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Make a List, Check it Twice

Can you check off all the items on our list? If not, fine-tune your business skills with these insider tips from entrepreneurial guru Guy Kawasaki.

Wherever You Go, There You Are

Stay connected with these technology systems that give you and your employees the ultimate freedom of mobility.

Remote Control

Sounds like it's as easy as pushing a button, but managing workers remotely takes a lot of learning, communication and trust, as these entrepreneurs found out.

Workplace 2005

Telecommuting, virtual offices, dispersed staff . . . if you're worried that you can't keep up with the ever-changing workplace, never fear. Here's a jump-start on new trends and technologies to help you ease your business into the future.


Be Your Own Boss Features

Make a List, Check it Twice

Can you check off all the items on our list? If not, fine-tune your business skills with these insider tips from entrepreneurial guru Guy Kawasaki.
Be Your Own Boss Features

Speed Demons

These 105 franchises put the pedal to the metal and are looking to smash records with their full-throttle growth.
Biz 101

Skill Bill

Changing fields? Your industrial evolution still relies on your old skill sets.
Biz 101

Size Doesn't Matter

Sample these microenterprise programs to help you start small.
Biz 101

Click It

Our "Biz 101" tech makeover winner learns to save time and money.
Biz 101

Funny Stuff

Laughter is the best marketing, so find your sense of humor.
Biz U

Getting No Respect?

You're still a student, but by being polished, poised and professional, you can get the respect you deserve as an entrepreneur.

Breaking the Ice

Want skeptical customers to warm up to your product? Here's the scoop on how to win them over.

Heir Raising

This family plans to make franchising part of its future for generations to come.

Never Too Old to Party

A party franchise proves business and pleasure do go together.

What's New 02/05

Bottled perfection
Smart Ideas

Smart Ideas 02/05

Celebrity-shaped cookies and in-home teachers
Success Coach

What's the Big Idea?

Feeling stuck in a rut? Rethink your predicament, make a plan, and succeed.
Whats Your Problem

Finding Contract Work Online

Follow these five tips to make freelance bidding sites work for you.
Almost Famous

Strike a Pose

Yoga improved these entrepreneurs' well-being. Now they're bringing it to the masses.
Editors Note

Live and Learn


Feedback 02/05


Resources 02/05

Websites, organizations, events and more to grow your business

It's Settled

A new law makes it easier to reach settlements.
Management Buzz

Management Buzz 02/05

Employee auctions, the value of employee reviews and more
Real Deal

Cover Me

How to spread the risk of a deal around
Smart Moves

Keeping Mums

Want a fiercely loyal work force? It's no secret--it pays to treat working mothers right.
Staff Smarts

Great Expectations

Are your first impressions of new hires forcing them out the door? Then it's time to open your eyes.
Ad Wisdom

Spread the Word

Get customers talking, and they'll do your advertising for you.

Labor for Love

Learn what this romantic holiday can teach small-business owners.
Marketing Buzz

Marketing Buzz 02/05

Benefiting from blogs, satisfied e-customers and more
Net Sales

Close to Home

Geographic-targeting features get your online message to customers right around the corner.
Retail Register

Capture the Tag

Are RFID tags in danger of being hacked?
Sales Success

Right on Target

Hit the mark with prospective customers by learning how to find their hot buttons.

Getting Ink

Need exposure? Follow these 6 tips to win press coverage for your growing business.
Dollar Signs

New Way to 7(a)

With no more federal subsidy, entrepreneurs are uncertain about the future of small-business loans.

FAM Matters

This is not your father's equity-income fund.

Stake a Claim

With liability insurance, timing is everything.
Money Buzz

Money Buzz 02/05

Hybrid securities, female purchasing power and more
Personal Finance

Wheel Charity

Fair market value is out, while the actual sale price is in for setting car-donation write-offs.
Raising Money

Fees of Danger

When assessing commercial loan costs, the interest rate is often only a drop in the bucket.
Tax Talk

Here Comes Trouble

Avoid independent-contractor snags.
Biz Travel

Just Dreamy

With beds like these, you'll never want to leave your hotel.

Force of Habit

Here's one leadership rut you don't want to get out of.
Capitol Issues

Out of Reach

Some say that the SBA is withholding contracts--and important information.
It Figures

It Figures 02/05

Fraud capitals, entrepreneurial vets and more

United Nation

Post-election, can the parties reach out to entrepreneurs on the issues that matter most?
Smarts Features

Falling Behind

Has dependence on tech made us less productive?
Smarts Features

Soul to Soul

Lord, have mercy--your mama's down-home cooking has gone gourmet.
Smarts Features

Slip-Slidin' Away?

Will a decline in businesses be a downer for entrepreneurs?
Smarts Features

Meth to Their Madness

Do some of your employees have a need for speed? Find out how to handle it.
Smarts Features

Getting Personal

Take a closer look at the up-and-coming personalized search engine.
Smarts Features

At Your Service

In the service industry? This tracking survey will help you get the information you need.
Smarts Features

Makeover Magic

Real-world business advice from a hit makeover TV show
Smarts Features

Tip Over?

Things to think about before adding a tip jar to your place of business

Snapshot 02/05

Daniel Lubetzky, 36, founder of PeaceWorks LLC in New York City
Tech Toy

TV or PC?

This monitor is the answer to all your computer and entertainment needs.

What a Concept!

Look at these concept cars to see what the future holds for your fleet.

No More Ms. Nice Guy

Do nice girls really finish last in the business world?
Buyers Guide

The Light Fantastic

The latest ultraportables are light on weight, but not on features.

Tying the Knot

With a new generation of routers, VoIP and Wi-Fi form a union to benefit your business.
Digital Edge

Making Book

Take control of your company's finances with new accounting software from Microsoft.

Gear 02/05

Reviewing the latest monitors and laser printers for the office
Net Profits

Sharing the Wealth

Want to get a piece of the eBay pie? Joining its affiliate program can be a good way to do just that.
Tech Buzz

Tech Buzz 02/05

iPods for business, protecting Linux and more

Old the Phone

Find out where you can recycle your cell phone.

Data to Go

When you're on the move, stay connected for less.
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