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Inside the November 2010 Issue


The Game Changer: Digital Chocolate's Trip Hawkins

The last time this entrepreneur matched up against an industry giant, things didn't end so well. But it wasn't game over.

A Wiser Use of Space: How to Set Up Your Home Office

Part Two of a three-part series on home offices: Tips for choosing an optimal spot and staying organized.

Four Wheels and Style to Burn

A new fleet of entrepreneurs are creating their own spin on the food-truck model some with seriously cool mobile retail.

The Future-Proof Entrepreneur: 25 New Tech Trends

These technology developments and trends will transform how your business does business.

Exile From Wall Street: From Finance to Franchisee

More than 500,000 workers have left the financial sector since the recession began. Many of them became franchisees.

Bargain Hunting

From cruising to carpet cleaning, you'll find plenty of opportunities on our list of the Top 100 Low-Cost Franchises.

The Smartphone Gets Smarter: Mobile Apps for Entrepreneurs

The deluge of mobile applications -- some genius, some garbage and some just plain goofy -- continues.

Tick, Tick. . . Boom: Time-Management Tips for Entrepreneurs

Time urgency is the enemy of good work and good health. No matter how out of control you feel, you can tame the beast.


Doing Good
Two entrepreneurs help tackle the clean-water crisis in impoverished communities around the world.
Editors Note
Why social gaming matters to your business.
Franchise Ink
Jason Earle--and his mold-sniffing dog squad--are on a crusade to ferret out fungi.
Social media helps local businesses better engage customers and boost revenue. Here's how to make it do the same for yours.
Siler Chapman picked up a ball of dough and found fame, fortune and franchising.
Your Money
When it comes to credit card offers, you need to know a few things before accepting.
CEO Dick Glover follows a healthy mix of comedy, tech, business and sports feeds.
A new business travel seminar teaches you how to fly first class for an economy fare.
Ask a Pro
To create an environment for happy and engaged employees, you'll have to take the lead at the top.
Business Unusual
Scratch-and-sniff wallpaper is just the beginning for Jon Sherman's fantastically eccentric company, Flavor Paper.
That JetBlue guy did it--you probably shouldn't follow suit, though
Managing financial issues can take a toll on owners. Know when to turn to a pro.
Rates for business credit cards are still high. Here are ways to knock them down.
Who Is Getting VC
An online effort to connect farmers with consumers trying to buy local gets a million-dollar VC infusion.
College Startups
Hate standing in line? So did two Babson College roommates -- until they built a business on how to avoid them.
Finance for Startups
Here's a secret: Bankers don't actually read financial statements -- at least, not at first. Here's what they do look at.
Wacky Ideas That Just Might Fly
When Americans went crazy over pet chickens, one entrepreneur seized the inevitable opportunity.
Five things to keep in mind when assessing free alternatives to Microsoft
Cant Live With Cant Live Without
Videoconferencing is more popular than ever, thanks to the ubiquity of broadband and increased acceptance of remote working.
Mobile Tech
Snapfinger's location-based menu app gives independent restaurants a seat at the table with national chains.
Mobile Tech
These Bluetooth-enabled keyboards will ease the pain of typing on your smartphone.
Shiny Object of the Month
The Loop pointer lets you control your computer without the constraints of wires or surfaces. Time to get animated.
Trada aims to make broader online marketing capabilities more accessible--and affordable--to any size business
Build a Website
Developing a website prototype with a wireframe tool will get you and your designer closer to what you envision.
Website to Watch
Milo bridges online and in-store selling with a site that lets consumers search for products offered by local merchants.
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