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Sterling Silver

A slim first issue in 1977 sparked the fire. An entrepreneurial revolution fanned the flame. And 25 years later, we're still lighting your way.

Teching Order

Somebody just told me there wasn't any Internet in 1977...and no productivity software suites...and no voice mail...e-mail...cell codes--how did entrepreneurs compete with big business before technology leveled the playing field?

The Golden Egg

Regardless of what term you use to describe the current economy, the fact remains that investors are sitting on a whole lot of cash. We know--for 2 1/2 decades, we watched them make it.

Go Forth & Multiply

Management, 1997-present, has been a lot like that movie Gremlins. We started out with a bunch of cute, cuddly new ideas, and before we knew it, the whole town had been overrun with trends. What's next?

Wholesell Changes

One look at the marketing methods in play when this magazine started and you'll wonder how anything ever got sold. One look at the future and you might see products selling themselves.

Ready to Ware

2002's upgrade to Entrepreneur's Complete Guide to Software--and you don't even have to register it!

Generation Next

Move over, Gen X. Today's teens have learned from their predecessors that entrepreneurship is the career path of choice.


Be Your Own Boss Features

Look Who's Home

The top 101 homebased franchises for 2002
Be Your Own Boss Features

Want Franchise With That?

No discourse on entrepreneurship past, present or future is complete without mentioning one of the most successful growth strategies going.
Biz 101

Playing an Angel

Even when the financial arena is dealing nothing but bum hands, angel investors can be the wild card that puts you on top.

I Needed That

Looking for an innovative product customers will buy? Think of what you need in your work or hobby.

Breaking the Ice

A chance to be creative can be the perfect introduction to the world of business ownership.

Sign Me Up

With a nudge from a broker, this business owner decided recruiting was his game.

What's New 05/02

Helping keep the school kids dressed up to code
Smart Ideas

Road Dogs

Driven by concern for his dog, one entrepreneur gives car-loving canines everywhere a brand new leash on life.
Whats Your Problem

Working With the One You Love

They've found a way to bring their two businesses together. Now how can this husband and wife work the finances?
Almost Famous

Heeling Art

The first step toward getting his life back to where he wanted it was getting his shoe business off on the right foot.

Must Haves

Clients' risk management departments can be sticklers for insurance.

Warning Trend

The forecast is bad if your company fails to caution the public about a possible danger.

Professional Victims

How to protect yourself against "big fakers"?
Management Buzz

Management Buzz 05/02

The effectiveness of interim deadlines and the current state of the military's "chain of command"
Smart Moves

Kids These Days

Senior staff hopelessly out of date? Younger mentors can help them keep up.
Staff Smarts

Missed Mission

Watch out! If your mission statement is a joke, Enron may be the punchline.
A+ Ads

Looks Good on Paper

Your business deserves an ad that's just begging for attention.

Take It In for a Tuneup

A marketing change could put the wind back in your sales.
Marketing Buzz

Marketing Buzz 05/02

A market you may be ignoring and the popularity of nostalgic advertising
Real Deal

Can't Fool You (Anymore)

The best tools for mounting your defense against fibbers--and no, we're not talking about a polygraph machine.
Sales Force

Follow the Lead

Tired of your no-cost methods for finding leads not yielding hot prospects? Maybe it's time to pay for a sure thing.
Sales Success

That's a Shocker

Are you willing to do what it takes to make your customers say "wow"?

Slumber Party

Low-budget marketing tips you can use while the economy is sleeping
Dollar Signs

Springing Back

It's not a mirage. The end to the long VC investment dry spell is within your reach.

Worldly Fund

Globe-trotting with your assets pays off.
Money Buzz

Money Buzz 05/02

Find out what you're worth, the progress of "going paperless" and more
Raising Money

Stock Options

More entrepreneurs are now choosing to sell private stock offerings. And in saying no to IPOs, they're reaping the benefits.
Tax Talk

What a Relief!

A new act cuts small businesses a break with a large token of depreciation.
Biz Travel

Visitation Rights

America's top 5 destinations have what you're looking for.

The Power of X

Is your company designed for optimal efficiency?
Brand Aid

Shroom to Grow

The secret to keeping gourmet food fresh isn't Ziploc.
Hot Seat

Oh, Great

If anybody can point us in the direction of greatness, our money is on this guy.
It Figures

It Figures 05/02

A look at past and present figures for minimum wage levels, number of minority businesses and more
Smarts Features

Flexin' the City

Think you know the face of urban America? The U.S. city is in for a workout.
Smarts Features

Class of '77

We aren't the only business that's taking a look back at its first quarter-century.
Smarts Features

Tough Competition

Hurry with your spacecraft school--before these kids start crowding the market.
Smarts Features

Familiar Faces

Scanning 25 years of entrepreneur issues, we came across some entrepreneurial ideas that may have been ahead of their time, but not ours.
Smarts Features

Easy, e's

Experts debate whether it's time for e-words to kick back and take a breather.

A Futuristic Vision

Put this article in a drawer and save it 25 years. We bet these experts get it right.
Buyers Guide

Laptop of Luxury

With lots of convenient features, these jam-packed laptops can make your life easier.
Cool Clicks

Cool Clicks 05/02

This site can help your company go international.
Digital Edge

The Jig Is Up

Think no one knows about those bootlegged disks? The BSA has its eye on you.

Gear 05/02

The latest iMac and a top-of-the-line notebook
Hot Disks

Hot Disks 05/02

Put a communications center at your fingertips, text transfers made easy, and more
Net Profits

Dot.common Sense

A simple lesson learned is another penny earned when it comes to dotcom survival.
Tech Buzz

Tech Buzz 05/02

The Commerce Department updates its widely used encryption standard.

On the Air

Fix your gaze on wireless broadband.

Blue Prints

What's in the plan for wireless printing?
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