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Under The Sun

Thanks to all the news about Microsoft, a future of all-Internet technology has swamped magazines and TV lately, but for Sun Microsystems' Scott McNealy, ideas like those are nothing new.

Sweet and Low

You can start for less than $10K. Here are 10 hot businesses that won't break the bank.


A comedy of errors is only funny when it happens to someone else. Enjoy these tales of start-up blunders-but don't let them happen to you.

Party Politics

Your dotcom launch party doesn't have to cost you all that hard-won venture capital. If you're gonna do it, do it right. We show you how.

Ice Cubes To Eskimos

Not possible? We've got 35 pieces of advice that will change the way you think about selling.

Damn Dotcoms!

Sick of those IPO-hungry, venture-capital-depleting, media-attracting darlings of the tech world? Moan all you want, but while you're whining, the real winners in traditional business are positioning themselves to ride the e-coattails.

Class Act!

Looks like a class? Smells like a class? Not at all, but as far as learning goes, online training does a pretty good virtual impersonation.


Bright Ideas

Get Noticed

If it's not distinctive, it won't sell.
Bright Ideas

What Price Technology?

An inexpensive way to introduce your new product

Sugar & Spice

Forget what girls are made of--what do they buy?

Got South Asia?

With big populations and wealth, South Asia does a business good.
Hot Seat

Mr. Fix-It

The man to call when your business's finances are more fixer-upper than fantastic

Raising Money

The secret to your financial smarts might be in the way you were brought up.

Walls Can Wait

. . . because the cubicle is the current state of office space.

Weirdest Inspiration I Ever Had

Real life story from a successful entrepreneur

Book 'Em

Review of The Power of Focus

Party On, Wayne

How to throw a business party that has people talking for months

Ode To Creativity

Need visibility for your product or service? Here are a few high-impact strategies.

Who's Game?

Those bleeps and bloops on the laptop next to you aren't work being done.

Book Smart

Which wireless booking system is right for you?

Business & Pleasure

Doing business in Charleston, South Carolina

Road Notes

Deals from Skyway Airlines and Hawthorn Suites and a review of Plane Spotter

Culture Club

Cultural diversity is this entrepreneur's game.

Doing It For Themselves

Woman investors are changing business.

Opportunity On The Fly

The Air Force wants you.

Women Of The World

Business pilgrimage to Africa
Beating The Odds

Walking the Walk

The Seminar Center's Eli and Elsie Marcus don't just talk the talk. Their actions--compared to their shady competitors'--speak volumes.
Bulletin Board


Nonprofits offer new twists in microinvesting.
Bulletin Board

Expert Help

Boards give experienced advice.
Bulletin Board

Grant Opportunity

Contest could jump-start your business.
Trade Shows

Trade Shows

Mark your calendar.
Capitol Issues

Off The Shelf

The FTC takes a second look at retailer slotting fees.
Cutting Edge

Keeping It Simple

Could your company stand to be more efficient and cost-effective? We know how-and it's totally free.
Family Business

Stock of Ages

Every relative seems to want a piece of the family business pie--don't let your business be a casualty of these shareholding squables.
Family Business

Web Site

Lawn firm offers free articles on legal issues surrounding family businesses.

Ease Your Mind

Increase benefits and save on health insurance with an EAP.

Web Site

Information on business malpractice insurance

Speaking Freely

Are you breaking First Amendment law when you fire that loudmouthed employee?
Management Smarts


Your first assignment: Let employees telecommute.
Management Smarts

Office Faux

Most-imitated labels in 2000: Channel, DKNY.and Xerox?
Management Smarts

Newbie Rules

Do you know your state's requirements for reporting new hires?
Staff Smarts

Hire Calling

Why fill your office with job seekers based on resumes alone? Connect with prospects via the Net and see what they have to offer.
Your Business

They Hate You.They Really, Really Hate You

What to do when you're the target of an anti-employer Web site
Your Business

In The 'Hood

The world's growing at Internet speed, but your local economic development agency's still watching out for you.
Your Business

Map It Out

Don't make raises and bonuses hidden treasure--tell your employees what to do.
Advertising Workshop

Let Them Eat.

