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Inside the November 1998 Issue


Fire Up!

Keep your start-up enthusiasm burning with these secrets from the motivational superstars.

A Closer Look

Is that new franchise or biz op a ground-floor opportunity--or a flash in the pan?

What's The Big Idea?

Start-up ideas are all around...once you know where to look.

Perfect Pairs

Could you start a business with your spouse? How three couples make it work.

Power Surge

Internet access is up - way up - among small-business owners. But that doesn't mean all electronic avenues are being explored.

Danger Zone

When bad things happen to good entrepreneurs: what every small-business owner needs to know about crisis management.

L. A. Confidential

Is Los Angeles mayor Richard Riordan the most business-savvy politician in the country? An exclusive interview with the man at the helm of the first 21st-century city.

Entrepreneur's Complete Guide To Software

Paralyzed by all the software choices out there? You're not alone. How to choose the software your business really needs.

Young Millionaires

They're young-they're hot-they're rich. Don't hate 'em . . . Join 'em.


Business Buzz
Put another candle on the birthday cake.
Columns Article
Communications experts team up to win contest.
Columns Article
Help for Y2K shows up in the form of a loan bill in Congress.
Columns Article
Celebrating entrepreneurship.
Columns Article
Doing business in the inner city is a challenge, but the rewards are worth the effort.
Entrepreneurial Woman
Dyslexia couldn't keep this award-winning entrepreneur from multimillion-dollar success.
Global Smarts
Doing business in Africa isn't for the faint of heart--but it could offer big rewards.
Ten, nine, eight . . . Who will win the $10 million contest of a lifetime?
Doing business in the inner city is a challenge, but the rewards are worth the effort.
Travel Smarts
Holiday gifts put functionality first.
Up and Coming
College programs offer real-world business experience.
Mark our words: In the battle to get your product noticed, a trademark can be your best friend.
Small Talk
Creature comforts, hit the books, hold a candle to this.
Beating The Odds
When its dairy business was failing, this family went back to the drawing board
Bright Ideas
Inventors beware: Submarine patents could surface when you least expect it.
Bulletin Board
Resources for Entrepreneurs.
Trade Shows
Mark your calendar.
Cutting Edge
The business models you didn't learn about in school.
Family Business
Recording your family business history gives you credibility and clout.
When the government wants your land, prepare to fight for fair payment.
Management Smarts
The case for using lawyers' techniques in business.
Staff Smarts
Employees on edge? Here's how to help them relax.
Your Business
Keeping your employees productive during the holidays.
Advertising Workshop
If you want to improve results from your sales letters, try some good,old-fashioned charm.
Marketing Smarts
Restaurateurs put movie tickets on the menu.
Sales Success
Extend your sales reach using manufacturer's reps.
Tips and Tactics
A step-by-step guide to getting your message heard.
Fund Smarts
Concentrating on a few core industries has helped this little fund produce big returns.
Money Smarts
Need cash? If you're a high-tech venture, try state funding.
Personal Finance
On the stock market highway, index funds put your money on cruise control.
Raising Money
Need money fast? For a no-fuss solution, try a government CAP loan.
Tax Talk
Now that the paper has settled in Congress, find out which tax code reforms made the cut.
Opportunity Article
Giving back spells success for this candy franchise.
Opportunity Article
No-risk franchising.
Opportunity Article
Start your engines.
Opportunity Article
Automotive aftermarket opportunities that will get your motor revving
Opportunity Insider
Sonic drive-ins face the future with a new look.
Business Bytes
Are your employees not using your new tech equipment? With a little training, they'll make the most of your investment.
Business Software
Protect against invaders with antivirus software.
Buyers Guide
The newest mininotebooks pack a powerful punch.
Tech Smarts
E-commerce kits make selling online a snap.
State-of-the-art tech tools.
Web Smarts
LISTEN to your e-mail, brush up on business etiquette.
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