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Inside the November 2003 Issue


Beyond Their Years

These entrepreneurs have it all: Brains, business savvy and millions of dollars. Find out what you can learn from the best and the brightest America has to offer.

Serving Up Success

There's something to be said for doing things your way. Learn how the masterminds behind Starbucks and Subway followed different paths to megasuccess.

Oh, the Places You'll Go!

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Be Your Own Boss Features
Who says it's a man's world? These women entrepreneurs have found exactly what they want in franchising.
Be Your Own Boss Features
Finally making a profit? Put it where it belongs--back in your business. Our experts tell you how.
Biz 101
Teetering on the edge of unemployment? Then maybe you should jump at the chance to own a business.
Biz 101
A little reverse psychology was all these entrepreneurs needed to get cash for their business.
Biz 101
Is it time to invest in an on-site, business-friendly server?
The right licensing agreement can be the missing piece of the big-business puzzle.
When it came to finding a child-care center for their daughter, this couple took matters into their own hands.
Giving new meaning to the term "senior care"
See Spot play . . . at a day camp.
Real Life
As it becomes harder to turn back, our franchisees get a taste of buyer's remorse.
Smart Ideas
When an entrepreneur helps unknown bands find a place with TV and film producers, everybody wins.
Success Coach
Learn how to reveal just enough about your business idea to get the help you need.
Whats Your Problem
Come tax time, you'll be glad you decided to start your own homebased business.
Almost Famous
This entrepreneur has hipsters lining up for her low-riding undergarments and sportswear.
Editors Note
Letters from our readers
Web sites, organizations, events and more to grow your business
Creative Zone
To make room for fresh ideas, you need to let go of the old ones.
Get policies in place now, and avoid liability later.
Put up your best fight to protect your network, or you could be held liable for damages to customers.
Management Buzz
Determining who's an employee and who's not; hiring vets might be your best bet
Real Deal
Are you really outgunned, or are you just being outmaneuvered? find out how to tell the difference.
Smart Moves
With the help of GIS software, your company can combine layers of data into a single map.
Staff Smarts
Has your business lost momentum? Could be time to pinpoint your sacred cows—and put 'em out to pasture.
A+ Ads
Serving up "bursts" of copy with your ads can attract impatient, time-starved readers.
Get the specifics on potential customers.
Marketing Buzz
The power of PR
Net Sales
Get better results by creating an ROI model.
Retail Register
The benefits of "gift with purchase"
Sales Force
You've found the right person to replace you. But could things heat up when you Introduce that person to your sales team?
Sales Success
When was the last time you sold from the customer's point of view?
Find out what the latest research can teach you about creating ads your prospects won't forget.
Dollar Signs
A reverse merger may be the fast way to take your business public, but is it for you?
Here's a midcap fund that's more than just middle of the road.
Money Buzz
New portable mortgages, saving your undervalued firm from "delistment" and more
Personal Finance
U.S. Savings Bonds are going high-tech—with online purchasing.
Raising Money
Getting corporate investors on your side can certainly boost your business. Learn how corporate VCs think-and how to set your sights on landing one.
Tax Talk
New legislation could improve the IRS' report card when it comes to considering the needs of small business.
Biz Travel
Soon you'll be able to stay in touch via e-mail, even when you're in flight.
Here's how the fastest-growing companies do it. You can, too.
Capitol Issues
With a tax benefit for U.S. exporters gone, Congress is scrambling to find an alternative.
Hot Seat
Is this entrepreneur's ad campaign helping homeless people—or exploiting them?
It Figures
The trauma of lost e-mails, U.S. layoffs and more
Smarts Features
Can the privatization trend help your company grow?
Smarts Features
Make no mistake about it: When it comes to employee relations, silence is not golden.
Smarts Features
VC financing for early-stage companies is back in bloom.
Smarts Features
How will sci-fi technology streamline your store sales?
Smarts Features
Cities feel the pinch as relief funds go to states instead.
Smarts Features
Think there's no money to be made from refuse? With a little ingenuity, you may be surprised.
Smarts Features
ISPs woo smaller businesses with tailor-made online services.
39, founder of Selph LLC in Los Angeles
Tech Toy
Recharging your cell phone with a twist of the wrist
Whats the Point
Your company's reputation is too important to leave to chance.
Need a company vehicle that will impress clients? Look no further.
Do minority women face issues other entrepreneurs never do?
Buyers Guide
Palm OS or Pocket PC? If you're in the market for a new PDA, we can help you choose.
Digital Edge
Broadband providers are racing to get your business-but in the end, you're the real winner.
Flashlights that last forever, getting the basics in a microtower and more
Hot Disks
More than just a DVD recorder, fast and easy accounting, and more
Hot Topic
What does it take to keep your computers and intellectual property safe? More than you think.
Net Profits
What happens when Web merchants make delivery promises they can't keep?
You know a firewall is essential in keeping your network secure. So why haven't you gotten one yet?
Tech Buzz
Evaluating the newest version of Microsoft Office; a data privacy law goes into effect in California
Your old cell phone number, that is.
Land-line and cellular calls, unite!
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