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Inside the August 2001 Issue


Tall Sales

No lumberjack, big blue ox or steel-driving man here, but would you settle for a sales team that can push its numbers from $18 million to $50 million in only five years? Here's how they did it.

Ad Trip

Ads that follow your customers wherever they go. No, it's not a hallucination. Wireless advertising is here-but will customers buy it?

Some Assembly Required

You don't get the perfect salesperson by throwing together whatever's handy. Lean in close, and we'll give you a peek at the manual.


Be Your Own Boss Features
Sloth, greed, gluttony-we don't care what you do on your own time. But when it comes to the mortality of your start-up, you need to play by the rules.
Be Your Own Boss Features
The millionaire club grows every year--just think of a franchise as the secret handshake that gets you in.
Biz 101
Point/counterpoint: Will a degree make you a better entrepreneur?
A crude prototype won't show you off in the best light. You need a cheap way to build a better one.
Forget textbooks--the IFA's teaching franchising online.
This entrepreneur hits it big with a small-screen franchise.
Cash Plus asks that question of its potential franchisees--and charities.
Smart Ideas
Kids empty out their dorm rooms every year. Thanks to this guy, they have a place to keep their stuff.
Whats Your Problem
My dream job is helping other people find their dream jobs. So . . . how do I do it?
Almost Famous
Sick and tired of bruised hip bones and ugly surf gear, these two surfer chicks became hip-bone-saving wet-suit designers and heroines of water-sports-loving women everywhere.
Do it in Vegas to keep your winnings; do it in business to keep from burning out.
Bulletin Board
The latest in upcoming events, plus grants, loans and programs
Check out these trade shows, expos and seminars.
Editors Note
Letters from our readers
Buyer Zone
In your search for employees, the Internet is your happy hunting ground.
Protection for documents worth more than the paper they're printed on
Drawing up employment contracts can help retain key employees and protect your trade secrets-but beware of the drawbacks.
Management Buzz
Buying a business to get employees, dress policies and more
Smart Moves
Where to look for indications that the economy will turn around
Staff Smarts
What do you do with the employee who says "That's not my job"?
Success Coach 2001
What it's all about
To promote his board game, this entrepreneur had to hit the road.
Game Plan
A stellar salesperson does not a stellar sales manager make. So . . . who does?
Marketing Buzz
Visual newsletters and staying updated on customer orders
Net Sales
Customers need a reason to return to your Web site. Are you giving them one?
Real Deal
Women are, and smooth negotiations depend on polished skills.
Sales Success
Humor is good medicine; it could also be the best way to close a sale.
Want to strengthen your marketing muscle and save money? Team up.
Ask the Rainmaker
Simple solutions for winning the cash-flow battle
Case Study
Not all big corporations are out to get you-some want to help.
Dollar Signs
After the dotcom crash, low-tech businesses may see a funding surge.
Take advantage of slumping stock prices.
Money Buzz
The Voluntary Employees' Beneficiary Association trust and the outlook for Silicon Valley banks.
Raising Money
Finding capital in today's battered market means taking risks.
Tax Talk
Read the fine print: Tax bill will benefit entrepreneurs, too.
Biz Travel
Your money's no good here--now how do you trade it in?
Brand Aid
For true marketing inspiration, head for your product's home turf.
Capitol Issues
Will Congress land a big blow for fair competition?
Global consumers may be too scared to buy from your site.
Hot Seat
Think you know something? Prove it to the world as a frequently quoted expert.
It Figures
What Americans think of the dotcom bust, workplace violence and more
Smarts Features
Make like a tea, and leaf the business dinner behind for a relaxing midday beverage.
Smarts Features
Hold off on the keg. Experts are still debating whether stagflation will show up.
Smarts Features
You can give a man makeup, but how will he choose the right purse to carry it in?
Smarts Features
New Senate committee head says he'll look at big issues in a small-business light.
Smarts Features
Some people do get all the breaks, but that's no way to run your stock options.
Smarts Features
The dotcoms may be dying off, but their corporate culture is here to stay.
31, founder of JDL Management in Philadelphia, maker of three of the top 10 arcade games in the world
There's no chug-a-lug-lug when these cars hit the pump.
Women's money and women's businesses coming together for the good of all women
Buyers Guide
Bring your images to life with a flatbed scanner.
Cool Clicks
Take a look at these sites for restaurateurs.
Digital Edge
Online data storage ain't free anymore, but your company still needs it.
Check out these hot products: a faster notebook computer and a cordless mouse.
Hot Disks
Backing up made easy, new ways to store files on your PC and more
Net Profits
How to market your Web site
Net Profits
The digital age brings the good ol' days of bartering to B2B transactions.
Tech Buzz
Online auction fraud, next-generation managed desktops and more
Keyboards beware! The wireless pen is here.
eWallet makes filling out forms so passé.
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