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Inside the June 2002 Issue


What's Hot

Work up a sweat with our 8th annual Hot 100 fastest-growing new businesses.

That's Not Cool

Your brand has left the list of must-haves and is headed toward the list of things people wouldn't be caught dead with. How do you turn it around?

Have Your Say

You may not be able to make the trip to Washington every time your voice needs to be heard, but luckily, there are plenty of lobbyists and advocates itching to stand up and scream, "But what about the small business?!"

It Takes Courage

Starting a business, facing the prospect of failure, making it through the tough times--it's all part and parcel of entrepreneurship. With courage, though, you can make it through anything.


Be Your Own Boss Features
You really, really want a franchise. But you just don't have the money to buy one. Where can you turn? We hear franchisors have some tricks up their sleeves.
Be Your Own Boss Features
Just because you can get a good deal doesn't mean that Swampland is a good location for your business.
Biz 101
With a little effort and dedication, these small businesses are making a huge difference in the world.
A good product is nothing without a customer who wants to buy it.
Capitalizing on a trend so big you can't really call it a trend
"You are getting sleepy . . . I mean 'skinny.' "
Bringing honesty to to the game of golf
Smart Ideas
From time to time, moms need to take a well-earned break from the worries of parenthood and work. At this camp, every day is Mother's Day.
Whats Your Problem
A brief lesson on the ABCs of LLCs and other legal forms for your new business
Almost Famous
In her search to find an inexpensive pedicure without going someplace icky, this business owner ended up reinventing the nail salon.
Editors Note
Add insurance to your shipping costs?
Government interest in your property could bring business to a screeching halt. Know how to work the system for the best deal.
Management Buzz
A treaty for copyrights and the benefits of using a headhunter
Smart Moves
No matter how big the change, overnight is the best pace for your overhaul.
Staff Smarts
Give your independent thinkers space--but not enough to get lost in.
A+ Ads
Here are three simple techniques that can save any ad from being forgettable.
This entrepreneur's got serious marketing game.
Marketing Buzz
The restrictions on gathering market research in classrooms and the benefits of consumer contests
Real Deal
Keep these points in mind when you have to renegotiate a deal.
Sales Force
Face it, Post-its and spiral notebooks won't cut it when it comes to contact management. Go high-tech and save yourself the headache.
Sales Success
All's fair in love and war. Go ahead, woo your rivals' clients.
No matter what your budget, spreading the word about your local service business is within your power. All it takes is a little planning.
Dollar Signs
A new act sheds some light on small-business lending to keep discrimination in check.
Funds fess up to the real effects of taxes on performance figures.
Money Buzz
Diversify your holdings through an exchange fund and what the future holds for pre-IPO options
Raising Money
At the end of your rope for ways to finance your business's growth? Forget the usual suspects and try the last place you'd think of.
Tax Talk
A new act makes life less taxing on you.
Biz Travel
Tools for getting the most out of your carry-ons
Your business about to flatline? Clear!
Brand Aid
Your work environment may be the most substantial part of your brand.
Capitol Issues
Loss of SBA loan money has fingers pointing--but who will solve the problem?
The ingenuity of hackers, a domain for kids and more
Hot Seat
If you have an employee named Shamu, you may already know this stuff. Otherwise, read on.
It Figures
The number of homes with computers, where companies get startup capital and more
Smarts Features
Somewhere in all those statistics the media spew, you might find the truth.
Smarts Features
Forget the knot-tying merit badge--this camp teaches kids skills they'll use in business.
Smarts Features
Most businesses forget the Asian American market. Is it time to test your memory?
Smarts Features
A business plan that fits on a napkin? Not hard if you can make books fit in a wallet.
Smarts Features
Beating the local business community's drum is a lot harder than it used to be.
54 & 50, founders of True Confections Inc. in Amherst, Massachusetts
Tech Toy
A solar charger for your cell phone or PDA
For when your car is the only thing standing between you and gun-wielding maniacs
Buyers Guide
Affordability has finally caught up with performance in laser printers. Does that make you "it"?
Cool Clicks
Sites to help you save on travel expenses and find a business partner.
Digital Edge
Intel and AMD battle for attention at the next level of mobile processors--but are their new offerings even worth all the fuss?
Check out this superpowered hard drive and this compact storage drive.
Hot Disks
Accounting made easy, take-along spreadsheets and more
Net Profits
Can the marketing strength of pop-ups overcome their weaselly image?
Tech Buzz
The future of a national broadband policy and virtual private networks for small businesses
Your phone jack just isn't needed anymore.
The third-generation bandwagon is starting to roll.
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