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2008 Hot List

We've busted out the crystal ball to predict the hottest industries for the coming year.


Almost Famous

Global Scents

One woman turned a family business into an international sensation.
Business 411

Work It Out

Stay fit--even when you're glued to your desk--with these office workout resources.
Doing Good

Brand New

Here's one entrepreneur's cure for disease and suffering in Africa.
Edge Features

The Gossip Artist

Perez Hilton's life is a Cinderella story for the blogging age. In just three short years, the popularity of has skyrocketed.
Edge Features

In the Zone

Ask any athlete, and he or she will tell you that trying to duplicate a career-defining moment is almost impossible.
Edge Features

A New Dimension

This isn't your grandma's 3-D. Goofy glasses are not required--3-D web browsing and search is about viewing 2-D web pages and web images in a 3-D space where they can be layered and searched through.
Edge Features

And the Winners Are . . .

In a perfect world, business growth would be smooth, easy to manage and even easier to pay for. But in the real world, it's a frustrating, challenging, bumpy road littered with "if onlys" and "if we just hads."
Edge Features

Down to Earth

Ellyn Schoen sees obscene displays of wealth every day as founder of Baby J Catering, a New York City catering company that serves wealthy clients in Manhattan, the Hamptons and Greenwich, Connecticut.
Edge Features

In the Spotlight

While lying on the beach, many of us have thought about drinking a nice, cold beer, but most haven't gone as far as starting a beer company. That's where Rhonda Kallman is different.
Edge Features

Food Fetish

The trade publication Restaurant Finance Monitor reported more than 50 major equity investment deals from January 2006 to mid-2007, involving well-known brands such as Dunkin' Donuts, Outback Steakhouse and Sbarro.

The Business of Golf

Tips on improving your business golf game.

Sweet Spots

Make your golf event one to remember by hosting clients at one of these world-class courses.
Got You Covered

On Guard!

The day after his chemical company was burglarized, Don Anderson had an alarm system, new locks and extra lighting installed. He has not had a problem in the seven years since.

It Could Happen to You

Find out more about covering your bases with business travel insurance.

Luxury for Less

Buick is joining the club of luxury vehicle cars.

Landing the Loan

How some women are approaching bank loans.
Rich Returns

It'll Cost Ya

Why giving something away for free isn't such a good idea.

A Private Affair

The private equity club is now accepting members--and you don't have to make millions to join.

Mixed Signals

Are you saying one thing, while your face says otherwise?
Wise Guy

Mind Games

When your competitors try to rile you up, sanity is the best policy.

Mo' Money, No Problem

Learn the rules of borrowing for your business.

Deduction Junction

Don't let extra money slip between the cracks--plan now for next year's tax filing.
Money Buzz

Making Cents

Creating a local currency can help entrepreneurs drive sales.
Money Buzz

Investors, Next Right

The move toward privatized public infrastructure could mean a new investment avenue.
Money Buzz

In for a Penny, In for a Yen or a Euro

How to balance the risks of a declining dollar.

Death Trap Ahead

Death bonds may sound like a good investment--but are they?
Raising Money

Your Best Offering

Ready to tackle an IPO? Here's what you'll need to make all the right moves and avoid the wrong ones.

Credit for a Change

In the world of vending machines, plastic is the new silver.
Biz U

Going Glam

Learn what it really takes to start a glamorous business in college.

The Brighter Side

Transform a negative experience into a positive business idea.

Green Beginnings

Plant the green business seed early on and get it growing from the start.

Getting Intellectual

An idea can be your most valuable asset, but first you need to own it.

The Come-Back Kit

Repeat customers are the heart of your business. Here's how to reel them in.
Money Matters

Two's Company

If you're willing to put in the hours, maybe a partner will fork over the dough.
Net Profits

Widgets That Wow

These nifty tools add oomph to your website. The best part? They won't break your budget.

Lady in Waiting

Making the leap from employee to entrepreneur.

How Convenient

A little loyalty translates into a lifelong franchise relationship.
Smart Ideas

Think Inside the Box

After Hurricane Katrina, everything became clear for this entrepreneur.
Smart Ideas

Sky-High Sales

Here's how one entrepreneur took advertisements above and beyond.
Startup Features

Final Answer

Take the guesswork out of franchising with answers to these top 10 franchise questions--guaranteed to put you in the know.
Startup Features

Test Run

Your business idea may look good on paper, but how will it fare in the real world? Run a feasibility test and find out.
Success Coach

To Do or Not To Do

Getting a grip on your ever growing to-do list starts with self discipline.
Best Practices

Breaking the Fall

Is your industry in big trouble? Don't despair--just look for new ways to grow.

A Page Turner

Keep your trends hot and employees cool with these informative reads.

Get a Clue

Hit the conference circuit to learn the art of internet marketing.

Local Color

Hoping to go global? Make sure your business plan suits your destination.

Simply Irresistible

Follow these advertising dos and don'ts to draw customers in.

Some Like It Hot

5 secrets to never making another cold call

Their Own Beat

How do you run a business and a band? All it takes is a fresh approach.
Strategy Buzz

Babes in Cyberland

They might be small, but Generation We's got plenty of pull.
Strategy Buzz

What's In a Name?

As priorities shift, entrepreneurs are creating a new crop of top jobs at their companies.
Strategy Buzz

On the Up-and-Up

Both hiring and salaries continue to rise.
Work Force

Match Game

The crackdown on hiring illegal workers stalls.
Buyers Guide

All Talk

Telematics products keep you safely up to speed while driving.

Triple Threat

Take landline, VoIP and cellular calls without taking up much space on your desk.
Digital Edge

Who's #1?

The leading personal finance programs square off--and face new challengers.

One Shot Says It All

Cell phone cameras are getting in on the web search action.

Spin City

Now that these entrepreneurs have put a modern twist on the music industry, independent labels can stay in the game.
Tech Buzz

Maybe Next Time

If your business went bust, could you start all over again? They did.
Tech Buzz

Going Home

Spacious electronic storage isn't just for the office anymore.
Web Sight

Come Follow Me

Twitter your way to closer connections with business associates.

To the WiMAX

On the go or standing still, WiMAX moves your data fast.
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