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Inside the November 2004 Issue


Young Millionaires: Class of 2004

Think it's nearly impossible to become a multimillionaire before you're 40? Meet 23 young entrepreneurs who did just that--and learn the inside secrets to their success.

On the Road Again?

Then don't forget to pack these tech essentials. We take a look at the latest and greatest mobile gadgets that will keep you connected--and keep your business one step ahead.

To the Rescue

''Help! My office is obsolete!'' cried entrepreneurs across the land, but who needed the most help? Xerox and Entrepreneur found out with their office makeover contest--and turned a tragic office ''don't'' into a fabulous office ''do.''


Be Your Own Boss Features
When they weren't studying, these students made the smart choice to pursue franchise ownership--and learned that a college education is about more than what goes on in the classroom.
Be Your Own Boss Features
At business plan competitions across the country, judges sift through talented teams of presenters to find out who deserves the precious prizes--cash, services and VC exposure. Could your startup be the next to strike it rich?
Biz 101
You can't just throw new hires into the workplace and hope for the best. First, you've got to train them right.
Biz 101
This incubator targets entrepreneurs with disabilities
Biz 101
Pick up a few money-saving tips from these entrepreneurs as they share their startup stories.
Biz 101
The winner of our tech makeover contest makes the most of her new gizmos on the road.
Entrepreneurs find success with a new take on a familiar product.
A single mother from Belgium finds that good things come in packages of all sizes.
With 4 successful stores, this juice enthusiast has all the right moves.
Profits on tap
Smart Ideas
Golf course advertising, air from paradise and more
Success Coach
Have you lost that lovin' feeling for your business? Learn how to get the spark back.
Whats Your Problem
Is the lease up on this apartment-based business?
Almost Famous
With his line of talking toys, this former street vendor brings new meaning to the phrase "Quiet as a mouse."
Editors Note
Letters from our readers
Websites, organizations, events and more to grow your business
Leasing workers can reduce your paperwork, but don't forget your legal obligations to those employees.
Management Buzz
Ombudsmen programs, executive wishes and more
Real Deal
A confidentiality agreement can give you the upper hand.
Smart Moves
If you want to make changes to help your business soar, you've got to win people over first.
Staff Smarts
Hired the ultimate intern from hell? Here's how to avoid making the same mistake twice.
A+ Ads
Contrary to popular belief, you use "bad news" to create a successful advertisement. Find out how it's done.
Ask the Expert
Make the most of your direct-mail campaign
Marketing Buzz
Getting answers, abandoned shopping carts and more
Net Sales
If you're not advertising on internet radio, you could be missing out.
Retail Register
For a competitive edge, offer items made locally.
Sales Force
If you've got one superstar handling all your top accounts, it's time to redistribute the work--and the risk.
Sales Success
Networking can be key to creating sales opportunities. Here's how to make the moves.
Can a negative marketing campaign have positive results? Here's what to know before you strike the first blow.
Dollar Signs
With small-business lending up across the board, now's a great time to get the capital you need.
Flexibility is a key feature of convertible funds.
Paying premiums over time can cost you.
Money Buzz
IPO options, retirement plans and more
Personal Finance
Recent storms serve as reminders to review your homeowners policy--or regret it later.
Raising Money
Approaching investors who share your interests is the first step to getting the dollars you need.
Tax Talk
Sign up for electronic filing, and you could get a tax-penalty refund.
Biz Travel
Booking sites offer more bang for your buck--and then some.
How to instill faith in yourself--and in employees at the same time.
Capitol Issues
When it comes to small business, a new tax-cut bill is half-baked.
It Figures
Entrepreneurial concerns, wireless growth and more
Smarts Features
No question about it: The mobile phones of tomorrow have a lot in store for you.
Smarts Features
VC firm frees and rehabilitates small tech firms languishing inside large companies.
Smarts Features
Want a few business pointers? Mosey on over to Deadwood.
Smarts Features
Could drug-buying clubs cure high prescription costs?
Smarts Features is possible to beat everyone--even big companies--to market, as this entrepreneur found out.
Smarts Features
Software giants focus on selling to small businesses.
Smarts Features
These entrepreneurs learned unexpected lessons from their former fast-food jobs.
Smarts Features
Cats and dogs and babies, oh my! It's just another day at the office for these entrepreneurs.
Smarts Features
Reverse auctions could help you get more contracts.
Smarts Features
Giving new meaning to the term "power lunch"
Andy Hyman, 44, founder of Distant Replays in Atlanta
Tech Toy
Your own portable photo lab
If you're buying company cars on a less-than-flexible budget, these midsize sedans are sensible choices.
A friend can make the best kind of business partner.
Buyers Guide
If you've reached the point where you need to invest in a copier, we've got the rundown on choosing one to match your business and your budget.
Will VoIP technology finally make videoconferencing a reality?
Digital Edge
Greater connectivity is coming to a neighborhood near you. What will it mean for businesses?
Workgroup printer and network-attached storage
Hot Disks
Ridding yourself of unwanted e-mail, secure file transfers and more
Net Profits
Can customers search your website--and actually find what they need? If not, you're losing dollars.
Tech Buzz
Browser options, storage devices and more
A more secure wireless standard is on its way.
Think wireless devices and air travel don't mix? That could soon be changing.
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