Inside the December 1998 Issue
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Business 101

Help your new business make the grade by taking an entrepreneurship class.

Buyer, Beware

Considering a work-at-home opportunity? Make sure you proceed with caution.

Calendar Girls

Friends' pregnancies give birth to a business idea for three entrepreneurs.

That's Entertainment

As thrill-seeking shoppers demand more bang for their buck, entrepreneurs are selling sizzle--and steak--like never before.

Need For Speed

How do you get ahead in a world that's speeding up? Two fast-lane visionaries put entrepreneurs in the driver's seat in a fully connected economy.

Go for the Goal

15 New Year's resolutions that are challenging, constructive and attainable. Really.

Power Up

5 hot ways to profit for your PC...even if you're not a techno-wiz

One Step At A Time

Get down to business with our step-by-step guide to start-up.


Business Buzz

Flying Saucers

A sporting discovery.
Entrepreneurial Woman

Children On Board

For one entrepreneur, business is all in the family.
Global Smarts

Crying Wolf

Fear of the trade deficit is common--but is it warranted?
Travel Smarts

Gimme A Break

Don't forget last-minute travel tax savings.
Up and Coming

Pair Of Aces

May-December partnerships are a good bet for new businesses.

Bigger And Better

Want to take your invention to the next level? Successful entrepreneurs show you how.
Sales And Marketing

Hot Sellers

Try these tips to warm up cold prospects.
Small Talk

For The Birds

The penguin has landed, space savers, finding funding.
Youre The Boss

Make It Legal

A good business lawyer gets your company off to a strong start.
Beating The Odds

Coming To America

A Vietnamese immigrant's work ethic is the key ingredient in a good, old-fashioned American success story.
Bright Ideas

Portion Control

Thinking about manufacturing offshore? Consider the cost of quotas first.
Bulletin Board

Incubators Hatch Businesses

Resources for entrepreneurs.
Trade Shows

Trade Shows

Mark your calendar.
Cutting Edge

For What It's Worth

A reinvented formula tells you if your business is as successful as you think it is.
Family Business

The Outsiders

It's tough to be 'in' with your co-workers when you're the future boss.

Watch Your Language

If you require employees to speak only English, you'd better beware of the EEOC.
Management Smarts

Local Motion

If you don't have far to go, regional freight carriers can really deliver.
Staff Smarts

Bar None

Today's holiday parties are drying up.
Your Business

Taking The Lead

Are you a good leader? Ask the people who follow you.
Advertising Workshop

Dare To Compare

Create persuasive advertising by revealing how your product beats the competition's.
Guerrilla Marketing

May I...?

Getting permission to market to new prospects could snag you more customers.
Marketing Smarts


Advertising that's fatal.
Sales Success

Firing Line

Is there a slacker on your sales team? It might be time to say goodbye.
Tips and Tactics

Joy To The World

Spreading good cheer not only makes you feel good, it improves your image.
Fund Smarts

Destination: Europe

The United International Growth Fund is banking on Europe for big returns.
Money Smarts

Relaxed Fit

When it comes to choosing a business bank, a little roomy is better than too snug.
Personal Finance

Master Of Your Domain

These mutual fund rating services can help you take control of your financial future.
Raising Money

Earning Curve

Entrepreneurship programs at universities nationwide have capital-hungry business owners heading back to school.
Tax Talk

Beat The Clock

Tick . . . tick . . . tick. The year is drawing to a close--but it's not too late to cut your tax bill.
Franchise News

Have No Fear

The thought of reading a franchise agreement got you shaking in your boots? Knowing what to expect can make it less intimidating.
Opportunity Article

Lifting The Burden

Illinois franchise law lightens up.
Opportunity Article

Home Front

Molly Maid franchisees unite to help domestic violence victims.
Opportunity Article

A Taste For Business

From part-timer to sandwich king.
Opportunity Article

Shop Talk

Here's your 'in' at the neighborhood mall.
Opportunity Article

What's New

Hungry for more?
Opportunity Article

Taxing Matters

Remedies for a new entrepreneur's worst headache
Opportunity Article

Wise Investment

Venture capital to grow by.
Opportunity Article

Eyes On The Prize

Winning is just the beginning for Crown Trophy.
Opportunity Insider

Hot Stuff

Barbecue franchisor cooks up an expansion plan.
Start-Up Spotlight

Promises To Keep

We know, we know: Resolutions were made to be broken. But if you're serious about starting that business, here are 13 you shouldn't break.
Business Bytes

Home Work

Telecommuting can improve employee morale and increase productivity.
Business Software

Wish List

Software stocking stuffers for your employees, your clients--and you, too.
Buyers Guide

Setting The Tone

Color copiers may be grabbing headlines these days, but don't discount the standard black-and-whites. These workhorses may be all you really need.
Tech Smarts

Bidding War

Sold! on online auctions.

Speak Up!

Do you have a fear of public speaking?
Web Smarts

Is Credit Due?

Instant credit info, e-mail indicators.
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