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Inside the July 2004 Issue


Seeing Green

Signaling the end of the VC drought, several industries have become fertile ground for investors. So what's the best way to find the right investor--even if you're not in one of those superstar sectors? Start with our 4th Annual VC 100.

The Other Colors of Money

If banks and VCs are out of your financial picture, don't despair. These 3 alternative sources of capital could provide the funding you're looking for.


Be Your Own Boss Features
Once tainted by get-rich-quick schemes, the direct-sales industry is changing its image. See what experts and business owners have to say about going direct.
Be Your Own Boss Features
Contrary to popular belief, there's no need to ante up a fortune when you're playing the startup game. Here's how 3 entrepreneurs launched high-cost businesses the low-cost way.
Biz 101
Upscale concierge businesses give new meaning to the phrase "service with a smile."
Biz 101
The experts work their mojo on our "Biz 101" Tech Makeover winner's outdated Web site.
Biz 101
Need to fill your store shelves? Then this trade show has your name written all over it.
Biz 101
Oops! Forgot to include something crucial in your business plan? So did these entrepreneurs.
Franchise Zone
A few things to consider before tackling franchising
With the right marketing plan, your product will blaze trails across the globe.
A nearly overlooked opportunity is blooming into an ideal business.
State of the art
Smart Ideas
Scrubs for the pint-sized set, pop culture nesting dolls and more
Success Coach
Take your work environment from cluttered to clear with these steps.
Whats Your Problem
A mobile photography business can go a long way if you know where you're going.
Almost Famous
With an Academy Award and a hit TV show, the creators of Queer Eye are telling stories everyone wants to hear.
Editors Note
Letters from our readers
Web sites, organizations, events and more to grow your business
Before you let your people work at home, find out what you're liable for--and cover your bases.
Management Buzz
Protecting your office hardware, instituting a parental leave policy and more
Real Deal
Know how your lawyer tallies up your legal tab.
Smart Moves
Is your business usable--or disposable? Figure it out before your competitors gain an edge.
Staff Smarts
When you're looking for new hires, temps may not be as temporary as you might think.
A+ Ads
Something as unexpected as a talking almond could be just what you need to catch the reader's eye.
Ask the Expert
Rave reviews could be all the advertising you need.
Marketing Buzz
Creating a memorable atmosphere, a marketing treasure chest and more
Net Sales
Why the recent anti-spam legislation isn't protecting you
Retail Register
One expert's take on today's retail scene
Sales Force
Not getting what you want out of your sales meetings? Here are 5 tips to point you in the right direction.
Sales Success
Sometimes, closing the deal is just a matter of taking the right approach. Find out how you can master the art of the soft sell--and the hard sell.
You've worked hard to land that media interview--so don't blow your opportunity. Here's how to make sure you get your message across.
Dollar Signs
Before you go on a spending spree with your surplus cash, get your priorities straight.
Sometimes six heads are better than one.
A public insurance adjuster could help you get what you deserve.
Money Buzz
Interest-bearing checking accounts, credit card debt and more
Personal Finance
Build flexibility into your estate plan so heirs can avoid the pitfalls of changing tax laws.
Raising Money
Don't let debt put your business in a tight spot--learn how to use leverage to your advantage.
Tax Talk
Feel like the IRS is out to get you? A taxpayer advocate is on your side.
Biz Travel
This technology can help you comparison shop for low fares.
Learn these laws, and employees won't be far behind you.
Capitol Issues
Will new measures really rev up U.S. manufacturers' engines?
It Figures
Benefits to small-business employees, where spam comes from and more
Smarts Features
Many personal bankruptcies are really business failures in disguise.
Smarts Features
What does the future hold for the once-hot metrosexual?
Smarts Features
Another wireless technology is moving into the neighborhood.
Smarts Features
A new proposal aims to bring spam under control
Smarts Features
A declaration of independents against chain restaurants
Smarts Features
Despite the headlines, mutual funds are still a good thing.
Smarts Features
These pretty laptop cases are pretty functional, too.
Smarts Features
What do entrepreneurs do to stay happy and healthy?
Beth Blake, 34, and Sophie Simmons, 32, founders of Thread in New York City
Tech Toy
Work and watch TV at the same time with this new LCD
Your company cars could be gulping more than just gas if you don't know what your ownership costs are.
Two women entrepreneurs sound off on the ups and downs of finding VC funding.
Buyers Guide
Sick of your bulky PC? A desktop replacement notebook could be the answer.
As telecom companies race to integrate wireless capability, mobile calling could get even better.
Digital Edge
With search engine competition on the rise, entrepreneurs stand to benefit, as both users and advertisers.
ThinkPad slims down and no-computer-required photo printing
Hot Disks
Portable e-mails, bare-bones compression and more
Net Profits
Entrepreneurs can save big bucks by bidding for equipment on eBay. Learn which strategies work best.
Tech Buzz
More to Office than meets the eyes, staying current with Web feeds and more
Use your mobile phone even while abroad.
When using Wi-Fi hot spots, don't throw caution to the wind.
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