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Inside the July 2011 Issue


The Best Business Bars

Our writers barhopped far and wide to search out the nation's top spots for throwing one back in the name of business.

How to Open a Coffee Bar

Consider these essentials to help make your caffeinated dreams come true. Plus, a list of the leading coffee franchises.

A Veteran of Franchising

Lonnie Helgerson has headed up Ident-A-Kid, Expetec and Computer Doctor, but he's also a veteran of the U.S. Army. Helgerson's latest company combines his knowledge of both worlds.

The Coffee Connoisseur

This innovator elevated coffee to a level of appreciation on par with gourmet food and fine wine. An inside look at how the company helped launch a culture of coffee aficionados.

Gourmet Coffee Bars: A Caffeine-Fueled Comparison

We look at some of the more notable coffee shops around the U.S.

Creating Business Over Coffee

The Summit SF is helping entrepreneurs brew the next big idea.

Business and a Beer

Food, brew and wisdom: We assembled a diverse group of entrepreneurs to talk about recipes for success.

Signs of Life

A look at some of the more hopeful signals from the world of commercial lending, community banks, credit unions and venture backers

From Paycheck to Pay Dirt

First-time business owners starting a venture in unfamiliar waters face a special set of challenges. Here are three who tackled them with success.

All the Right Moves

These franchisees packed up their homes and their previous careers to pursue small-business success in new cities

Incentives Abound

Veterans have myriad opportunities for franchise success--often at special rates. Here's a look at some of the best options.


The back-of-the-napkin business plan is not just a myth. Here are just a few examples of business ideas that took shape over drinks.
The leader's guide to winning bar happy-hour trivia contests.
This popular dive bar in Manhattan attracts its share of venture investors scouting startup talent.
Our writers barhopped far and wide to search out the nation's top spots for throwing one back in the name of business.
Doing Good
When his first idea doesn't hold water, an entrepreneur turns to gum -- and a philanthropic business model.
Editor's Note
Entrepreneur Magazine's editor-in-chief on outside-the-office meeting places.
Franchise Ink
After conquering gourmet ice cream and Southwestern cuisine, three franchise veterans kick off their shoes and get into sandals.
Lead Gen
What do you get when you combine the daily discount model with the urge of the impulse purchase? Merchants hope the answer is instant customers.
Most marketers put the focus on their product. Try flipping that around and showing your customers how they can be successful.
Two sisters and their retired mom team up to nurture a neglected franchise that sells used clothing for kids.
All Up In Your Business
Easy and broad digital access has made everyone a content creator. Make sure you know how to behave online.
Everyone has to deliver unwelcome information at some point. Here's one expert's take on a better way to do it.
Ask a Pro
Buying or selling a company? Learn how to avoid the most common mistakes in these business transactions.
Business Unusual
How one beer lover tanked his career in favor of teaching people about his beverage of choice
A tweet designed to discredit you and damage the reputation of your business.
Your Money
You don't want to be rich. You want to be happy. The question is, can money buy happiness? Turns out it can--to an extent.
Build a Website
Here are a few ways to check the effectiveness of online business generation by developing a lead-scoring model.
Website to Watch
This social network says it's more than just 'Groupon for nightlife.'
Finance for Startups
Gary Hicks, president and CEO of, describes how he secured financing from a credit union to launch his job-hunting site.
As mobile data plans move to a pay-per-use model, you and your business will have to learn to work around them.
Can't Live With / Can't Live Without
The Samsung Galaxy Tab is one of the first real credible tablet challengers to Apple's iPad. But are its more limited apps a hindrance or an advantage?
Ask A Geek
Many small-business owners want the flexibility of hosted voice-over-IP but not the lack of reliability and call quality. We asked a tech geek: Is there a way to get both?
Shiny Object of the Month
The Officejet 100 is a printer that you can check into your luggage and can either plug into a wall outlet or run off a battery.
Mobile Tech
How digital commerce platform Shopify helped Angry Birds creator Rovio Mobile spread its wings into licensed merchandise sales.
Moontoast's digital platform helps affinity brands like Nashville's Arts Company translate Facebook fan fervor into online revenue.
The staff of Esquire put away plenty of drinks at the bar in the San Domenico--and the bartender became their (somewhat) silent partner.
This Louisville, Ky., hotel bar can be a great place for horse trading of all types.
This Las Vegas venue is one of the more glitzy places in Tinsel Town to toast a business victory.
This Portland, Ore., nightspot is an island of modernity in the city's retro hipster Pearl District.
This East Nashville stop is dark and takes mixology seriously.
This Seattle bar can be a great place to power through emails.
This Boston brasserie has a private dining room favored by liquor-industry insiders, among other members of the city's business elite.
The owner and bartender has an M.B.A. and intel on business locals in San Francisco. Try his award-winning Bloody Mary.
This Santa Monica, Calif., hangout offers the kind of soft lighting and easy-on-the-wallet happy hour that can appeal to Gen-X startup founders.
The serial entrepreneur and mixologist serves up solid business advice at his Dallas establishment.
This LEED-certified converted warehouse in Brooklyn, N.Y., just might inspire your own eco-business idea.
Who Has VC
This Austin company can turn almost anyone into a game developer.
Wacky Ideas That Just Might Fly
Fed up with traveling for business? Anybot's 'personal avatar' can help.
College Startups
Following $3 billion in transactions for 20,000 companies can take 3 billion keystrokes across 20,000 spreadsheets--or, with inDinero, just a few clicks
Snap-on Tools franchisee Greg Welch puts training into action.
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