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Inside the May 2003 Issue


The Innovation Toolkit

Even in a tough economy, there's one thing you can count on to keep your business afloat: Innovation. We asked these entrepreneurs and experts to reveal the secrets of their success-and how you can use their experiences to your advantage.

Get With the Program!

The cutting-edge applications in Entrepreneur's 2003 Complete Guide to Software give new meaning to working smarter, not harder.


Be Your Own Boss Features
Don't blink, or else the 100 fastest-growing franchises for 2003 might pass you by.
Be Your Own Boss Features
Never mind the dismal economy. Escape to a world of champagne wishes and caviar dreams, where you'll find rich opportunities to start a luxury business.
Biz 101
What you need to know to make a great impression at your next business meal
Biz 101
Useful start-up moves from a popular board game
Biz 101
The ins and outs of starting your own consulting service
Biz 101
University venture lab provides real-life entrepreneurial lessons
Biz 101
Before you buy that business, don't just give it a once-over--put it under the microscope.
Launching your first product? Get by with a little help from your friends at an inventors' group.
One-stop shopping takes all the running out of errands.
For one college student, brewing up international flavor is in the bag.
Think you have to be on personal terms with the likes of Elmo and Barney to run a preschool? Well, think again.
Real Life
Jack and Diane learn that finding a location they like isn't enough. They also have to crunch the numbers and see if it's one they can afford.
Smart Ideas
How one former guitarist gave a much-needed woman's touch to the rock 'n' roll music scene
Whats Your Problem
Does anyone need what your business is offering? To find out, the best approach is the direct approach.
Almost Famous
An independent entrepreneur is giving big-label music companies a run for their money.
Editors Note
Creative Zone
Using metaphors can get a river of creative juices flowing.
What do you do when your insurance company refuses to pay a claim?
Under the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, you'd better think twice before destroying those business documents.
Management Buzz
Taking advantage of child-care credits; show your gratitude and keep your employees
Real Deal
You don't have to tear your hair out every time you read a contract that's chock-full of legalese.
Smart Moves
Want to keep health-care costs low and employees happy in today's economy? It's still a good idea to look into cafeteria-style flexible plans.
Staff Smarts
If you want to hire fresh talent, you'll have to pay them more. But what will your existing staff say?
A+ Ads
To really be noticed, you've got to break the advertising mold and come up with an idea that's unique in your industry.
How one caterer's soiree made her the talk of the town
Marketing Buzz
When it pays to be hip; crack open these marketing books
Net Sales
Keep your site visitors dialed in and buying.
Sales Force
Do your sales reps know how far is too far when it comes to landing that sale?
Sales Success
Find out how to break the ice with your prospects and make that all-important customer connection a reality.
Your special event won't be so special if nobody hears about it. Here's how to power up your promotions.
Dollar Signs
VCs are optimistic about the coming year but are still holding on to their purse strings.
Looking for cash? This fund is a good bet.
Money Buzz
Why single-use credit card numbers could stop credit card fraud, what the Dow and dogs have in common, and more
Personal Finance
Brokerage firms make a play for your bank business, too.
Raising Money
You may be turning VCs off if you're asking them to sign a nondisclosure agreement.
Tax Talk
Taking a hit during hard times isn't necessarily a lose-lose situation if you're an S corporation.
Biz Travel
When an airline goes bust, do your points take flight?
Entrepreneurs who changed the world and how they did it
Capitol Issues
The president's budget proposal would give the SBA's 504 loan program some kick.
Bye, bye floppies and analog, foods that are in--and out, and more
Hot Seat
Could giving employees paid family leave actually leave your company stronger?
It Figures
The rise of direct navigation on the Web, what motivates entrepreneurs and more
Smarts Features
Is the Patent Office's slowness putting U.S. innovation at risk?
Smarts Features
Get your customers to get rid of your products--so they can buy more.
Smarts Features
Will proposed pension plan changes help your company--or hurt your employees?
Smarts Features
Find out which style maven has the best shot at claiming Martha Stewart's crown.
Smarts Features
Some entrepreneurs would rather switch than fight.
Smarts Features
Want to light your child's entrepreneurial fire? Try a stint at a business camp.
Smarts Features
If immigration laws tighten, all entrepreneurs could feel the squeeze.
Smarts Features
"Business is a battlefield" is more than just a cliche for this company.
44, founder of Alexander Global Promotions in Bellevue, Washington
Tech Toy
A take-along table for all you travelers
Indulge your spring fever with a sporty new sedan.
For these entrepreneurs, helping other women is more than just good business.
Buyers Guide
Weighing in at less than 4 pounds, the latest notebooks are champions of mobility.
Cool Clicks
Comparing broadband prices; refurbished mobile phones for sale
Digital Edge
Centrino is the new diet pill for that bulky device you've been schlepping through airports. Are you ready to lose some weight?
A network solution on the cheap; a color PDA that's just 5 ounces
Hot Disks
An all-in-one accounting system, ease your e-mail burdens and more
Net Profits
Worried that tracking your customers' shopping habits may come back to bite you? Not if you do it the right way.
Tech Buzz
Survey results show what Web surfers are searching for
Pull in, fill up, log on and download.
Not all wireless gadgets speak the same language.
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