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Inside the July 2007 Issue


Perfect Match

Finding the right VC is a lot like dating-networking, friendly introductions and sheer luck all play a role. Discover how 3 entrepreneurs met their VCs and started lasting relationships that helped their businesses grow.


Almost Famous
A company's simple yet refined T-shirts are a perfect fit for customers in more than 20 countries.
Biz Travel
How to offset travel's toxic toll on the environment.
Next up? Finding out what'll be big before anyone else does.
Forward Feature
The empowerment zone program held lots of promise. So why didn't it deliver?
Forward Feature
Mixed martial arts gyms are where the action is.
Forward Feature
Look online for funding by the people, for the people.
Forward Feature
A child's imagination can make for a bright business idea.
Forward Feature
Online video can breathe new life into your business.
Forward Feature
How entrepreneurs are coping with the new postal rates.
Forward Feature
Is London the new Silicon Valley?
Eyeing a new truck? Here are some to make you swoon.
Wise Guy
If you want to get a VC's attention, you need to make a stronger statement than that. Here's how.
Global Village
Tighter security doesn't mean tougher trade.
Lead Buzz
That employee who came to work today in a bad mood could actually be a very good thing for your company.
Prevent liability hassles by eliminating hazards.
Smart Moves
Sure, hindsight is 20/20, but foresight could be, too. Here's how you can catch more business blunders before they happen.
Doing things the old-fashioned way keeps business booming for these card crafters.
Staff Smarts
Writing skills are vital for today's employees, but few have them.
Dollar Signs
Excess inventory can eat up your cash, so ditch the superfluous stock and use better management practices to keep your business booming.
Precious natural resources make this fund a real find.
Find out if you need coverage in case of a terrorist attack.
Money Buzz
Pick up your phone to pick up the tab.
Personal Finance
There's plenty of room in your portfolio for stocks--but to ride the wave of market volatility, diversify with bonds, too.
Raising Money
Choosing a bank with fewer lending limitations will keep you from hitting a credit roadblock when you need financing most.
Rich Returns
You may be passionate about your vision, but are your employees sold on it, too? Get them pumped about your company's mission.
Here's how one insurance company takes corporate philanthropy to the next level.
Tax Talk
Why you should steer clear of bogus corporate entities.
Purchasing another home has its perks. To make the most of them, get the facts before you buy.
Net Sales
To attract customers near and far, optimize your blog for search engines.
Real Deal
When making deals, it pays to mind your manners.
Retail Register
Loyalty programs remind customers to buy from you.
Sales Success
To make the sale, you need to do what's difficult.
Sell Buzz
Promote a charity and your business.
Sell Buzz
Want better results from your e-mail marketing, but don't know where to start?
Sell Buzz
Looking for ideas? Check out these three great marketing resources--which also happen to be free.
Devotion to the culture and lifestyle of her core audience keeps this action sports marketer on top of her game.
Create emotionally invested customers by injecting your unique personality into every aspect of your business.
Biz 101
You may be hoping for your big break--but can you actually handle it?
Biz 101
Widgets go mobile--with companies vying for a chunk of the change.
Biz U
Learn how to negotiate successfully with big companies--even if you're just starting out.
eBay Entrepreneur
Got questions? eBay's got answers. Here's where to find them.
Money Matters
An angel group could be your startup's savior.
Opening his franchise on a tight schedule wasn't easy, but Jim Solis was up to the challenge.
A staffing agency finds its niche pairing moms and others with jobs that match their schedules.
Smart Ideas
Where others saw nothing but desert, a couple looking to train divers saw an ocean of possibilities.
Smart Ideas
What began as a simple hip-hop site has grown into a million-dollar business.
Startup Features
The best part about starting small is that there's no limit to how far you can go. These entrepreneurs launched their businesses with less than $1,000, but now they're making millions--and so can you.
Success Coach
Break down barriers and achieve even your loftiest goals by creating a positive mindset.
Buyers Guide
Pick up one of these camcorders and join the digital video revolution.
Get cheek-to-cheek with low-cost, personal videoconferencing.
Digital Edge
Marrying maps to data is simple--and it can get your business moving.
Net Profits
Need a tool that will help you get a jump on market research and customer feedback? Look no further than online polls.
Net Profits
Free up your crucial resources by outsourcing fulfillment.
It's not just for computers anymore--these guys are bringing broadband to a TV near you.
Tech Buzz
Is number crunching crashing your computer?
Tech Buzz
Harness the power of social networking sites.
Tech Buzz
Before you dish out your dollars for an HDTV, consider its dual purpose.
VoIP is stepping out of the office and hitting the road.
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