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Business 411

The Big Show

L.A.'s the place to be this month for the latest in gifts and fashion.
Business 411

Keep in Touch

Yes, prospective customers really do want to hear from you--so follow up.
Business 411

Military & Aerospace Electronics Forum

Uncle Sam wants you -- or at least your product.
Business 411

Say What?

Keep tabs on the competition--and track your own reputation--with these resources.
Doing Good

Eco Tripping

Bruce Poon Tip has a basic motto for people interested in booking a vacation with his company: "If you want to travel and have all the comforts of home, I suggest you stay at home."
Doing Good

Money Blogs

If you're looking for funding, try browsing the blogosphere. A small but growing number of VC managers have blogs, which can help entrepreneurs easily research and connect with funders.
Edge Features

An Apple a Day . . .

Take time to give your business's health plan a checkup.
Edge Features

To the Extreme

Though extreme sports surfaced years ago with activities like skydiving and surfing, these nontraditional sports--typically involving high levels of speed, height and danger--have yet to reach NFL proportions.
Edge Features

Read All About It

Circulation numbers are down at many large daily newspapers. But if Norb Garrett's experience is any indication, the community newspaper niche offers good news for creative entrepreneurs.
Edge Features

Stick Together

For Gen Yers, birds of a feather truly do flock together. As the group migrates into the work force and baby boomers retire, more companies are seeing the benefits of hiring groups of Gen Y friends.
Moving On

What It's Worth

There are two ways to look at cost of living: from your viewpoint as a business owner or from the perspective of your employees. If you are relocating or expanding your operation, you need to take both into consideration.
Security Alert

Storage Smarts

Data retention can be a major gray area for growing businesses. Your data is your life-blood, whether it's employee information, customer payment numbers, internal files or the reams of e-mails you send and receive.

Bed, Breakfast and Business

Bed-and-breakfasts are well-known among the romantically inclined. But now their charm is reaching road warriors as well.

Luxury Ride

Land Rover's latest focuses on power and performance.

The Alpha Advantage

The latest buzz about alpha males has spawned workshops and books geared toward both women and men who want to become more "alpha" in business. How can being more alpha help female entrepreneurs?
Rich Returns

Keeping Tabs

Numbers that are tracked and reported are numbers that grow. How does your business measure up?

Lean on Me

Though tax liens won't get you rich quick, they can be a good investment option.

Truth Be Told

What's keeping you from moving to the web? This expert sets the record straight.
Wise Guy

Model Citizen

Here are 5 ways to be not just a better entrepreneur, but also a better person.

What's Yours Is Yours

You don't have to be Coke, McDonald's or Nike to borrow against your company's patents, trademarks or copyrights.

New Money

With traditional bank loans hard to come by, try these quick fixes to get your business the capital it needs.
Money Buzz

On the Hunt

Finding investors for your business is all about targeting the right people.

Escape the AMT Trap

The AMT is in limbo, but you don't have to be. Start planning now to avoid tax season surprises.
Raising Money

Loyalty Pays

Show investors you care, and they'll show you the money.

Energizing Profits

When it comes to maximizing the savings in energy-saving, Steve Gossett is on top of the trend--and he's making bank, too.
Biz U

A Head Start

Venture capital firms are taking a new interest in student-owned businesses.

Stick With It

Tenacity is the key to building business relationships--just don't come on too strong.

Got Money?

Cash is the lifeblood of your business. Here's how to keep it flowing.

Tool Time

You may have a brilliant invention, but it doesn't mean anything if you can't get it off the ground. These companies can help.

It's a Hit

Get customers psyched about your business by using all the web has to offer.
Money Matters

Making the Grade

Because an impressive fico score won't guarantee a loan, you'll have to balance out the equation.
Net Profits

Virtual Playground

Building a kidcentric online startup? Here's what you should know.

Balancing Act

The kids may keep them busy, but these franchisees make sure they're hands-on owners.
Smart Ideas

Rest Easy

Lesley Hatfield got her idea for moisture-wicking sleep garments after talking to a client.
Smart Ideas

Oh So Simple

Alan Regala, 30, was tired of forgetting to bring his lunch to work.
Smart Ideas

Start Your Engines

Ricky Dennis was born into the sport of auto racing, and now he's making money doing what he loves.
Startup Features

Get Sold on eBay

With hundreds of resources at your fingertips, starting a business on eBay is as easy as point and click.
Startup Features

New Wave

The top new franchises for 2008 are making a splash.
Success Coach

Looking Back

Your most powerful business tool is the ability to learn from your mistakes.
Best Practices

Do Something!

Frazzled employees are no good for business. Stop their stress before it starts.

'Billions' and 'Breakthrough'

This month's book selections take a look at business in the Far East and businesses that hit it big without venture capital.

Local Motion

Whether they're web hits or phone calls, leads are going local with Yodle.

Around the World

To expand your presence, get together--through a consortium.

Go for the Green

Check out these 4 essential tips for turning green marketing into gold.

That's the Spirit

When the going gets tough, the tough keep selling. Here's how to stay in the right frame of mind.

Top This

Blending her passions for adventure and business, Alison Levine helps clients scale new heights.
Strategy Buzz

Make a Wish List

American Express can get customers clamoring for your products.
Work Force

More Than Able

Need new hires? Tap into the motivated, loyal pool of disabled workers.
Buyers Guide

Just Following Directions

The latest GPS devices take the guesswork out of getting anywhere.

What's the Outlook?

Microsoft wants to help you reach out and touch someone.
Digital Edge

Googly Eyed

Prepare to fall hard for a Google-based OS--and the computers that run on it.
Editors Pick

What's the Skinny?

A machine that's light but loaded with features.

Play Your Way

It's all just a game with this laptop designed for the player in you.

Ready, Set, Charge!

Tips, tricks and green gadgets for juicing up your mobile technology.
Tech Buzz

The New Guard

High-tech heavyweights may reign supreme, but some newbies have their eyes on the throne.
Web Sight

Get Them Talking

Tired of trying to round up new customers on your own? Go online and start yelping for referrals.

You're Grounded

Landline phones are taking flight with a host of slick new features.
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