Inside the December 2005 Issue
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The Hot List

Get fired up! Ignite your profits with our inside look at the hottest trends and best business ideas for 2006.

Defining a Dream

An entrepreneur's knack for decision making and her drive to move forward blend into the sweet smell of success.

Wheels and Deals

The 2006 vehicles hit the road with more power, better options . . . and lower prices.


Be Your Own Boss Features

Pushing Forward

Is enough being done in the franchise industry to encourage diversity? An expert has his say.
Be Your Own Boss Features

It's Who You Know

If you really know how to work your connections, a successful startup is less than 6 degrees away.
Biz 101

Diary of a Startup

Follow this young entrepreneur on her way to opening a gym for teens.
Biz 101

Cast Off the Curse

Make your business succeed in a location where others have failed.
Biz 101

International E-tiquette

Avoid embarrassing faux pas in online global communications.
Biz 101

Don't Blow the Show

Make the most of your first trade show by breezing past these 5 common blunders.
Biz U

Ethically Speaking

What are today's students learning about business ethics?

Put a Lid on It!

An infomercial for this inventor's snappy new food containers helped her seal the deal with a large retailer.

New York Action

Creative franchise concepts are just a slice of life in the Big Apple.
Smart Ideas

Smart Ideas 12/05

Lucky wishbones, MP3 loading services and more
Success Coach

Success Squad

Team up with like-minded people who can give you the push you need to meet--and surpass--your business goals.
Whats Your Problem

Home Office Tips for Holiday Houseguests

Keep your home business running smoothly with these three tips for entertaining holiday guests.
Biz Travel

Catch Me If You Can

Keep clear of the cold and flu this season by packing smart.

Take Your Perch

Get the bird's-eye view that can help alert you to potential problems.
Forward Features

Close Quarters

You want to yell "Get your act together," but twentysomethings are facing more than you think.
Forward Features

Bound & Gagged

How will the battle over mandatory binding arbitration affect you?
Forward Features

Can You Hack It?

Build the best defense you can against hackers.
Forward Features

Tempting Fate

How far would you go to finance your startup?
Forward Features

#1 Source of Brand

The best marketing slogans of today--and all time
Forward Features

Back to Basics

Sick of the rat race? Embrace the simple life with a business that soothes customers' souls.
Forward Features

Enter the Center

Seeking stylish boutiques, malls are courting entrepreneurs.
Forward Features

Bonus Round

Holiday bonuses that really hit it big with employees
Forward Features

Hire Up

The numbers don't lie--small-business hiring is still resilient.
Forward Features

Fighting Chance

Even a co-founder off at war couldn't hold this firm back.
Forward Snapshot

Making Merry

This innovator really lights up a room . . .or a house, or a city.
It Figures

It Figures 12/05

Negative cost-cutting, a $761 billion market and more
Tech Toy

Tech Toy 12/05

More bytes, less bark
Tip Sheet

In Good Time

Make the most of your precious minutes with a time-management system that works.

Throw Caution to the Wind

Treat yourself to something gorgeous, sexy and lots of fun.

Got It, Flaunt It?

Know where to draw the line between subtly sexy and sleazy.
Editors Note

Disaster and Relief

Ready to put this year behind you? Don't forget those still in need while you're looking to the future.

Feedback 12/05


Resources 12/05

Websites, organizations, events and more to grow your business
Global Village

Safer Passage

Get certified for security.
Lead Buzz

Lead Buzz 12/05

Conducting exit interviews, tracking work time and more
Lead Snapshot

Leader of the Pack

A former police department pilot believes there's room for everyone to be a leader.

What Did I Say?

Be a responsible reference.
Smart Moves

All Shook Up

You can't control disruptive innovations, but you can learn to predict them--and to react to them in a positive way.
Staff Smarts

Cómo Se Dice?

Break down the language barrier between you and your employees.
Dollar Signs

Smooth Moves

Implementing Sarbox-style strategic governance changes can help small businesses woo---and win---more big customers.

What's In a Name?

There's often more to a fund than its moniker.

Up for Review

Now's the time to evaluate your insurance coverage.
Money Buzz

Money Buzz 12/05

Limiting investors' partnership power, shrinking health care and more
Money Snapshot

Earners, Keepers

Two entrepreneurs pump up Puerto Rico's economy while taking advantage of its tax incentives.
Personal Finance

A Rising Tide

Though costs will likely go up in the wake of the recent hurricanes, flood insurance is still a life preserver worth considering.
Raising Money

Guide and Seek

If you're heading out on the fundraising trail, consider taking a guide along to keep your company on the right path.
Tax Talk

Don't Mention It

Your reporting burden may now be a little bit lighter.
Net Sales

Straight Shooting

Your customers are all over the web, and they're not easy targets. Make sure your message hits its mark by keeping up with new technologies.
Real Deal

Right On Time

Use the art of timing to your advantage in negotiations.
Retail Register

It's Better to Give

Rack up sales with a wildly generous promotion.
Sales Force

Money Talks

Motivate sales reps with the almighty dollar.
Sales Success

Make No Mistake

The things you do--and don't do--could keep you from closing sales. Watch out for these 5 common mistakes, and learn how to avoid them.
Sell Buzz

Sell Buzz 12/05

Advertising on postage stamps, cell phones and more
Sell Snapshot

Art of Persuasion

By making evidence come to life, this entrepreneur ensures the whole truth gets told.

Triple Threat

Want to boost your consulting practice in the new year? Power up your sales and marketing programs by following 3 key steps.
Buyers Guide

Local Color

Brighten up your documents with a versatile, vivid color printer.

Gaga for Google?

Find out if Google's marriage of IM and VoIP is worthy of raves.
Digital Edge

It's a Small World

Keep all your essential data in the palm of your hand with today's breed of flash sticks and teeny, tiny hard drives.
Editors Picks

Editor's Pick 12/05

Our favorite tech gadgets and software to keep your business running smoothly

Gear 12/05

This new iPod Nano sets the bar for MP3 players.
Net Profits

Got Their Goat?

Your website might be annoying customers. Here's how to change that.
Net Profits

Get Your Clicks

Learn how to combat click fraud before it drains your ad budget.
Tech Buzz

Tech Buzz 12/05

Barter's back, new home networks and more
Tech Snapshot

Save the Date

An online calendar service is the next crusade for one serial software entrepreneur.

The Coast is Clear

Security software lets you know who's on the network.
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