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Ad It Up

Are you gonna make 'em laugh? Cry? Run and hide? Your advertising strategy makes all the difference.

Big Money

Whether you want to spend the money, improve the world with it or just roll around in it, it's time you learn to build your billion-dollar business.

Entrepreneur's Complete Guide to Software

All the software you could ever need-and more

Goody Bag

C'mon, kids. Reach in. We've got 10 great businesses to start right now.


Advertising Workshop

Sound Familiar?

Your prospects want you to say what they feel.
Biz 101

Brightest Idea

Your perfect business could be just a work sheet away.

Cheap & Easy

Bringing technology to your business doesn't have to break the bank.
Bright Ideas

The FDA Curtain

How to keep your medical invention out of the rejected-product gulag
Franchise Focus

A New Lease on Life

Aaron's Sales & Lease Ownership has a new look, new loan terms--and openings for new franchisees.

Hobby Course

The way to a great business? She went with a hobby.

Selling Point

If you've got sales experience, GlobeNetix is sold on you.


Blimpie aims to turn major cities into hubs for subs.

Industry Update

Two Franchise 500 franchisors face bankruptcy.

What's New

The latest happenings at Parmasters Golf Training Centers and DirectCast
Smart Ideas

Sugar & Mice

Girls want to be pretty. That puts cash in this Web site's kitty.
Smart Ideas

On The Move

The future of ad space isn't in square footage-it's in mileage.
Whats Your Problem

Protective Clothing

Can I show people my designs without losing the shirt off my back?
Whats Your Problem

Medicine For The Sole

Health insurance for sole proprietors

"You Can't Be For Real!"

Who says? These entrepreneurs think consumers are ready for a dose of reality with their virtual.

Do A Little Dance . . .

Getting techies off their tushes and onto the dance floor

Up, Bar!

The standard for customer service will never be the same.

We Have A Winner

Students with Titan-ic entrepreneurial potential

What'Cha Afraid Of?

These entrepreneurs are a superstitious lot.

A Frog's Life

. . . hangs in the balance. Now what are tech businesses going to do about it?

High-Wire Act

When can we use our cell phones in the air, already?

Inn Your Sites

Now offering upgrades to a bigger, more comfortable Web site.

Road Notes

New services from Austrian Airlines and

Keep Your Fleet

And keep thieves' grubby hands off your cars.

Still Going

If you blow a tire, you're in bad shape. Unless . . .

Be A Man!

No, wait . . . be a woman!

The Fundamentals

Meet the challenges of the Digital Age-but don't forget the roots of business success.
Bulletin Board

First Step

Put your best foot forward with a money grant from Johnnie Walker.
Bulletin Board

Cash In On Your Class

The rewards of college: friends, a degree . . . and venture capital?
Bulletin Board


Bank makes it easy for women and minority entrepreneurs to apply for business loans
Hot Seat

Irish Spring

Washing away the stereotype of the elderly drinker, Riannon Walsh's old-style whiskey cleans up with Gen Xers.
Trade Shows

Trade Shows

Mark your calendar
Buyer Zone

Superior Suppliers?

Online versions of our favorite office-supply stores: Do they make stocking any easier?
Capitol Issues

No Freebies

Bill forces some Chapter 7 filers to head over to Chapter 13 and pay up a little.
Cutting Edge

Play to Your Strengths

An old cliche that's revolutionizing management
Family Business

All Aboard?

Let's face it: Not every family member is cut out to be on your board of directors.

Unhealthy Choices

Finding a good company health plan is a must. But be warned, your decision is wrought with ways to waste money.

Colorblind Collaring

Avoid retail racism in your efforts to nab shoplifters and serve customers.
Management Smarts

Banished Inquisition

Is it time to do away with yearly employee reviews?
Management Smarts

Do You Speak Swahili?

Tailor each employment application to the specific job.
Management Smarts

Go, Go Power Savers

How to lower your energy bills
Staff Smarts

Tough Customers

Don't let "service with a smile" leave your employees with frowns.
Your Business

Doing Their Homework

When employees hit their books, you'll see the impact on yours.
Your Business


Don't let your sinking dotcom customers take you down with them.
Your Business

Web Site

Buy what's left of failed dotcoms-you may just find some nifty bargains.
Fast Pitch

Better Than Cosmo

Sorry. We can't tell you how good a lover you are. But our quiz can tell you how to sell with the best.
Fast Pitch

Web Site

If you want to get some great ideas for ads that work, take a look at the ad archive.
Marketing Smarts


You are now free to sell about the cabin.
Marketing Smarts

Go Crazy

Maniacal marketing made easy
Marketing Smarts

Postage Paid

Five ways to save money on mailings
Marketing Smarts

Web Site

Anything and everything you wanted to know about the results of the 2000 census
Real Deal

It Takes Two

. . . to tango . . . to do a lot of things. But more goes into a partnership than partners.
Sales Success

Happy Sales To You

Get on the right trail by connecting with your prospects' star players.
Ask the Rainmaker

Ride The Line

. . . because getting a fixed-rate loan might not be the best fix.
Ask the Rainmaker

Getting Personal

You want a business loan, but your lender wants to know if you are good for it.
Money Smarts

Setting A New Pace

VC investment hit a high note in 2000, but experts anticipate a slowdown.
Raising Money

Keep It Real

Got a good line to feed investors? Don't bother-they've heard it all before.
Tax Talk

Step Away From The Auditor

Thinking of getting to know your "independent" auditor better? Don't push it, says the SEC.
Buyers Guide

The Mod Squad

Cumbersome office furniture is a crime--modular to the rescue.

Why Wi-Fi?

Because the computer industry is (and you soon will be) going wild over this newest way to access networks wirelessly

Java and Java

Coffeehouses (and other public places) go wireless.

Filling The VoIP

VoIP deployment is on the rise.
Hot Disks

Spruce Up Your Site

Is your presence on the Web kind of blah? "Portalize" it with this suite of products.
Hot Disks

Project Perfect

Put your projects on the fast track.
Hot Disks

New Releases

Product reviews of Lucira's Tracking Solution software and's eMessage Mailer
Net Profits

Cut the Strings

Is your Web site feeling confined? Go wireless, and set it free.
Net Profits

Wise Buys

Product reviews of American Express' Private Payments credit card security program and The Image Factory New York's AtomicLog site traffic monitoring software
Tech Smarts

Bug Control

What you need to know if you use Web bugs
Tech Smarts

Web Site

Wanna know what the most popular Web sites are? This site will keep you updated.

Let It Shine

NEC's MultiSync LT155 LCD-based projector

Take Your Pix

Kodak's PalmPix Camera for Palm m100 handhelds

Keyed In

NeoPoint's NeoPad mobile phone keyboard

Got It Down

Olympus' DS-320 handheld recorder

Tic Mac Toe

Apple's Powerbook G4 notebook computer


Where to unearth the obituaries of once-famed dotcoms

The Doors

Sites that help you break on through to the wireless side

Sales From the Crypt

If you're looking for a great deal, check out what overstocked products this site has for sale.

Fast Facts

Internet and technology statistics
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