Inside the July 2009 Issue
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Surfing's Next Safari

Firewire shapes a new generation of surfers.

Running the Franchise Numbers

Are you ready to be a multi-unit franchise owner?

What Are You Afraid Of?

Our experts deconstruct your worst nightmares and show you how to deal.

Homelessness, Hair Care and 12,000 Bottles of Tequila

How John Paul DeJoria became a billionaire

Ramp Up Marketing in a Downturn

5 ways to save money and still get your message heard.

Pay Me!

How to get the money you're owned when no one seems to have any


Doing Good

Sharing the Micro Wealth connects people making microloans to entrepreneurs around the world.
Employee X

The Superfluous Position

Make sure every title has a necessary and definable role.
Financial Fitness

Are You Loan Worthy?

Just because the economy has dried up some sources of funding doesn't mean there aren't alternatives.
Financial Fitness

Real Estate's New Reality

For patient investors there's income to be found.
Franchise Ink

Culture, Community and Chicken Fingers

How Raising Cane's Chicken Fingers is controlling growth and protecting its legacy

Fashion Forward--Frugally

The youngest Plato's Closet owner in the company's history shares her thoughts on feeding a franchise, managing the economy and being the boss
Sales Talk

You Can't Beat Habit

Learning how to alter customers' routines likely means making significant changes to your own.
Straight Talk

You Can Rebuild It

Sometimes you just have to melt down and start over.
VC Insider

In the Know?

The inside scoop on what should and shouldn't be shared with your VC.
Going Forward

The Business Owner's Flight Plan

Author Greg Rosner interrupts his trip to Hong Kong to share insight on the stages of an average business trip.
Going Forward

5 (More) Great Books on Entrepreneurship

Once you've read the first 100, check out these other works of entrepreneuial wisdom.
Going Forward

Will Business be Stimulated?

A panel of experts make predictions about the impact of the American Recovery and Reinvestment act of 2009.
Going Forward

If It's Broke, Decorate It

This entrepreneur fell off her bike and into a successful business.

Community Banks to the Rescue

Community banks are making a play for a bigger share of the market.

How Veterans Can Find Funds

The SBA has launched several programs geared at helping vets open up shop.
Start It Up

Innovation for Things We Carry

How bondage and punk rock inspired a new way of accessorizing.
Start It Up

Why Budgets Matter

Even startups need to forecast and plan--especially now.
Start It Up

Looking Fly on the Cheap

Here are some surefire methods for polishing your college startup's appearance.
Start It Up

The Perfect Formula to Build Your Brand

Product + Expert + Promise = Brand

Welcome to the Neighborhood

Palm's new Pre represents the first real challenge to the iPhone's throne.

What Can VoIP Do?

Plus, how to find the best broadband service

Beware the Mobile Rogue

Your employees could be toting around with sensitive company info.

Why Events are Going Virtual

As companies continue to costs, trade shows are becoming an expendable expense.

You Are What They Click

Picking the right website designer is the first step to defining your business online.
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