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Inside the November 2002 Issue


Got ID?

Surely these entrepreneurs aren't old enough to be millionaires.

e-Biz Revisited

The Internet is responsible for some of the most spectacular failures in business history. What will make you different?

Keep It Moving

Just because you're on the road and out of the office doesn't have to mean your productivity will suffer.

Give It Here!

Even in the holiday homestretch, finding the right gift for everyone on your business's list doesn't have to put you in the red.

Starting a Sports or Recreation Business

If you love sports and want to start a business, why not combine the two?


Be Your Own Boss Features
Will franchising ever be a woman's world?
Be Your Own Boss Features
There comes a time when every start-up entrepreneur just can't do it alone anymore. Is it time to find your first employee?
Biz 101
Fresh, new faces on the fashion scene try the business side of designing on for size.
Biz 101
Lending a hand to minorities in the search for VC backup
Itching to turn an idea into reality? You've got to answer the call and take charge to make it happen.
Once upon a time, an enterprising mom saved a struggling franchise . . .
This franchisee uses her own disability to her advantage.
Going online means customers can do it all at this energy franchise.
Smart Ideas
How an entrepreneur's thoughtful creation grew to become the hip gift that just keeps on giving
Whats Your Problem
Is it possible to be in two places at once? Maybe, if you're planning your own business.
Almost Famous
A re-registered trademark passes a beloved name in pottery on to a new generation of fans.
Editors Note
Employee DUIs could become your problem.
You may be big enough to have to play by some rules, but too small for others. How do you know just what's applicable?
Management Buzz
Why understanding your tech employees is important; a building that inspires invigorating interchanges
Smart Moves
Competitive intelligence should be moving up your list of entrepreneurial priorities.
Staff Smarts
As tempting as technology is, your employees can only handle so much of it.
A+ Ads
Pique viewers' curiosity with a peek into people's lives. Why not try a personality profile?
TV is the key to this entrepreneur's success.
Marketing Buzz
Getting your name in the press; video screen marketing
Real Deal
How to tell if the other side is trying to play you for a patsy
Sales Force
What are your salespeople made of? If they have the following traits, you're in good shape.
Sales Success
Quit wasting time jumping around to close a deal. You have to learn the art of selling smart.
A campaign starring a celebrity spokesperson could be the ticket to off-the-chart marketing success.
Dollar Signs
All the cool companies are expensing their options. Can your business survive without that extra earnings padding?
The market took your money. How long will it take to get it back?
Money Buzz
The SBA expands its express pilot loan program, the benefits of a "stretch" IRA and more
Raising Money
A big client's bankruptcy shouldn't mean life or death for your business. Insure yourself with a UCC filing.
Tax Talk
Hang on, little piggies! Tax auditors are getting ready to aim their big, bad breath at business tax shelters.
Biz Travel
Tricks for getting through the airport in this lifetime
You might not ever need another business book.
Brand Aid
Targeting an auto services market that isn't so impressed by grease
Capitol Issues
The SBA hopes to throw more weight behind entrepreneurs.
Grocery shop from a vending machine
Hot Seat
The ASBA leader tells us just whose side his group is on.
It Figures
Security changes since 9/11, spending by young shoppers and more
Smarts Features
Is the once-unstoppable U.S. economy following Japan's into the depths?
Smarts Features
Did our B2B utopia die in the dotcom disaster, or can we still do it all better online?
Smarts Features
Entrepreneurship is setting its own curriculum at one innovative high school.
Smarts Features
For some business owners, sleep is a privilege. Can your business wait 'til morning?
Smarts Features
Turnover isn't necessarily a fact of life. Learn to keep your employees in the fold.
Smarts Features
Even the age-old practice of bartering is looking a lot different after Enron.
29, CEO and chocolatier of Vosges Chocolate in Chicago
Tech Toy
A mood ring for the Web
You can never have enough Accords and Tauruses around the office.
There's no better way to share opportunities than with a networking group.
Buyers Guide
They may be stylish, but are oversized LCD panels worth the price? Here's the flat-out truth.
Cool Clicks
A site for buying used PCs; visiting the archives of the Internet
Digital Edge
Keeping your private communications secure isn't as easy as you might think.
Fast backup via a CD recorder; presentations made easy with this PowerPoint projector
Hot Disks
Recreating your old computer's settings on your new PC, backup made easy and more
Net Profits
If you want to click with your customers using e-mail ads, be sure you're sending the right message.
Tech Buzz
Why you might consider limiting the use of pop-ups on your site; unlimited long distance from landline companies
SMS makes communication a piece of cake.
Something smells like profits in this hot-spot bakery.
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