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Trimming The Fat

Your big, bloated company is costing you an arm and a leg. Maybe it's time to cut back.

Easy.Com, Easy.Go

OK . . . we've weeded out the wanna-bes. Who's still with us?

They're Baaaaaaack!

Entrepreneur's young millionaires, the reunion tour. You won't believe what happened next . . .

Grab Your Atlas

With all the opportunity in the world awaiting, why would you start a local business?

Making the Transition

You might be a born entrepreneur, but that doesn't mean you're ready to own a business. With our help, though, it'll be a smooth evolution.

Develop Your Own Cult Following

From underground phenomenon to national icon, your business can be a leader in its own right.


Advertising Workshop

Chart Smart

Charts may make good copy, but does your ad tempt prospects to read them?
Be Your Own Boss Features


The nation's 100 fastest-growing franchises
Biz 101

Space Race

Is your start-up set to rocket into an office of its own?
Biz 101

Quilting Tee

Grandma never sewed like this.

Easy Does It

1) Point. 2) Click. 3) You've got an online store.
Bright Ideas

Bicycle Built For You?

Race to an industry ripe for invention.
Franchise Focus

To The Max

Profit from real estate sales, but do none of the selling.

Success By Hand

Old-fashioned chocolates make New Economy profits.

Wish Upon A Car

When is a reference to cars and lemons a good thing?

What's New

The latest happenings at Show Me PCs and The Next Step Magazine

Hole In One

Delivery and a lot more than bagels

Global Domination

Franchisors, the world is yours . . . thanks to Uncle Sam.
Smart Ideas

Terminal Bliss

Gate 9, Flight 277 . . . Gate 10, pedicures for everybody . . .
Smart Ideas

Cast A Wide Net

Kids are Web-savvy. What about teachers and parents?
Whats Your Problem

Four's A Charm?

How do I set my four businesses apart from the competition?
Whats Your Problem

What Women Want

Where's the money for women-owned businesses?

In Country

You can't go global without some local representation.

Star Lite

You want attention? Go on TV. You want to clear out your inventory? Go on a shopping channel.

Listen Up!

Watts is about to let you in on the future of advertising.

It's Only A Game

On second thought, maybe it's better to just play dotcom.

Dressed For Distress

Is business casual in for a backlash?

Check Out The New Guy

A fresh face on the House Committee on Small Business

e Is For Eventually

Will e-tickets ever be fully functional?

Lost Cause

Assuming the airlines won't learn to take care of your luggage any time soon . . .

Road Notes

New services from and AvantGo, American Airlines and AOL, and US Airways

Take A Seat

. . . to accommodate the family; leave it behind to make room for business.

Driver's Ed

Showroom or chat room? The best information on cars comes from the people who drive them.

The Long Way Home

Ease your hellish commute with a technology-packed car.

Welcome To The Jungle

Are you ready for the untamed wilderness of entrepreneurship?

Office Supply

A new agency looks out for your federal contracts.

Matters of Time

Technology's future, time with the family and time management
Bulletin Board


Online e-commerce course; 50 times the lenders
Bulletin Board

New Mexico

One-stop business site
Bulletin Board


New funds aim to fill the capital gap.
Hot Seat

Putting the "Tea" in Charity

This tea-selling duo knows the joys of making money--and then giving it away.
Trade Shows

Trade Shows

Mark your calendar.
Buyer Zone

Wrong Number

Don't let fraudulent credit card orders knock you out.
Capitol Issues

For Better Or Worse

Business forecast for the Bush years
Cutting Edge

Learn To Share

Not in the altruistic way, but in the save-big-bucks-through-shared-services way
Family Business

The Daughter Also Rises

Women are taking over the family business; their initiative is the key.

Survival Strategy

Disability could strike you at any moment-protect your business and your partners.

Renters' Rights

A co-employer can relieve you of a load of paperwork-but watch out for these legal traps.
Management Smarts

Relief Wanted

Hiring a CEO could save your business.
Staff Smarts

The Grinch Who Stole Business

"Glass half empty" people cost you money--here's how to deal with them and prevent negativity from spreading.
Your Business

First, The Bad News . . .

How to say it without bringing employees down
Your Business

Powerful Punch

Do you have a high-impact team in place?
Your Business

Respect Your Elders

Training tailored for older workers
Your Business

Web Site

To keep up with news and development in human resouces, check out this site.
Fast Pitch


Want to market the way Coke and Pepsi do? Then try cable TV.
Marketing Smarts

Between The Lines

You may be using subliminal advertising and not even know it.
Marketing Smarts

Straight To Video

Satellites beaming your product to retailers everywhere
Real Deal

Dirty, Rotten Scoundrels

. . . use tricks like these-so read on, and players won't pull a fast one on you.
Sales Success

Ringing True

Three easy ways to sell better on the phone
Ask the Rainmaker

Beware The Ball And Chain

. . . of a loan: avoiding prepayment penalties.
Ask the Rainmaker

What, No Farm?

The Agriculture Department has its eye on business, too.
Money Smarts

Easy Money?

Or will it be catch as catch can under the new administration?
Raising Money

The Graduates

Moving from individual investors to institutional VCs means learning to play by a new set of rules.
Tax Talk

Smooth Moves

Roll over your small-business investments and shield yourself from capital gains taxes.
Tax Talk

No Deposit, Big Return

And that's good news from the IRS.
Tax Talk

All's Fair in . . .the Law?

A change in taxation legislation makes selling a business a better deal.
Buyers Guide

Your Reproductive System

Don't get too excited: a not-so-intimate look at workgroup copiers and whether you should choose analog or digital

Body Language

Password glut got you down? Hackers scoff at password systems, anyway. Is biometrics the answer?

Sounds of Silence

The world is a quieter place with wireless messaging.

Give the Web a Ring

A new way for your customers to call up your Web site
Hot Disks

A Room Of Your Project's Own

Setting up project headquarters on the Net
Hot Disks

Byte Guard

Keep watch over your PC.
Hot Disks

New Releases

Product reviews of WS_FTP Pro Version 6.6 file transfer program, free DSL connection from EarthLink and System Mechanic 3.5 utility software
Net Profits

Give And Take

Why it pays to partner up on your marketing efforts
Net Profits

Wise Buys

Product review of True Internet Color from E-Color Inc., Ektron's e-WebEdit Pro and's Crisis Management Tool
Net Profits

Web Site

Try this site for a clever new way to find out more about security for your computer.
Tech Smarts

Coming To America?

The world loves the wireless Web, but when will it take off here?
Tech Smarts

New Releases

Coming soon to a URL near you
Tech Smarts

Fast Facts

Technology statistics
Tech Smarts

Web Site

If you're looking for really private e-mail, check out HushMail.

Buff Film

Silicon Film Technologies' (e)film film cartridge

Catching Rays

Sunwize Technologies' Portable Energy System

Sign of the Times

Interlink Electronics' ePad VP9001 electronic signature-enabled notepad

Retire Right

The Web's got the answers to your retirement-plan questions.


This federal government Web site is dedicated to exposing online scams.

Foreign Affair

All the statistical information about other countries you can get your hands on

Cash In

Get paid for finding proof of an earlier use of a patented idea.

Find It

This newest search engine lets you paste in chunks of text you want to search for.

Fast Facts

Internet and technology statistics
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