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Inside the July 2003 Issue


The Thrill of the Chase

Nowadays, it seems venture capitalists are an endangered species, but your chances of finding VC funding are better than you think. We'll help you track down investors with our 3rd Annual VC 100.

Prove Your Worth

Forget the stock market. The best way to build wealth is to invest in your own company. And now's the time to show the world what your business is made of.

A Mixed Blessing

That unexpected windfall may feel like winning the lottery, but if you aren't careful, it could wreak havoc on your business.


Be Your Own Boss Features
Yes, you can be a successful franchisee--our insiders and experts tell you how.
Be Your Own Boss Features
The Wi-Fi revolution is coming. Find out how your business can get in on the ground floor and rope in profits.
Biz 101
Yes, it is possible to balance passionate creativity and no-nonsense business.
Biz 101
Talk about your firm at all times, and you might reach the ears (or head) of a famous client.
Biz 101
Learn the valuable art of the one-page pitch.
Biz 101
Ignorance isn't bliss when it comes to your competition.
With a flash of creativity, you can swim circles around the competition.
After years of dreaming, this couple decides to go it alone with their own Woody's Hot Dogs kiosk.
One seasoned land developer puts his experience to good use.
Helping high school athletes get their big breaks
Real Life
Our franchisees just hit an iceberg in negotiating their land deal. Will they be able to keep it afloat?
Smart Ideas
Two entrepreneurs pack in the profits with treat bags for the rich and famous.
Success Coach
Plugging in to what others have to say can spark new ideas for your business.
Whats Your Problem
Your store may not be a big, city-slicker business, but even a small-town shop can still get customers through its doors.
Almost Famous
With a new twist on familiar snack foods, this entrepreneur has success in the bag.
Editors Note
Web sites, organizations, events and more to grow your business
Creative Zone
The inspiration you need could be right under your nose.
Save money with a new approach to managing disability benefits.
Does your product need a warning label? Don't get burned--consider all the potential dangers.
Management Buzz
Protecting your telecommunications services from hijackers; trimming your expenses
Real Deal
If you don't learn to bridge the gap, you may risk alienating potential business partners.
Smart Moves
Need some help thinking more clearly under pressure? "Hot-wire" your brain with meditation.
Staff Smarts
Should the office hotshot be your next manager? Only if he or she really has the right stuff.
A+ Ads
Is it too much of a stretch to get your prospect to read a headline the length of your arm?
Reaching out to the media really does pay off.
Marketing Buzz
Using music to enhance sales; public speaking is an expensive way to advertise your business
Net Sales
Where should you focus your online marketing? Try the office.
Sales Force
Bye-bye boring. You can plan a lively sales conference without breaking the bank.
Sales Success
Every once in a while, you'll meet difficult customers. Question is, are you prepared to take them on?
Join the multichannel marketing revolution, and get ready to pump up your sales.
Dollar Signs
The SBA may give its underused 504 loan program a face lift. How will that help you?
This small-cap value fund wants investors for the long haul.
Money Buzz
Joining the hedge fund fray; helping your employees become homeowners
Personal Finance
A mutual fund tax quirk limits your capital losses.
Raising Money
Taking on some venture debt after a round of VC can give you more bang for your buck.
Tax Talk
Can't pay your federal tax bill? Don't count on the IRS offer-in-compromise program to help.
Biz Travel
How to jet through the airport and get on your way
How to turn your business into a hot commodity
Capitol Issues
For low-wage workers, overtime may get more lucrative.
Hot Seat
Can you make a difference and make your business work, too? This entrepreneur says yes.
It Figures
Americans' personal finance situation, which racial group produces the most college graduates and more
Smarts Features
Orwell's nightmare won't be coming to the Internet anytime soon.
Smarts Features
You'd better not hold your breath waiting for retirement plan reform.
Smarts Features
These Internet pioneers hope to prove that lightning really does strike twice.
Smarts Features
How should restaurateurs deal with the weighty problem of customers' obesity?
Smarts Features
Law firm mergers may give you more room to negotiate legal fees.
Smarts Features
Even if you don't run a family business, there's something to be learned from them.
Smarts Features
Camera-phones bring business into focus with instant and cost-effective images.
32, 23, co-founders of High Maintenance Bitch in Seattle
Tech Toy
A flexible keyboard you can roll up and put away
Whats the Point
Learn the factors banks really weigh when setting loan terms.
What do you really need, and what can you live without?
We've got your summer reading list--books to inspire you, from women entrepreneurs.
Buyers Guide
Curious about how effective Wi-Fi adapters are? We've got you covered.
Digital Edge
The computer phone is still a thing of the future, but IP telephony will deliver better ways to beam up to your enterprise today.
A security device for your home Internet connection; a lightweight notebook that's heavy on battery power
Hot Disks
The latest in data recovery software, contact management applications and more
Net Profits
Although money's tight, don't even think about skimping on good online-customer support.
If it's high time to get rid of your worn-out desktops, then try these wireless portables on for size.
Tech Buzz
The current status in PDA land; computer recycling services
Now coming to a printer near you-files from a cellphone or PDA
Maybe all your 802.11b network needs is a boost.
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