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You Win! Poor You!

Critics are following your every move. Competitors are targeting you. Your friends resent you. Now why'd you have to go and be a success?

Too Sexy

Charisma, charm, wit, success...maybe some people do have it all. Meet 11 of today's sexiest entrepreneurs.

Hooked On Speed

Gen Y consumers want high-speed everything, and they're not slowing down any time soon. Is your Web site up to par?

Oh, Give Me a Home

Roll up your sleeves and get your homebased biz off the ground with these 21 tips.

A Tale Of 25 Cities

The finest places in the United States to own a business

Invested Interest

William J. O'Neil of Investor's Business Daily offers up some tips on managing your investments with a little start-up experience thrown in.

The Aging And The Restless

Yes, boomers are bringing a whole new meaning to the concept of getting older-and that means whole new opportunities in franchising.

Any Questions?

Of course! We've got 15 of them--and they're the 15 that startup gurus Paul and Sarah Edwards are asked the most. (Answers are included.)


Advertising Workshop

What's The Big Deal?

It should be the first thing out of your ad's mouth.
Biz 101

Pet Projects

An entrepreneur's best friend
Biz 101

Angel On Your Side

Investors who are heaven-sent
Biz 101

Web Site

Oh Golly not only refers to a place to put your business online but offers some cool perks as well.


Cooking up your own Web site
Bright Ideas

The Next Big Product

That was their goal; is it yours?
Bright Ideas

Free Patent Advice

A must-read straight from the office
Bright Ideas

Foreign Power

Import resellers bring it home.
Franchise Focus

Ham It Up

Making a holiday time favorite a lunch time success

Chicken Run

Wing franchises are on the rise.

Et Cetera, Et Cetera

Will the founder of Mail Boxes Etc. repeat his success with a digital photography "etc."?

Leaking Info

Service franchise offers a training program for its women.

Struck With Inspiration

Getting kids fired up about franchising
Smart Ideas

Movin' On Up

These guys are riding the Internet to the top-in elevators.
Smart Ideas

People Watch

She knows if you've been bad or good.
Whats Your Problem

Hire Source

Is finding employees online the best solution for my business?
Whats Your Problem

A Collect Calling

How can I start a judicial recovery business?

Here Comes The Bribe

Honesty isn't always the best policy abroad

Opportunity Knocks

It's been proven that the power of the mind is strong, so why not cultivate an "opportunity mindset" to help you find the success you deserve?

What Taboo?

Catching your employees making goo-goo eyes at each other--even at you? Office romance is on the rise and, believe it or not, most say there's nothing wrong with that.

Making Time

Support the 11/2-income household. When workers deserve raises, offer them time instead.

Close Up: In Bees-Ness

A closer look at bees and business

Nice Headline!

Flattery will get you everywhere-even into business.

So Many Options

If you've got stock to give, you might consider a student consultant.

In The Lobby

Dotcoms are waiting just like everybody else.

Crash And Learn

A few real-life examples will help you learn from the marketing mistakes of others.

Bag It

Travelers check out check-in alternatives

Mad For Miles

Different ways to spend your hard-earned miles

Road Notes

New service from American Airlines, Marriott International and Euro

Highways Meet

The Internet hits the road

Gas Sippers

Finding energy somewhere else

A Few Good Women

. . . are needed to fill a communications industry void.
Beating The Odds

What's Up, Doc?

Imagine starting an Internet-based business with your own money. OK . . . now stop laughing--these entrepreneurs did it and lived to tell the tale.

Biz Lit

It's sort of like Reading Rainbow for entrepreneurs-only we couldn't get Levar Burton to host.

What Are You Reading?

Listen up to what books have engrossed your fellow entrepreneurs.
Bulletin Board


Corporate America reaches out to entrepreneurs.
Bulletin Board


Tech start-ups get boost from scholarships offered by a local business club.
Hot Seat

The INternet Crowd

Those webheads really know how to party
Trade Shows

Trade Shows

By Arlo Redwine
Capitol Issues

One-Stops Are Stopping Short

A new federal employment and job training system is still working out the kinks.
Cutting Edge

In With The New

Yes, it's important to treat your existing customers well-but experts say the key to fast growth is seeking out new faces.
Family Business

Stock It to 'Em

Are you gifting stock to the younger generation for the right reasons?

