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Inside the October 2005 Issue


Bricks & Clicks

Boost both retail and e-tail sales by posting your products on eBay.

Hot Spots

Got the itch to move? Looking to expand? Our Hot Cities rankings are back for 2005 and ready to help point you in the right direction.

The Office

Don't let your messy office hold you back--clear the clutter, spruce up the design, and organize the space so it works for you.


Be Your Own Boss Features
Think you can't afford to buy a franchise? Well, think again. Check out our listing of franchises for under $50,000.
Be Your Own Boss Features
Look no further for a business partner. You may already have a perfect match--your spouse.
Biz 101
See just how much activity these two busy entrepreneurs pack into a typical week.
Biz 101
Going virtual might be just what your company needs to save cash, increase profits and expand.
Biz 101
What do you do with old tech equipment? These entrepreneurs give it a whole new life.
Biz U
Can a great college friend prove to be an equally good business partner?
Warm retailers up to your new product, even if it's in a category all its own.
An electrical engineer realized his dreams in the land of opportunity.
Mastering tricks of the card trade set a franchisee up for success.
Learning the ropes
Smart Ideas
Healthy treats for your pet, smoke detectors that talk and more
Success Coach
Achieve real results in your business by following these practical steps.
Whats Your Problem
Never get burned again with these three tips for checking credit.
Biz Travel
Don't gamble with your Vegas plans--we've got the trip tips you need.
What makes startups tick? Check out some surprising research on smart starts.
Capitol Issues
The sun comes out over Central America with a new trade agreement.
Forward Features
Under fire for giving too many contracts to big business, the SBA fights back.
Forward Features
Another dimension is coming soon to a website near you.
Forward Features
Cal Ripken Jr. goes to bat with a business to promote the joy of baseball.
Forward Features
How you can profit from big companies' tech ideas
Forward Features
New laws could change how you handle customer info.
Forward Features
A psychologist explains how entrepreneurs started it all.
Forward Features
U.S. patent laws are in flux, so be on the lookout for change.
Forward Features
Bankruptcy reforms threaten to cut entrepreneurs off from protective measures.
Forward Features
Can reality shows bring in the dough for your company?
Forward Snapshot
A dry cleaner is paving the way to greener pastures one shirt at a time.
It Figures
The cost of complying with federal regulations, wasting time at work and more
The immigration issue is as hot as ever, but it's no longer just a partisan debate.
Tech Toy
Trendy tote bags for your laptap
Get big performance with a small price tag.
What happens when a daughter inherits dad's business?
Almost Famous
This company has foiled sock-swallowing dryers everywhere with its cool and unusual concept.
Editors Note
No need to be alarmed: The family comes to work, the office is redone, and something's happening at Borders.
Websites, organizations, events and more to grow your business
Lead Buzz
Busted for off-the-clock work, the cost of employees who smoke, and more
Lead Snapshot
Acquiring a company--and being acquired--taught this entrepreneur a lesson in leadership.
Fix a rift with a neighboring business without your lawyer.
Real Deal
Master the six laws of money.
Smart Moves
If a big customer announces a restructuring, you could be in for a major hit, so have a strategy in place to stay in the game.
Staff Smarts
Returning veterans are proving to be powerful new hires.
Dollar Signs
Entrepreneurs have been slow to adopt online banking--with good reason. But some banks are trying hard to win them over.
An exchange-traded fund can help your money see the world.
Cut your car-insurance costs.
Money Buzz
Overpaying on hotel stays, earning less if you're unattractive and more
Money Snapshot
An emergency-assistance loan got this entrepreneur through her company's darkest hours.
Personal Finance
Hedge funds are becoming increasingly popular, despite their recent troubles. Should you dive in?
Raising Money
Many banks offer credit to cover account overdrafts, giving businesses a flexible way to fill short-term funding needs.
Tax Talk
Tax shelters come under increased scrutiny.
Net Sales
Get more wins--and more sales--from your affiliate program by stacking your roster with internet-marketing pros.
Retail Register
Paying attention to trends can pay off for your store.
Sales Force
Looking for a few good salespeople? Start here.
Sales Success
Are you having trouble showing customers the benefits of your offer? Try these 10 tips to make them realize what they're missing.
Sell Buzz
The power of poor service and word of mouth, and more
Sell Snapshot
Psst! Have you heard about BzzAgent? Find out why this company is on everybody's lips.
Ready to try something new this holiday season? Here are four great ways to win more sales and raise your company's visibility.
Buyers Guide
New SIP-based VoIP phones will keep you chatting on the cutting edge.
Don't let your phone hold you back--VoIP can go wherever you take it.
Digital Edge
Head to the country, where Wi-Fi roams free and unrestricted by big-city politics. You'll be encouraged by the possibilities.
Get internet access anywhere with this little card
Net Profits
Will engaging in dynamic pricing help or hurt your business?
Tech Buzz
Fiber-optic broadband, teleconferencing and more
Tech Snapshot
This entrepreneur wants to make your new home the ultimate gadget.
Not near a hot spot? With this network, that's no problem.
Turn wireless data-transfer speeds up a notch with WUSB.
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