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Inside the March 2006 Issue


Learning From the Best

Good: Learning best business practices by working for a legendary company. Better: Applying that knowledge to a business of your own.

After the Storm

Gulf Coast entrepreneurs put the pieces back together after Hurricane Katrina.


Almost Famous
With keen eyes for detail, these longtime friends have mastered the art of creating top-notch nightclubs and restaurants.
Biz Travel
Need a bed in the city that never sleeps? Here's where to go.
A simple equation can help boost your sales.
Forward Features
What a housing bubble could mean for your business
Forward Features
Buying software licenses just got a little less expensive.
Forward Features
Watch out for the new wave of computer snooping.
Forward Features
How some states are easing the health-insurance burden
Forward Features
Angel investing in early stage companies lags, but are investors latent or just late?
Forward Features
Products made of unexpected materials showcase creativity.
Forward Features
The trend in SMB hiring is pointing to long-term quality over short-term quantity.
Forward Features
Are tax incentives to attract businesses unconstitutional?
In business, imitation is more than a form of flattery.
Tip Sheet
Be the star of your next presentation with these tips for wowing your audience.
What exactly is the price of chatting while on the road?
Hot Trend
Entrepreneurs are turning environmental problems into opportunities.
Innovation Snapshot
A diamond manufacturer is crafting new uses for an age-old treasure.
Global Village
Don't get swindled by overseas customers.
Lead Snapshot
An entrepreneur learns coming back as CEO requires thinking about business in a new way.
When the corporation doesn't protect its owner
Smart Moves
When growing your business, you know you can't do it all on your own. But could you be outsourcing too much?
Staff Smarts
Is hiring an entrepreneurial-minded employee a big risk or a smart bet?
Dollar Signs
It's time to give your credit report its annual checkup. If you find any bugs, kill 'em fast to help keep your business nice and healthy.
Spice up your portfolio with a Latin American fund.
Protect employees from a health insurance loophole.
Money Snapshot
One entrepreneur is making his IPO really pop by advertising directly to his customers.
Raising Money
Negotiating a VC investment can be tricky. So does it pay to spell out your terms to potential investors from the get-go?
Rich Returns
Collecting for a good cause may be the sales training your company needs.
Tax Talk
New tax laws for 2006 could benefit your business.
Net Sales
Before they go, give your website visitors a reason to stay--or to come back later--with a well-timed exit pop-up.
Real Deal
Partnering up? Know what you're getting into first.
Retail Register
Turn your store into a sensory experience.
Sales Force
Use an elevator speech to captivate customers.
Sales Success
Are you ready to open the doors to a new industry? Here are some strategies for getting up to speed and winning sales.
Sell Snapshot
Want devoted customers? Don't just sell them a product--make an impact on their lives.
Whether it's a parade or a 10K run, make your event sponsorship dollars count for everyone involved by following these tips.
Biz 101
What's the wildest thing you've ever done to grab a client?
Biz 101
Showing great resilience, our young entrepreneur doesn't let unexpected obstacles derail her business plans.
Biz 101
Your startup can make customers smile if you let them design their own retail experiences.
Biz U
Always the first to spot a trend on campus? Now be the first to profit from it, too.
eBay Entrepreneur
Build your eBay business on a strong legal foundation to keep the bids coming.
Franchising gives freedom and clarity to a lifetime technophile.
Two Texans ask, "what's easy to make but delicious to eat?" and find an answer in a sandwich shop.
Smart Ideas
Comfortable gaming, dishes that cool food and more
Startup Features
Get moving with our ranking of the top 101 homebased franchises.
Startup Features
These weekend warriors launched successful businesses in their spare time. Find out how you can put your free hours to work, too.
Success Coach
Though your route may curve, you can still make your way to your goal.
Whats Your Problem
How you can use existing skills to start your own homebased business.
Buyers Guide
If you need to rev up your wi-fi now, a pre-n router could do the trick.
Take VoIP for a spin to find out if it's right for your company.
Digital Edge
If you're a Microsoft office junkie, this accounting program might be the all-in-one tool you need to bring your business's books in line.
Net Profits
When it comes to customer service on the web, think big.
Net Profits
A plan can help you keep your website running in a time of crisis.
Tech Snapshot
Turning cell phone screens into tiny TVs has become big business for this pair.
A new wireless standard is on the way, but when?
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