Inside the October 1998 Issue
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Think Big!

Everything you need to know to turn your great idea into a bestselling product.

Get a Clue

Mystery-shopping entrepreneurs spy profits in improving poor service.

Can You Say "Profits"?

This entrepreneur's interpreting service spells success in any language.

Full Speed Ahead

15 shortcuts to business success.

Chain Reactions

As chain stores move onto Main Street America, entrepreneurs are bracing for the fight of their lives. Will David or Goliath emerge victorious?

Hot Cities

Our annual ranking of the nation's top entrepreneurial spots.


Business Buzz

Bird Watch

Re-ruffling Woody Woodpecker's feathers.
Columns Article

Looking For Cover

Struggling small businesses could be out in the cold if a bankruptcy reform bill passes.
Entrepreneurial Woman

It Takes A Village

Building community on the Web.
Global Smarts

Risky Business?

Insurance makes you more secure.

Keeping The Faith

Churches use entrepreneurship to build community.
Travel Smarts

Hope For The Holidays

Expert tips on preventing bad holiday trips.
Up and Coming

Missed Manners

Young entrepreneurs dress down America's corporate culture.

Taking License

Profit from your great idea by setting up a licensing agreement.
Small Talk

Just Say Yo

Yo for it, top this, unstoppable you.
Software Solutions

Mail Call

E-mail programs that really deliver.
Whats Your Problem

New Kid On The Block

Our experts solve your start-up problems.
Beating The Odds

Sweet Rewards

Fighting their way to success is business as usual for two tough cookies.
Bright Ideas

Shelf Life

Want to get your product on grocers' shelves? Don't go it alone.
Bulletin Board

Incubator Goes Online

Resources for Entrepreneurs.
Trade Shows

Special Events

Mark Your Calendars
Whats Hot

Speaking In Tongues

Larger markets in a smaller world mean big opportunities for translation services.
Cutting Edge

Think Big

Forget about a better mousetrap: Find a whole new way to catch the mouse.
Family Business

Sharing The Wealth

How much is too much . . .or too little?

Dangerous Liaisons

Planning to use the resources of your business to support your favorite candidate? Be careful not to cross the line.
Management Smarts

Know Your Limits

Is bigger always better? No way.
Your Business

Close To Home

Domestic violence isn't just a personal issue--it can affect your business, too.
Advertising Workshop

Famous First Words

Three, two, one. That's how much time you have to make a good first impression in advertising--so choose your words wisely.
Marketing Smarts

The Perfect Pitch

Ever wonder how to grab a journalist's attention?
Sales Success

Rep Talk

Independent contractor or employee? Commission or draw? This five-step plan can help you decide how to pay your sales reps.
Tips and Tactics

Meet the Press

When reporters come knocking, don't get scared--get prepared.
Fund Smarts

Good Medicine

Health and biotech funds may be just what the doctor ordered.
Money Smarts

Take Your Pick

To get sound advice from a financial newsletter, you've got to choose the right one.
Personal Finance

In The Fight

With investments that take your tolerance for risk into account, your portfolio could prove to be a winner.
Raising Money

Fair Game

In hot pursuit of funding? Impress investors at a venture capital fair.
Tax Talk

Silver Lining

Plucking tax deductions from a natural disaster.
Franchise News

Myth vs. Reality

Buying a franchise needn't be scary--once you separate fact from fiction.
Opportunity Article

A Quick Guide To Insurance

Everything you always wanted to know about business insurance - but weren't afraid enough to ask.
Opportunity Article

Walk This Way

Lessons in the fine art of bootstrapping
Opportunity Article

Entrepreneurs Anonymous

Are you one of the millions of Americans who secretly longs to be an entrepreneur?
Opportunity Article

Down To A Science

Concocting a winning franchise formula.
Opportunity Article

O, Pioneers!

40 companies that helped define franchising success.
Opportunity Article

Back To School

Get an education in franchising.
Opportunity Article

Sweetening The Pot

This idea takes the (ice cream) cake.
Opportunity Article

Reality Check

Have you heard the news? It's time for your business to get real.
Opportunity Insider

Triple Threat

Tackling franchising in the sports tournament field.
Start-Up Spotlight

O, Pioneers!

The companies that helped define franchising success.
Business Bytes

Keep Your Guard Up

Don't let your company's data security be an afterthought.
Business Software

Matter Of Fax

Stop trekking down the hall to the fax machine--let a software program do the walking!
Buyers Guide

In Living Color

The latest color inkjet printers bring your documents to life.
Net Profits

Hit List

The first rule of Web promotion is "Get your site listed on a search engine." Here's how to do it.
Tech Smarts

Get On The Bus

The new USB standard offers a smooth ride.

Wrist Rocket

State-of-the-art tech tools.
Web Smarts

Browsing For Dollars

Searching for investment dollars, price comparisons made easy.
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