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Inside the May 2010 Issue


On the Nose

When Fabrice Penot pitched Le Labo--a fragrance company built on perfumes and no hype--investors laughed. Now with stores around the globe and millions in annual sales, Penot is the one who's smiling.

Recession? What Recession?

How three companies beat the odds and made 2009 a very good year

They're No. 1

Best burger? Best business coach? Best pet store?

The 500-Calorie Smackdown

Two restaurants. Two menus. Two plans for major national expansion during roughly the same time frame. Let the food fight begin.

Building a Brand on a Budget

To elevate their digital profiles and carve out entrepreneurial niches, more businesses are turning to social media and other free digital marketing alternatives.

How to Negotiate a Lease

It's a buyer's market for commercial space, and landlords are offering huge concessions to new tenants--but you won't get a nickel unless you know what to ask for.


Which airline gives you a discount fare--and impeccable service? What hotel chain offers high style at half the price? Read on for Entrepreneur's Annual Value Award winners.
Entrepreneur scoured the country and identified 15 hotels that go the distance--and beyond--for business travelers. And one hotel that tops them all
Biz travelers never had it better. So why are they still so cranky?
10 of the best Twitter feeds to follow for the latest in travel deals, news, advice and entertainment
The best travel sites give you great deals, accurate glimpses of your destination and warnings about the inevitable glitches you'll encounter along the way.
Expect bumps, delays and, eventually, smoother takeoffs.
Doing Good
A rescued bookstore provides a training ground for people with autism.
Editors Note
Figuring out where to save and how to bootstrap can mean the difference between the sweet smell of success and the bitter whiff of defeat.
Franchise Ink
Meet the entrepreneurial nurse who found opportunity on the end of a needle.
Andy Carlson left a cushy corporate life to open an Ace hardware--then transformed the store into a magnet for hip urbanites.
Personal Finance
When it comes to sinking your money into the art market, caution is critical.
The new Bring TIM! meeting cost calculator is making the world more efficient, one office at a time.
How five intrepid travelers escape jet lag
Ask a Pro
Trusting your instincts means trusting yourself.
Business Unusual
Creepy and Eerie, the graphic 1960s horror comic books, were deader than dead--until the Braun twins came along.
The new lingo you need to communicate in our ever-changing small-business world.
Ignoring escheatment laws could leave your business open to liability.
Beware the pitfalls of convenience when it comes to conducting transactions via the web.
Whos Getting VC Now
A company that analyzes driver behavior gets millions in investment to help it travel further.
College Startups
Figure out what's bugging your classmates and you just might discover a business idea.
Finance for Startups
Factoring--an expensive way to get cash fast--is on the rise. But before you take the money, take a hard look at the deal.
Plan B
One entrepreneur's plan to publish parking guides detours to success when she leverages existing assets.
Strokes of Genius
Five brilliant ideas, from a notepad you can use in the shower to a customizable wine-bottle label
Wacky Ideas That Just Might Fly
Matt Moman had fake limes, actual beer and a flash of inspiration.
App of the Month
The Multi-Educator's Formulator Series is a collection of apps aimed at professionals in the architecture, electrical, waste management, building, engineer, HVAC and real estate segments.
Skip the built-in microphones to get better audio quality.
Alternatives to traditional battery chargers can make technology even more freeing.
Cant Live With It, Cant Live Without It
The online customer relationship management tool is simultaneously scorned for its complexity and heralded for its performance. Here's a view from both sides.
Mobile Entrepreneur
The Omni Group turns its attention to business apps for Apple's new device.
Mobile Entrepreneur
Where barcode scanning fits in a small-business sales strategy
Shiny Object of the Month
The pocket-sized MPro150 projector from 3M makes it possible to produce pitches on the go.
Must-add tweeps to any business owner's Twitter feed
Marchex helps small businesses track and elevate their social media profiles.
Build a Website
Seven reasons to avoid using Flash on your website
Website to Watch
A site that teaches people new to the job front not to sweat the tech
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