The right buzzwords can whet consumer appetite for your product.
Fast Pitch

Do Tell

How to woo and win your hottest prospects-referrals
Marketing Smarts

Going .Going.

Get in on the action-for cheap-via ad auctions.
Marketing Smarts

Ready And Able

Are you ignoring the latest buying powerhouse?
Marketing Smarts

Enter The Limelight

Five ways to make headlines
Real Deal

It's a Draw

When talks hit deadlocks, you can take stock, stop the clock or take a walk.
Sales Success

The Triangle Offense

Building your own sales pyramid-one step at a time
Sales Success

Web Site

This site aims to be your one-stop Internet selling tool.
Ask the Rainmaker

It's Not Enough

Don't banks frown on asking for more money?
Ask the Rainmaker

A Question Of Character

The fifth C is sometimes the most important.

At Risk

Shaken up by market volatility? That wake-up call can help you hone your investment strategy.
Money Smarts

Handy Banks

Palm Pilots now make banking hand-y. Get it?
Money Smarts

Dollars For Diversity

Are you a minority? Have we got some venture capital for you.
Money Smarts

Slow Ride

The more VC, the less control. Why not take it easy?
Money Smarts

Web Site

Financial and business information on more than 180 countries worldwide
Tax Talk

If I Were President . . .

Bush and Gore make very different promises on the subject of tax cuts.
Biz 101

On a Shoestring

You don't need millions to get your dream off the ground.
First Steps

Hungry For More

Tell people where to eat and how to get there.
First Steps

Better Safe Than Sorry

Protect yourself and your business with a partnership agreement.
First Steps

Bulking Up

How to find wholesale sources
First Steps

Got A Secret?

When do you tell your current boss about your new business?
Franchise Focus

Sherlock "Homes"

Solve the case of "The Mystery House" for buyers.

Perfect Fit

For this franchisee, incorporating a rental-car business into his lube-and-tune was just right.

Fruitful Pursuit

Have your bouquet and eat it, too!

Wire-Free America

Not only wire-free--these franchisees became boss-free within their own industry.

Planting The Seed

It's harvest time for new lawn care franchises as program is put into practice.

Franchisees Wanted

Money Mailers wants to help--and it has the jump-start program to prove it.

Franchise Enlightenment

Around the world of franchising in less than three days
Opportunity Features

Package Deal

Get your tape. Get your boxes. Buy some stamps. Pay a franchise fee. 'Cause one man's mail can be another man's business.
Whats Your Problem

A Cut Above

How can I target a Web site to a low-tech audience?
Whats Your Problem

Love Story

I want to make money doing what I'm passionate about.
Buyers Guide

The Inkjet Set

Laser printer prices got you down? Ink your next printer deal.

Any Time, Anywhere

That's the idea-and it could give travelers access to your business like never before.

Get Smart

Unimpressed by IP phones? That may be about to change.

Double Duty

Travel globally, and bring your cell-phone number with you.
Hot Disks

Wise Buys

Reviews of, a Web site with Web-based software and information on application service providers, and ZoneAlarm, a computer system monitor
Net Profits

Spanning the Globe

The Internet provides worldwide access to your Web site, but are you ready to trek into foreign territory?
Net Profits

Wise Buys

Reviews of ClickStamp Online, an Internet postage solution, and BuyByByte, a Web site that allows merchants to post items for sale for free

Take It With You

Toshiba's Portege 7200CT notebook computer

Good Dog

Shaun Jackson Design's Doggie Bags supplementary carrying case that attaches to the case for your laptop

On The Mark

Virtual Ink's mimio portable PC peripheral that converts ordinary whiteboards into electronic whiteboards

On A Roll

Dymo-Caster's LabelWriter Turbo label printer

Shopping Pals

Earn a stellar ranking and watch customers come back for more.

Big Emerging Markets

All the information you need to know on the world's key emerging markets

The Write Stuff

A grammatical site for those who earned less than A's in English
Hot Biz

Keep Your Cool

Start your own teen clothing and accessories business.

Toy With It

Advice from an experienced toy inventor about coming up with and developing your ideas
Wise Buys

Viva Las Lasers

Low-priced laser printer can handle most small-office tasks.
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