article
Faster than a speeding bullet...
Technology Article
Teleconferencing -- the next best thing to being there.
Technology Article
The long-awaited Microsoft Office 98 upgrade brings Macintosh users up to speed.
Technology Article
New and notable software
State-Of-The-Art Tech Tools
Web Smarts
Grade your Web site, update your business plan.
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