The Dubious Dole

Don't treat claims for unemployment compensation lightly.

We, The Jury

In a landmark age-discrimination ruling, the U.S. Supreme Court defers to the judgment of the jury.

Web Site

Free legal advise for the empty of pocket
Management Smarts

Drop The Bomb

Don't blow up chances at your best applicants with job acceptance deadlines.
Management Smarts

Friends In Their Court

Providing low-cost legal assistance to your workers
Management Smarts

How To Net Vets

Get first crack at skilled military vets before they hit the civilian labor market.
Staff Smarts

Blurred Vision

Don't expect your employees to be carbon copies of yourself. It takes an owner to have the dedication of an owner.
Your Business

Frankenstein's Manager

Lousy employee leadership got you down? Hey, Dr. Entrepreneur, here's how to build the perfect supervisor.
Your Business

State Of The Unions

They're improving their image-and eyeing your workers.
Your Business

Cram Session

Today's class: Bankruptcy Vocabulary 101
Fast Pitch

On Target?

Top prospects change as your business changes. Here's how to fine-tune your marketing message so it hits home year after year.
Marketing Smarts

Start A Fan Club

If your customers love you, they'll do the marketing for you.
Marketing Smarts

Money Talks

Secrets to attracting the rich
Marketing Smarts

Sounds Of Success

Audio signatures are the latest trend in tag lines.
Marketing Smarts


Fast facts about sales and marketing statistics
Real Deal

Escape Velocity

You need to decide when you're in and when you're out of any contract. Here's how to do it.
Sales Success

Rise Above It

Feeling unmotivated? Try these four steps to rejuvenation.
Ask the Rainmaker

A Sore Site For Eyes

If a sloppy Web site is your calling card, don't expect a call from lenders.
Ask the Rainmaker

So Close . . . Yet So Far

You're buying a business, but your banker won't loan you the full amount--here's what to do.

Money . . . On Trees?

No, but this investing theory does go back to nature.
Money Smarts

No Beggars Here

Don't jump at any VC who waves a checkbook in your direction-do your research first.
Money Smarts

They're Certifiable!

Need big bucks? Find accredited investors.
Raising Money

Power Play

Can your lender pull the plug at any time?
Tax Talk

The Killer Commute

Is it costing your employees a fortune? A new program may ease their burden.
Tax Talk

In the Piggy Bank

If your kids are working for you, don't miss tax and savings breaks.
Buyer Zone

At Your Service

You can't custom-order an outside software developer, but you can still find what you need.

Found In Cyberspace

Where's that phone number, address, budget, important memo? Everywhere-at least with an online data storage solution.

Web Site

User-friendly help for common-and not so common-computer glitches
Hot Disks

Wise Buys

Review of Microsoft's Office 2000 for Macintosh and Microsoft's "patch" for Inernet Explorer 5.5's privacy invasion problem
Net Profits

Yule Be Sorry

On the 87th day of Christmas, your Web site gave to me.a late order under my tree.
Net Profits

Wise Buys

Review of multilingual interfaces from LivePerson Inc. and NetMechanic's HTML Toolbox Version 2.0 HTML problem-solving software
Tech Smarts

Sign Of The Times

Recent legislation gives new meaning to "put your John Hancock here."

Most Bang for the Buck

Compaq's Presario 1200T-566 Internet Notebook

Marketing E-Coaches

These sites will help you catapult to higher sales.

Around The World

Standard & Poor's Index Services provides a quick look at international financial data.

It's Official

Finally, government-related processes can be completed online.

Fast Facts

Internet and technology statistics
Hot Biz

Going Off

The Web seems to be the hottest thing around, but how do you benefit from it without creating your own Web site? Start your own Web promotion company.

In Good Company

Got a great idea but don't have the time to develop it yourself? Why not hire an invention marketing firm to turn your great idea into a great product?

Page Turners

Creating an online product that turns heads
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