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What Lies Beneath

Today's consumers no longer fit into yesterday's molds. Here's how to get a grip on the new demographics--and get inside your customers' heads.

Living the Dream

Small businesses make big impacts when they keep innovation in mind.

The Right Stuff

Race ahead of the competition with the smartest software to help build and better your business.


Be Your Own Boss Features

New Attitude

We name the top 50 new franchises for 2005.
Be Your Own Boss Features

eBay Made Easy

Ready to start an eBay business? These 5 simple steps will get you on your way.
Biz 101

New and Improved

Products that make life easier are all the rage. Your next big business idea may be making a good, everyday item great.
Biz 101

Timing Is Everything

Is it ever too early to plan? Give your startup an edge by mapping the next 10 years now.
Biz 101

Shout It From the Rooftops

Ensure maximum exposure for your new product or service by becoming a public speaker.
Biz 101

A Fond Farewell

We take one final look at our "Biz 101" tech makeover winner.
Biz U

Hit the Floor

Entrepreneurship floors in universities let students live their businesses 24/7.

Pet Project

How one former veterinarian wowed major pet-product retailers--and got her invention on their shelves

Access Hollywood

A staffing franchisee carves a new niche in showbiz--and finds fame in his own right.

Hole in One

This golf lover chose a franchise that fit him to a tee.

What's New 05/05

American Idol's got nothin' on this franchise.
Smart Ideas

Smart Ideas 05/05

Mommy-and-me outings, per-call talent reps and more
Success Coach

Popularity Puzzle

How to be the entrepreneur everyone wants to do business with
Whats Your Problem

Love and Business?

Following these four tips can help spouses run a business without ruining their marriage.
Biz Travel

Ticket to Ride

Get downtown from New York City's airports in a jiffy.

Tee Time

Make sense of the global economy by riding the coattails of a T-shirt.
Capitol Issues

Standard Issues

New food and disability rules pose challenges for small business.
Forward Features

Back in Black

The VC industry is fattening up again--but what does this mean for your business?
Forward Features

Passing the Buck

If you're asking employees to manage their own benefits, you could be asking for trouble.
Forward Features

Memory Upgrade

Entrepreneurs develop new ways to treat Alzheimer's.
Forward Features

Spring Cleaning

Old software draining your IT budget? Here's how to clean up.
Forward Features

Winning Hand

A poker pro's tips on playing your cards right in business
Forward Features

Eastern Influence

Chinese investment is starting to pour into the West.
Forward Features

Jumping the Gun

The issue of firearms in the workplace heats up.
Forward Features

Perfect Pitch

Former pitcher's advice is a hit with entrepreneurs.
Forward Features

Home Stretch

Will PC-makers' move into home electronics leave thin support for your business PCs?
Forward Features

Soup's On

Checking up on the progress of an up-and-coming trend
Forward Snapshot

Novel Idea

A gritty novel takes a former drug dealer from prison to her own publishing business.
It Figures

It Figures 05/05

Business stress, revenue gains and more
Seen and Heard

Ain't It Clever?

Spark your marketing genius by reading about what other innovative entrepreneurs are up to.
Tech Toy

Convincing Case

Who says your computer can't be functional and funky?

Family Ties

You call it Jaguar; I call it Lincoln . . . How to choose between automotive cousins

Seal the Deal

Negotiating can be difficult, but sharpening your skills in advance will put you on top.
Almost Famous


One man's local e-mail list becomes a community marketplace and information treasure trove.
Editors Note

State of Service

Don't ruin your reputation--provide top-notch customer service to help your business thrive.

Feedback 05/05


Resources 05/05

Websites, organizations, events and more to grow your business
Lead Buzz

Lead Buzz 05/05

A "booming" workforce, the importance of "vision" and more
Lead Snapshot

The Little Black Box

A stash of fresh ideas always comes in handy for a resourceful entrepreneur.

Good Sports

Who's liable for injuries to a company athletic team?
Real Deal

Making a List

An agenda lets you negotiate with confidence.
Smart Moves

Inside Job

Need a fresh perspective on projects, markets and more? Chances are, the answers you need are right under your roof.
Staff Smarts


Corporate refugees can be a boon to a small business--as long as you both know what to expect before jumping in.
Dollar Signs

Piece of the Pie

If your industry's facing consolidation, forming your own holding company may keep your business from getting swept up by the big guys.

Rising in the East

Long-term investors are setting sights on China.

When the Wind Blows

Shield your business from stormy weather.
Money Buzz

Money Buzz 05/05

Male vs. female startup costs, smaller workforce=larger income and more
Money Snapshot

Leaping Into Action

FrogPad uses vendor relationships to jump-start its financial success.
Personal Finance

Safety Net?

Insurance companies are offering plans that move beyond traditional long-term care. But do they really protect your assets?
Raising Money

Bridge the Gap

When risks are high and cash needs are immediate, a convertible bridge note provides a solution everyone can live with.
Tax Talk

The Producers

U.S. manufacturers and producers get a break under a new tax law.
Ad Wisdom

Keep It Simple

The most effective ad copywriting gets right to the point.

How Does Your Garden Grow?

Cultivate new business by tending to your customers.
Net Sales

The Name Game

Get friendly with your prospects by including their names--and personalized content--in your marketing e-mails.
Retail Register

Act Now!

Quick--add urgency to your marketing, and watch your sales take off.
Sales Success

The Price Is Right

Price is often the first thing on your customers' minds--so you need to think about it, too. Name your best price with these key strategies.
Sell Buzz

Sell Buzz 05/05

Measuring marketing success, smart giveaways and more
Sell Snapshot

Bags to Riches

A handbag creator uses home parties to reach multimillion-dollar sales.

Service With a Smile

Not sure how to market your service business? Focus on these 5 tips for bringing in new customers, and you'll be glad you did.
Buyers Guide

Do You Copy?

The latest crop of workgroup copiers have more features than ever.

Get Smart

Is your cell phone passing the test? Smartphones are the latest, greatest, all-in-one gadgets--and they're only getting better.
Digital Edge

Lose That Weight

The features and the size will get you on the thin-and-light laptop bandwagon.
Editors Picks

Editor's Pick 05/05

Printers for small offices and internet security

Gear 05/05

Reviews of the latest tech gadgets and goodies
Net Profits

Minority Rules

Ethnic minority groups are stepping up their online activity. Do you have what it takes to meet their needs?
Tech Buzz

Tech Buzz 05/05

Double-layer CD storage, new e-mail options and more
Tech Snapshot

The Kid's Got It

Not afraid to ask for advice, this self-starter is already making waves in the IT field.

Right on Key

Mini-keyboard options for thumbs tired of texting

Spot Check

Now Mac users have hot spots, too
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