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Inside the February 2004 Issue


What Women Want

The growing economic power of women consumers is transforming today's marketplace. Find out how to tap into the desires of women--and watch your business take off.

Beyond Basic Training

We don't know what you've been told, but boot camp's worth its weight in gold. These intense leadership training courses are changing the way entrepreneurs do business. Think you can handle it?


Be Your Own Boss Features
A seasoned entrepreneur reveals the 17 most common mistakes startups make and how to avoid them -- plus, the 5 things you must do to ensure success.
Be Your Own Boss Features
The 101 fastest-growing franchises for 2004 are gunning for the lead.
Biz 101
Insuring your company from the get-go may be expensive, but it's crucial to your survival.
Biz 101
It's OK to toot your own horn every once in a while. Here's how to pull it off.
Biz 101
Three entrepreneurs share their ethical dilemmas-and why they're better because of them.
Biz 101
Your small start-up really does have a chance at succeeding in a marketplace full of big-name competitors.
You don't need a mammoth staff or an elaborate office to make millions from your invention.
Three's a crowd, eight's a date
Searching for a good idea? Just take a look out the window.
A former baseball player decided to take a swing at making gourmet pizzas.
Real Life
Having successfully navigated start-up negotiations, Jack and Diane get ready for franchise ownership.
Smart Ideas
Pizza box advertising, tracking song trades and more
Success Coach
Want to make a real connection while networking? Build lasting relationships by offering solutions to others' needs.
Whats Your Problem
Don't know the difference between HTML and a URL? Here are some things to think about when seeking a Web site designer.
Almost Famous
Life's little twists molded the man who has patrons tapped into yard-high beers and gourmet food.
Letters from our readers
Web sites, organizations, events and more to grow your business
Withholding the truth may cost you your policy.
Test the regulatory waters early if your product doesn't fit into a recognizable category.
Management Buzz
How work is really judged, security clearances for government contracts and more
Real Deal
A little training each day helps you pump up your game at the bargaining table.
Smart Moves
Stuck for extra office space? Mobile furniture could help you maximize the space you've already got.
Staff Smarts
If you can't afford to offer employee benefits on your own, why not join forces with a PEO?
A+ Ads
An ad inviting prospects to interact with the publication in which it appears can really grab attention.
Ask the Expert
The ins and outs of hiring a spokesperson
Marketing Buzz
High-speed networking and high-energy branding
Retail Register
Use register read-outs as a promotional tool
Sales Force
Speeding up your regular sales cycle is an excellent way to make your company's profits soar sky-high. So what are you waiting for?
Sales Success
When it comes to making the sale, projecting a confident attitude is key. So what can you do to give yours a boost?
Looking for new marketing opportunities? Then maybe it's time to consider the great outdoors.
Dollar Signs
Will that big-name client end up making—or breaking—your business?
Utility stocks have gone back to basics.
Money Buzz
Tips for diversifying your investments, rising tuition and more
Personal Finance
Should you dump shares of fund companies implicated in scandals?
Raising Money
Juggling growth and financial risk is one balancing act you can't afford not to master.
Tax Talk
States back a uniform sales-tax system that would raise additional revenue. What will the change mean for you?
Biz Travel
Check out these new digs on your next trip to the Big Apple.
For faster growth, take what you do best to a whole new level.
Capitol Issues
The SBA evens the odds for smaller businesses seeking to win contracts.
Hot Seat
One entrepreneur feels the heat of anti-smoking laws.
It Figures
The cost of pain, innovative adults and more
Smarts Features
The SEC could force companies to take security more seriously.
Smarts Features
Here's a food niche you may not have considered.
Smarts Features
These entrepreneurs do business to the beat of a different drum.
Smarts Features
Business owners share their hiring horror stories.
Smarts Features
If The Bridge Act gets past "go," fast-growth businesses could benefit from a tax deferral.
Smarts Features
Brushing up on your small talk is more important than you think.
Smarts Features
Federal funds are motivating VCs to invest in security firms.
Smarts Features
Competitors' ads could muscle in on your Web site.
Smarts Features
Signs of recovery have some businesses hiring.
Allison Kugel, 29, founder of and, Plainview, New York
Tech Toy
The hard drive you wear on your wrist
Whats the Point
Strategy is everything when it comes to successful exporting.
If fuel economy is what you need, a hybrid could be the answer.
Who says running a business and motherhood don't mix?
Buyers Guide
It may be high time to maximize your network's performance, now that there are newer, cheaper Ethernet switches in town.
Not quite ready to cut the cord? Never fear—your local Bell will offer VoIP, too.
Digital Edge
Are tablet PCs Really all they're cracked up to be? We took one model for a spin to find out.
Fully-stocked mobile device and wireless networking made safer and easier
Hot Disks
New and improved e-mail, bundled creative software and more
Net Profits
Using coupons can be a great way to get new customers to visit your site-if you do it right.
Tech Buzz
Data recovery; what'll be hot in e-commerce
A hybrid cradle saves you wireless phone minutes.
Soon, handheld devices will harbor wi-fi chips.
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