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Inside the February 2008 Issue


Who Wants to Be a Billionaire?

Does your idea of success include more than 6 zeros? Entrepreneurs who have reached the pinnacle of financial success reveal how you can develop the "billionaire mind-set."


Almost Famous
With his plush word toys, one man discovered how to spell success.
Business 411
Leaving your business for a while? You need a game plan.
Doing Good
Lisa Knoppe Reed has a very unique work force. "They feel lucky to have a job, and I feel lucky to work with them," she says.
Edge Features
A look at how entrepreneurs affected the economy last year
Edge Features
Entrepreneurs' best advisors can be found close to home.
Edge Features
Packaging today needs style and substance. You've got to grab consumers' attention but also consider the impact your packaging has on the environment.
Edge Features
Here's why one entrepreneur hired on an HR person to take care of overtime pay.
Edge Features
Digital radio promises to revolutionize the world of broadcasting, exponentially increasing the number of stations and making radio a better advertising vehicle for entrepreneurs trying to reach small niche markets.
Edge Features
Not every book on your shelf needs to be about financial strategies and marketing campaigns. Here, the nonbusiness books that inspired successful entrepreneurs:
Security Alert
Your most valuable business asset may also be your most intangible one: data. Everything from customer credit card numbers to employee records to pricing information needs protection.
How travel websites are expanding out to small business owners.
The Cadillac CTS 2008 is a bold and practical ride.
How some women are working hard for the money.
How long could you survive without the internet?
In the race for global competitiveness, is the U.S. falling behind?
Rich Returns
For entrepreneurs who want to grow profits, here's some insight on what it takes to be the "-aire" up there.
As inflation threatens the economy, entrepreneurs look to protect their investments.
More and more companies are seeing the importance of partnerships--is it time for you to buddy up?
Wise Guy
Your company's blog could be one of your strongest marketing tools--so get talking.
Leasing may be the solution to grow your business quickly.
Need goods and services but low on cash? Make vendors part owners and share the rewards.
Money Buzz
2007 pays off for small-business IPOS. Can you expect the same in your future?
Recession worries? Look past the pot of gold and set your sights on commodities.
Raising Money
Shopping for a commercial real estate loan can be tricky. Here's what you need to stay balanced.
Success means nothing to these charitable entrepreneurs unless they're giving back.
Biz U
Can your business idea stand up to global competition?
Got a hot fitness idea? Before you get started, make sure you're fit for business.
Vendor relations are key to startup success. Here's how to hit it off.
Are you really ready to be an entrepreneur? The answer lies within.
Referral-based business is good business, so why not put it front and center?
Money Matters
How can you protect yourself and your assets from risk when securing a business loan?
Net Profits
Opportunities abound in online gaming.
These creative fitness businesses shaped up into franchises.
Smart Ideas
Here's how two entrepreneurs scratched their business itch.
Smart Ideas
Homemakers and tech gurus alike will get equal enjoyment out of this product.
Smart Ideas
Paul White developed a surgery system that cuts to the heart of the problem.
Startup Features
The fastest-growing franchises for 2008 are putting the pedal to the metal.
Startup Features
5 minutes are all you need to create a top-notch marketing plan--and get your business ready for success.
Success Coach
In business, your best asset is the power of you--so use it.
Best Practices
Being acquired can be a very good thing for your business.
These ground-breaking reads may change the way you do business.
Facebook could reap a bounty of benefits for your business. Should you join?
Small but strong, Singapore is ideal for American businesses looking East.
Marketing for a charitable cause can benefit your company, too.
How well can you sell? Very, if you develop your own way of doing it.
After hitting it big at home, Maribel Lieberman is making her mark across the pond.
Strategy Buzz
This business is racing to build team spirit by getting everyone involved in fun.
Strategy Buzz
Making your office greener is easier than you think. Take these 5 steps to clean up your act.
Work Force
Steer clear of trouble by making sure you pay men and women equally.
Buyers Guide
The latest in portable power
"Commputers" are coming to a hand near you.
Digital Edge
Entrepreneurs are starting to make tidy livings off their blogs.
Editors Pick
Help your images make a positive impression.
Demand for tablet PCs is going up. What are the latest features?
Thanks to these entrepreneurs, putting video online is quick and painless.
Tech Buzz
Pictures show the world you mean business, so be sure your camera is up to the task.
Tech Buzz
With CloudPrint, printing knows no bounds.
Tech Buzz
In its newest form, USB will be fitter and faster--and it'll get on great with its predecessors.
Web Sight
Your website is rich with user information.
You don't have to buy a phone that your cellular service provider carries.
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