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Inside the December 2003 Issue


Hot Stuff

Want to know what's hot for 2004? We've got the businesses, markets and trends you shouldn't miss out on.

Driven to Success

With incentives, tax breaks and price wars sweetening the pot, there's never been a better time to shop for new business vehicles. Let our guide to commercial vehicles get you started.


Be Your Own Boss Features
Get geared up for 2004 with today's freshest franchising concepts.
Be Your Own Boss Features
All wound up about what kind of business to start? Then take a hint from the millions of Americans looking to break away from the daily grind--head to a day spa.
Biz 101
Want to start an artistic business? A creative incubator could be just what you need to come out of your shell.
Biz 101
Fed up with working for others, one couple decided to take a stand—a barbecue stand, that is.
Biz 101
Finding an investor is great. But finding an investor who's also a mentor? Now you're talking.
Biz 101
Need a dose of inspiration? These stories about young, successful entrepreneurs will fire you up.
How you can revolutionize a stagnant product on a limited budget and still win over your target market
What do you do when your company decides to go the franchising route? Join in on the fun, of course.
Appearances aren't everything at this skin-care salon.
Healthy meals make a splash.
Real Life
Jack and Diane find a few surprises waiting for them as they move closer to realizing their goal.
Smart Ideas
When it comes to designing quality collegiate purses, it looks like these sisters-in-law have bagged a winner.
Success Coach
Can't seem to cut that monstrous to-do list down to size? Maybe it's time to relax, step back and regroup.
Whats Your Problem
Hit the mark when you're hunting for products to sell.
Almost Famous
With a fresh, funky twist on a familiar product, one candyman gets a taste of small-business success.
Editors Note
Letters from our readers
Web sites, organizations, events and more to grow your business
Creative Zone
Seven tips to keep your company's creativity sizzling
Will your agent need to visit your business before writing a policy?
It may be tempting to sue when someone bashes your company online, but free speech has the upper hand.
Management Buzz
Determining who's an employee and who's not; hiring vets might be your best bet
Real Deal
Everyone strikes a bad deal at one time or another. The key is to learn from your mistakes.
Smart Moves
Profitability management helped PC maker Dell pull off a turnaround. Can it help you do the same?
Staff Smarts
Managing your creative employees can be a challenge, but doing it well is crucial to your business.
A+ Ads
Side-by-side comparison ads can persuade prospects to buy in the blink of an eye.
Ask the Expert
How to really reach out with a newsletter
Marketing Buzz
The golden state bans unsolicited e-mail.
Net Sales
Attract customers with online coupons.
Retail Register
Choosing products for ad campaigns
Sales Force
The year's almost over, but it's no time to let your guard down. What can you do to keep sales from going into hibernation?
Sales Success
Want to pump up sales? Then think like a stellar sales champion, and watch your business shoot through the roof.
Didn't get the results you wanted from your marketing this year? You can get a fresh start in 2004.
Dollar Signs
For companies tired of taking a beating in the market, deregistration may be a temporary shelter in the storm.
Here's a top-performing fund that's got flexibility on its side.
Money Buzz
The state of VC investments in minority-owned firms, the rising cost of audits and accounting, and more
Personal Finance
With new tax brackets, now's the time to lower your withholding.
Raising Money
Buying an existing business may get lenders on your side faster than building from scratch.
Tax Talk
Want to take advantage of the cut in dividend taxes? You'll need to strike while the iron's hot.
Biz Travel
How to avoid the big squeeze on your next business flight
How looking on the bright side can help you run your business
Capitol Issues
Washington shields businesses from identity theft losses.
Hot Seat
Here's one entrepreneur with divine inspiration.
It Figures
The popularity of e-mail, complaining customers and more
Congressional representatives discuss the state of small business in today's economy.
Smarts Features
Experts weigh in on whether 2004 will be the year the economy turns around.
Smarts Features
Build business relationships with a company blog.
Smarts Features
Congress challenges proposed changes to overtime eligibility.
Smarts Features
It's more important than ever to show customers you'll keep their information private.
Smarts Features
Strategies for prepping the next generation of employees
Smarts Features
The big guys may be letting stock options go, but should you?
Smarts Features
The office of tomorrow might look the same, but it sure acts different.
Smarts Features
Making your business the star of the big screen could mean big bucks and local exposure.
Smarts Features
How do you weather a PR crisis-and come out on top?
42, founder of Alpha Flying Inc. in Manchester, New Hampshire
Tech Toy
A high-tech way to improve your golf swing
Whats the Point
Make the most of your family business by managing these five resources.
Ready to treat yourself? Here are three luxury roadsters to choose from.
Mothers and daughters discuss the impact of entrepreneurship on their relationships.
Buyers Guide
Sure, they're a little pricey. But it's plain to see that oversize flat-panel displays can be great investments for your business.
Digital Edge
Is Linux really ready to be plugged in to the desktop? The answer is at your fingertips.
A professional-looking digital camera, the most versatile DVD recorder and more
Hot Disks
Eliminating your paper trail, a mobile phonebook and more
Hot Topic
Small businesses are zipping past bigger companies on the tech-investment track.
Net Profits
In spite of the risks, there are lots of great reasons to start thinking about going global.
Keep your business secure even when you're away—try a wireless surveillance device on for size.
With a few tricks up their sleeves, two brothers take PC design to a whole new level.
Tech Buzz
Improving your business's Web search status; a full office suite for next-to-nothing
A new protocol spices up the 802.x alphabet soup.
Instant messaging hits the road.
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