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The Fast Lane

There are tried-and-true rules for growing a company. And then there are entrepreneurs who pay no attention to the speed limit, put their engines in overdrive and blaze their own paths to furiously fast growth.

Honor Roll

By teaching everything from planning to perserverance, the schools in our 3rd Annual Top 100 Colleges and Universities give their students a competitive advantage in the real world.

Bon Voyage!

Wherever your business destination may be, and whatever your budget, the winners of our 12th Annual Business Travel Awards will help you travel in comfort and style.


Be Your Own Boss Features

Top Notch

Meet the industry leaders of our 2005 Franchise 500®.
Be Your Own Boss Features

Fear Factor

What's really holding you back from starting your own business? These 31 tips will help you face your fears and finally get the guts to become your own boss.
Biz 101

Chew on This

Cater to customers with food allergies, and you'll be sure to get a good reaction.
Biz 101

Count Me In

Scared of numbers? With these accounting tips, you won't be.
Biz 101

Anger Management

How to deal with irate customers without losing your cool
Biz 101

View From the Top

See how a year's worth of changes helped our tech makeover winner take her business to new heights.
Biz U

My Hero

Let a mentor guide you on the path to success while sidestepping the potholes.

Top Honors

Winning a contest can catapult your invention into the mainstream.

Baby Love

One couple's desire to welcome their new child inspires their small-business dreams.

Think Ink

This franchisee is making his mark with a printer cartridge shop.

What's New 04/05

If you can stand the heat, then get in the kitchen.
Smart Ideas

Smart Ideas 04/05

Getting kids cooking, non-violent computer games and more
Success Coach

Monkey on Your Back

Do all bad habits hurt your business? Decide which ones to give the boot.
Whats Your Problem

Legal Issues

Make sure to answer these three legal questions when starting a homebased business.
Biz Travel

Fare Well

Before taking off, learn how to get the best deals on airfare.

Work It

Take these disciplines, add lots of hard work, and master the art of running your company.
Capitol Issues

Thin is In

With new rules, the SBA hopes to cut big companies from its procurement numbers.
Forward Features

All the Rage

Angry consumers are using the internet to get revenge. How can you keep them happy?
Forward Features

Raising the Bar

The new affordable impulse buy is all about the Benjamins.
Forward Features

Out to Lunch

Midday meals and business deals are pairing up again.
Forward Features

Space Cowboys

High-profile entrepreneurs pursue the final frontier.
Forward Features

In Full Boom

Economy got you down? Change may be on the way.
Forward Features

Get Wiki With It

Boost group productivity--and cut down on e-mails--with Wiki.
Forward Features

Bottom Dollar?

Weakening U.S. currency could change how you do business.
Forward Features

Present Sense

New IM programs tell you where everyone is.
Forward Features

Sharing the Love

What's it really like being married to an entrepreneur?
Forward Snapshot

Snapshot 04/05

Dawn Barnes, 40s, founder of Dawn Barnes Karate Kids Inc. in Santa Monica, California
It Figures

It Figures 04/05

Distracted during conference calls, productivity at home and more
Seen and Heard

Bright Ideas

Spark your marketing genius by reading what other innovative entrepreneurs are up to.
Tech Toy

Lap of Luxury

This chair remembers just the way you like it.

For All Van Kind

With plenty of cargo space and luxury features, these minivans are one giant leap for your business.

Lonely at the Top

Success can be isolating, so learn how to stay connected.
Almost Famous


From cutting hair to inspiring hispanic readership, Rueben Martinez's novel idea is a story for all ages.
Editors Note

School of Thought

No matter what you studied, your education can help guide you.

Feedback 04/05


Resources 04/05

Websites, organizations, events and more to grow your business
Lead Buzz

Lead Buzz 04/05

Sexual harassment training, biometric employee tracking and more
Lead Snapshot

Return Engagement

Not your typical turn of events when Splitsville brings an ex-couple to begin a business

Fee-dom of Choice

Do you know your legal service billing alternatives?
Real Deal

The Flinch

One technique every deal-maker should master
Smart Moves

Keeping It Fresh

R&D is being neglected in too many companies. Here's how to ensure your product pipeline is flowing with imaginative and innovative ideas.
Staff Smarts

Thumbs Up

Using biometrics to keep your employees honest and save you money
Dollar Signs

Strike a Match

Offering company stock in your 401(k) plan can be risky business--learn how to avoid getting burned when playing with matches.

Working Assets

Looking long term with multi-cap growth funds

Prep Work

Build your case to get major insurance claims.
Money Buzz

Money Buzz 04/05

Dotcom benefits for charity, VC investments and more
Money Snapshot

It's in the Cards

This day-spa owner uses gift card sales to give her cash flow a total makeover.
Personal Finance

Trust Exercises

Incentive trusts can get your heirs to jump through hoops for your money, but is one right for your family? Weigh the pros and cons.
Raising Money

Just Your Size

Don't make assumptions about a bank's lending methods based on size alone--here's how to find the bank that can help you cash in.
Tax Talk

Taxing Speeds

Keep your taxes in check in spite of fast growth.
Ad Wisdom

Lay it on the Line

If you want your e-mail to get opened, craft a compelling subject line.

Right as Rain

Want to get your business on the media's radar? Start rainmaking.
Net Sales

Get the Word Out

You don't have to entrust your announcements to snail mail anymore--the internet makes sending press releases easy and effective.
Retail Register

Fast Forward

Take a peek at the high-tech future of retailing.
Sales Success

Means to a Friend

No business is an island--solid connections are key to success. Make friends as well as customers with these time-tested tactics.
Sell Buzz

Sell Buzz 04/05

Promotional booklets, telemarketing's alive and kicking, and more
Sell Snapshot

Show on the Road

How do you overcome a ban on your product? Take to the streets, and educate consumers.

Dare to Be Different

Successful marketing means standing out from your competitors. Here are 4 steps to shedding your look-alike image.
Buyers Guide

Reaching Out

Range-extending options for your Wi-Fi setup stretch your dollar to the max.

Out and About

This ultraportable, voice-enabled memory stick gives new meaning to the term "mobile phone."
Digital Edge

Feel the Power

Faster than your current wireless network, able to send data leaping over cubicle walls in a single bound--it's Super-Duper G.

Gear 04/05

Tiny Macs, multi-function printers and flat-screen monitor reviewed
Net Profits

Happy Returns?

E-tailers are rethinking their policies to curb return fraud. Should you?
Tech Buzz

Tech Buzz 04/05

Improving online map services, expert web surfing and more
Tech Snapshot

Write Here, Write Now

This husband-and-wife publishing team is helping bloggers get their words out.

Get the Message?

Life beyond text messaging

It's a Go

Avantgo is moving fast.
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