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Inside the July 2008 Issue


Get Creative

Ignite your team's innovative spark--and watch fresh ideas power your business to new heights.


Almost Famous
This clothing entrepreneur wears his heart--and his art--on his sleeve.
Doing Good
By spurring change, Tom Kemper made himself a nice chunk of it.
Edge Features
Read up on the other people and trends of the small biz world.
Edge Features
Feeling patriotic this Fourth of July? Follow the lead of these four entrepreneurs who've built businesses that help soldiers overseas and let the troops know how much they're appreciated.
Edge Features
They struck it rich, and now they want to help your company do the same.
Edge Features
Making a difference while you make a buck? Prove it.
Moving On
If you're on the move, don't forget to consider tax rates.
The 2009 FX is Infiniti's most elegant crossover yet.
Power lunches aren't just for the guys anymore.
Rich Returns
Standing out in the crowd is key to building your brand, but knowing when to say no to growth is equally important.
The agricultural sector is growing fast--is it time for you to cash in on the crop?
Story telling isn't just for bedtime. It's vital to enticing investors, encouraging employees and convincing customers.
Wise Guy
Creating buzz for your business means having a great product. Creating that great product, however, is an art.
Is your bank folding up the credit tents? Don't panic.
The private investment in public equity market is booming. Hold out for the right terms and your business could be, too.
Money Buzz
When IPO plans flop, companies in need of capital find new ways to make financing work.
Raising Money
When times are tough, look to nonbank lenders for venture debt.
Biz U
Lessons learned, collegiates help high schoolers ace campus life.
Work the social networking scene to get the most out of your online presence.
In the $18 billion video game industry, independent developers are teaming up with the big boys.
Get your monthly dose of inspiration with these startup success stories.
Money Matters
No budget for an advisory board? It's ok--some will work for stakes.
Net Profits
This site builds a community on product recommendations.
Smart Ideas
Be in the know about the next big thing.
Startup Features
While most people their age were still finding their way in life, these franchisors were living their dreams.
Success Coach
How to keep your mind focused in the midst of multiple demands.
Best Practices
Make sure you're fully prepared for when disaster strikes.
If at first they don't respond, send, send again.
When your company goes global, its blog should, too.
These 8 tired words will turn customers off instead of drawing them in.
Don't wait for luck to come your way--create it now with these 4 steps.
Tips and trends to keep you and your business on the forefront.
Work Force
Getting hourly employees to stick around doesn't have to be a challenge.
Buyers Guide
Pack some power with these handy USB gadgets.
Digital Edge
The new dashboard that'll help you steer your business.
If you've got business to take care of on the go, why don't you just say so?
Get the rest of your tech fix here.
Tech Buzz
A grass-roots wireless network is flourishing in San Francisco. How was it built?
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