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Inside the July 2001 Issue



Why bet the farm on an unknown VC when you can find a source with the funds and know-how you need to take your business to the big-money table?

Good Thinking

Lonely burden of innovation wearing you down? Tap the entrepreneurial zeal in your employees, and they'll start pitching ideas faster than you can implement them.

Where Do You Stand?

Some say the new administration isn't exactly oozing with support for new start-ups; some say help is on the way. So what's the truth?

Don't Make Yourself Comfortable

Remember your pals in high school--the ones who wrote "Don't ever change!" in your yearbook? For your business' sake, forget them.


Be Your Own Boss Features
How fast can you make a million? For these companies, the answer was one year. But who knows? Maybe you could do it in less.
Be Your Own Boss Features
Never fear. Here's all the pumping, priming and know-how you need to lift yourself from the pink-slipped masses and turn the loss of your job into a business even your former employer will envy.
Biz 101
What was your first big buy after starting your company?
Biz 101
Tips to keep retail buyers from kicking your product to the curb
Biz 101
It takes a village to raise an entrepreneur: Meet the chief.
Biz 101
A "by women, for women, about women" attitude is making this greeting card company a success.
Your site is almost complete...but first figure out how Web surfers will find it and what they'll see when they get there.
Franchise Focus
If you can wait out the winter months, a frozen-dessert franchise could be a hot seller for you, too.
Spark nationwide success for your product with some sales fuel from your local neighborhood stores.
Things popping up and sitting up (arf!) in franchising today
Bahama Buck's is making the big bucks with flavored ice.
Franchisors are refranchising their company-owned units and selling them to you. Is that a good thing?
Smart Ideas
Business school showed them a perfect market: business school students.
Whats Your Problem
Here's how to find out.
Whats Your Problem
Even the crankiest reporter can't resist a news release full of local flavor and entrepreneurial spice.
Almost Famous
With the fragrances (like tomato and dirt) this fashion-student-turned-fragrance-mogul has concocted, it could be anything. But we're betting it's the sweet smell of success.
If every hour of every day is all planned out, you may actually be hurting your business.
Bulletin Board
From angels to vcs, new roads for investment capital continue to open up.
Check out these trade shows, expos and seminars.
Editors Note
Letters from our readers
Buyer Zone
Online banks still battle consumer distrust.
You've just accidentally burned your office down: coverage for when it's not the landlord's problem.
The successful movement to stall OSHA's Ergonomics Rule shows how you can help shape the federal regulatory process-and maybe avoid a pain in the neck.
Management Buzz
Parent-friendly business and tax breaks when you help your commuting workers
Smart Moves
Make sure employees tell you what's on their minds, especially in a downturn.
Staff Smarts
What do you do with an employee who is incompetent but can't see it?
Success Coach 2001
When moments of truth become moments of opportunity
When granny talks, people listen.
Game Plan
Give your potential customers front-row seats for your ads with rich e-mail.
Marketing Buzz
Promoting your business through community concierge services and cheap publicity
Net Sales
Conducting a survey online is cheap and fast--and you can do it yourself.
Real Deal
Don't let yourself get tangled in the other side's tricky talk.
Sales Success
You don't need a secret password to get through your prospects' doors. All it really takes is a good strategy.
When it comes to making your mark, finding the right catch phrase is half the battle.
Ask the Rainmaker
What to know about your loans before buying another business
Dollar Signs
Bankruptcy reform aimed at system abusers might make it impossible for struggling businesses to get out of the hole.
Finding stability in an unstable market
Money Buzz
Available help if you're having trouble closing a financial deal, repeal pending for Depression-era bank law and investing in the bond market
Money Makeover
Reaching consumers nationwide is this restaurateur's plan for her healthy fast-food business. What will it take?
Raising Money
Venture capital is within reach, but you have to work for it. Follow these steps to that deal-closing handshake.
Tax Talk
And you'll end up with some mighty hefty fees.
Biz Travel
How does going in halfsies on a corporate jet sound?
Brand Aid
When a company no longer does what its name promises, it's time to change names and market like hell.
Capitol Issues
Senate sends message: hands off the office of advocacy
Why wait 6 months when the Southern Hemisphere is ripe now?
Hot Seat
Good morning. Welcome to Entrepreneur magazine . . . sorry, needed some practice.
It Figures
What online shoppers in the U.S. want, "smart" U.S. cities and more
Smarts Features
Those legendary business stories could be just that.
Smarts Features
Global interests may soon discover that breaking up the Web is hard to do.
Smarts Features
Bringing both sides of the patent issue together to find the truth about prior art
Smarts Features
Is this the aftermath of a Three Stooges pie fight or just the latest spa trend?
Smarts Features
Next time you write a check to the IRS, you may wonder whether you really have to.
Smarts Features
2001 already? Must be time for '90s nostalgia...and we were barely over the '80s!
Smarts Features
The perks to keep and cut
Smarts Features
The billionaires want to keep paying estate taxes. What do you want?
Smarts Features
Don't take it personally: That's just post-dotcom backlash talking. Or is it?
39, president of Razor USA LLC, in Cerritos, California
Tech Toy
Check out this hands-free, wire-free headset.
Let your vehicle nurture you during those long commutes.
The U.S. Census Bureau gets stingier about classifying businesses as women-owned.
Buyers Guide
When it comes to saving your business's time and money, thin is in.
Cool Clicks
Check your commute before you hit the road and launching a virtual press room
Digital Edge
Look out, Microsoft. Linux may soon power more servers than you.
Staying organized with the Palm OS and pint-sized printers
Hot Disks
Reviews of E-mail Gatekeeper, Outlook Mobile Manager and RealBridge 3.0
Net Profits
Busy customers won't wait around for help. Before you become a dotcom statistic, consider opening the lines of communication.
Tech Buzz
Congressional bills that could affect your business, dial-up modems and more
Sick of squinting at those tiny screens?
Advertising hits the wireless Web.
Hot Biz
Jumping off a cliff at 3,000 feet? Why wouldn't you start this business?
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