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Inside the July 2005 Issue


Go for the Gold

Think venture capital is only for the high-tech crowd? Think again. Your low-tech company might be just what VCs are looking for.

New Growth

After a long winter, VC funding is beginning to bloom again.


Be Your Own Boss Features
Corporate execs are jumping into franchise ownership and experiencing a whole new side of business.
Be Your Own Boss Features
It may be one of the worst things to ever happen to you--but it could also be the best chance you'll ever have to become your own boss.
Biz 101
A booming industry built around a good night's rest is fulfilling many entrepreneurs' sweet dreams.
Biz 101
Is your business ready for the boost that comes from licensing?
Biz 101
You're risking your retirement, but if you believe in your startup you can fund it with your 401(k).
Biz 101
These long shots overcame the odds and emerged triumphant.
Biz U
Creating a business as your class project can earn you success inside and outside school walls.
How one entrepreneur built a better screwdriver--and used smart networking to get it into Sears stores nationwide
This couple knows image is everything and helps their clients look great.
Giving back to the community is part of these postal franchisees' code.
Teach the children well
Smart Ideas
Pet manikins, celebrity access and more
Success Coach
Earn respect by projecting an image of yourself that people take seriously.
Whats Your Problem
Just because you're not an entrepreneur at heart, doesn't mean you can't have a successful business.
Biz Travel
Travel costs are up, but some companies are giving business travelers a break.
Want to grow like the pros? This book shows you what to do--and what not to do.
Capitol Issues
New legislation may cure your health insurance pains.
Forward Features
Can entrepreneurs help boost small-town economies?
Forward Features
Some PR firms strive to make a difference by promoting causes as well as products.
Forward Features
The IRS is threatening to conduct more audits. Should you be worried?
Forward Features
Learn how to protect yourself from the latest internet attack.
Forward Features
Will the future hold an entrepreneurial president?
Forward Features
With more funding, SBDCs can lead you in the right direction.
Forward Features
Or is it? A new study shows how your office temperature affects employee productivity.
Forward Features
Bread businesses are making a post-Atkins comeback.
Forward Features
Spread the word about your business with this new medium.
Forward Features
Controversy heats up over off-the-clock regulation.
Forward Snapshot
Soup's on for this couple, whose secret startup ingredient was sitcom inspiration.
It Figures
Firing employees for blogs, working outside the office and more
Can congress help small businesses compete globally?
Rule Breakers
With each venture, this hip-hop impresario keeps his rhythm.
Tech Toy
Now you can use your PlayStation for monkey business and business.
It may look like a deal, but calculate the true cost to own first.
In the boardroom, there's still plenty of room for women.
Almost Famous
Muscling in on fitness chains, this entrepreneur thrives using his body and soul.
Editors Note
Small-business legislation needs to move forward, so get out there and do something about it.
Websites, organizations, events and more to grow your business
Lead Buzz
FACTA explained, pregnancy discrimination and more
Lead Snapshot
Spurred by 9/11, this entrepreneur helps workplaces embrace diversity.
Caught in an e-commerce clash? Use an e-mediator.
Real Deal
Laying down a final offer can get you what you want.
Smart Moves
Barter is back in style and spanning the globe. Here's what you need to know to become the master of your exchange.
Staff Smarts
Your employees can handle it, so just communicate with them, already.
Dollar Signs
Social networking sites offer entrepreneurs a chance to connect with investors, potential partners and customers.
Investing in small-cap funds can pay off big.
If you have employees, you need EPL coverage.
Money Buzz
Connect to all potential lenders with only one application.
Money Snapshot
This Texas entrepreneur dug deep to replace VC funds he lost unexpectedly.
Personal Finance
Thinking of investing in wine? A discerning mind is just as important as a discerning palate when considering your options.
Raising Money
Looking for capital? Consider looking abroad. International investors can provide funding--and much more.
Tax Talk
New tax laws require a new look at deferred compensation plans.
Ad Wisdom
A "swipe file" helps you generate good ideas.
Get others to spread the word about your business.
Net Sales
If you share free information with potential customers, they're more likely to remember you when it's time to buy.
Retail Register
Drive sales by offering stellar delivery services.
Sales Success
If you want to make the sale, don't just focus on your product or service--chances are, your customers are more interested in you.
Sell Buzz
Honest marketing, free stuff for small businesses and more
Sell Snapshot
These trailblazing marketers know how to appeal to young, street-smart buyers.
An effective rewards program keeps customers coming back. Here are 5 essential tips for building your program--and your sales.
Buyers Guide
Next-generation cell phones kick mobile technology up a notch.
Prepare for a new arrival--Eudora e-mail is coming to cell phones.
Digital Edge
The race is on, so soup up your PC's speed with a dual-core processor.
Editors Picks
Print jobs and transferring files made easy
Share your files with flair
Net Profits
Setting up a blog, while time-consuming, can be a great way to generate interest about your products and bring visitors to your site.
Tech Buzz
FireFox users beware
Tech Snapshot
This entrepreneur knows there is more than one way to skin a phone.
Hosted e-mail options save you from costly servers.
SD Wi-Fi cards bring your handheld up to speed.
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