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Change: Lessons on What's Next

Entrepreneur explores the innovation behind three companies -- Foursquare, Square and Zappos.

Tearing Down the Walls

How social media is changing everything about the way we do business.

The Disrupters: Forces Driving Change in 2011

From crowdsourced shopping to mancessories to new ways to get green: The 10 trends that will define opportunity next year.

Open for Business: Designing a Home Office for Clients

The final installment of a three-part series on home offices: welcoming visitors.

The New Watering Hole

Forget about bellying up to the hotel bar. Wine country may be just outside your door. Cheers!

10 Steps to Small-Business Success in 2011

Try these forward-thinking strategies to improve your business now.

Here's the Rub

Expensive day spas are being pummeled by the recession, but franchised spas and massage centers are growing fast.

Top Ten Franchising Trends for 2011

From pets to moving and storage services, the top 10 franchise industries you should know about.


Editor's Note

The Fill-in-the-Blank Economy

Some call it the entrepreneur economy, some the engagement economy. Whatever you call it, 2010 was a topsy-turvy year.
Franchise Ink

An Insouciant Little Franchise

How one wine lover turned his passion into a chain of storefronts where anyone can play vintner.

Many Roads Lead to Leads

Engaging and acquiring customers is no longer as simple as using direct mail.

The New Attention Deficit

Exit the inbox, turn off the screen and silence the ringer. Machines are robbing you of your ability to focus.


When Dawn Costanzo went from undercover cop to home-care provider, the first life she changed was her own.
Your Money

Audit Avoidance

Proper preparation and documentation can help you stay below the radar of IRS auditors.

Masters of the Tweet

With more than 19,000 followers, Ben Parr is a social media pro. So, who does he follow?

Meet Your Mentor

A new online matchmaker offers to connect small-business owners with volunteer advisors.
Ask a Pro

Good to Go

Recessions come and go, but that shouldn't stop you from hiring or expanding.
Business Unusual

A Fish Story

How one mammal spawned an entire industry

Jargon: Thumb Tribe

Dexterous individuals who text better (and faster) than they talk.
Who's Getting VC?

Prevention for the People

A social network that promotes healthier living through group support and motivation attracts a $5 million VC investment.

The Mob Scene

How can crowdsourcing work for your business? A look at some online resources that stand out from the crowd.
Build a Website

The Inside Scoop

Save time and money on your next website by first answering the who, what, when, where and why of your project.
Website to Watch

Organized Chaos

Gist offers business users the chance to find a new social media order.
Back Page

While You Were Out

Now that the office has gone mobile, there are some things we won't miss at all.
College Startups

The No-Exit Strategy

Sure, Duke Chung was tempted by a buyout offer. But he knew that he was worth much more. (He was right.)
Finance for Startups

High-Stakes Game

Sidestepping the traps of equity fund-raising
Wacky Ideas That Just Might Fly

The PedalPub

It sounds like the wackiest idea ever: A bar on wheels powered by brew-pounding pedalers.

Setting Sale on Smartphones

This mobile storefront solution ushers small-business owners into the growing world of 'm-commerce.'

3.0 Has Your Back

The newest version of the USB standard takes the pace of business data management and backup to a whole new level.
Can't Live With / Can't Live Without

Analyze This

Omniture, a website analytics tool, has legions of fans who use it to understand user behavior metrics and site stats.
Mobile Tech

Time to Run

Mobile apps that'll track your billable hours.
Shiny Object of the Month

Fire in the Berry

The BlackBerry Torch lights up the smartphone showdown with a functionality that's all business.
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