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100 Brilliant Companies

Entrepreneur's annual look at the brightest ideas, the hottest industries and the most insightful innovators

The Good Sir Richard

Richard Branson built his Virgin Group empire attacking niches dominated by legacy companies. Now he's extending his entrepreneurial philosophies to a new market that's out of this world.

Blinding Them With Science

The boot-strapped production company finds its niche in wild spectacles.

Trip of a Lifetime

A look at zozi's online platform that creates short adventure trips not available elsewhere.

The Big Cheese

How popular sandwich chain At the Melt is using smartphones, QR codes and kiosks to build a brand.

Fill in the Blanks

The Menlo Park, Calif.-based company is using technology to help healthcare providers create more appealing questionnaires.

Comic Relief

How SmarterComics is graphically translating non-fiction books for byte-size appeal.

Eye on the Ball

A startup that invented the world's first smartphone-controlled ball and that's just the beginning.

Star Power

How Myspace veteran Josh Berman and serial entrepreneur Diego Berdakin are using personal recommendations for exclusive merchandise by celebrity design partners.

Browsing with Friends

How the startup gained a new generation of users for its cloud-based web browser.

Voice of a Generation

App sees explosive growth for it's music-recognition service based on simple spoken searches, and even humming.

Beyond the Handshake

Having a business partner can be invaluable. Having the wrong--or no--partnership agreements can be disastrous.

On the Same Page

The franchise world has finally embraced social media. A look at the new services and policies helping the franchise systems work together, plus three tips to build a social fan base.


Your Money

Tomorrow's Money -- Today

Do you dream of retiring early? You'd better get started now.
Ask A Geek

Surge Protector

A look at how content-delivery networks can help small-business owners.
Editor's Note

Backward Logic

What lies between genius and madness? Brilliance. And Branson.
Business Unusual

The Boom-boom Tycoon

The entrepreneur behind this unconventional attraction went all the way.
Ask the Esquire Guy

We're Better Together

The Esquire guy on who to share ideas with, how to get started and a way to figure out who should get the credit.
The Suitcase Entrepreneur

Back on Track

You can't just pick up right where you left off after a trip. Here's to better returns.
Ask a Pro

You Can't Fight Nature

Companies tend to be predisposed toward sales or technology, but rarely both. Still, you can make the most of your company's DNA.
All Up In Your Business

The Second Coming

Got a new spin on an old idea? Ditch the buzzspeak and use plain language to rise above the competition.

Jargon: E-hole

A client, employee, co-worker, etc., who addresses workplace issues through passive-aggressive e-mails or who steals thunder through e-mails.
Shiny Objects

Mobile Support

Need backup? The smartphone is your new personal assistant.
The Online Trep

Making Beautiful Music

The Band of the Day daily music-discovery magazine app lets musicians be seen and heard.
Mobile Tech

Take the Money and Run

Vitaband gives exercisers a comfortable alternative to carrying cash or cards
Website to Watch

The Price Is Right

Priceonomics scours the web for the best prices to create an objective guide for consumers,
The Fix

Dust Off Your Urban Sombrero

How the J. Peterman Company was reborn as a globe-trotter's resource on the web.

The Fender-bender Mender

BodyShopBids clears the confusion around disparate car-repair quotes

Hot Topics

Adagio Teas integrates customer feedback into its product development as well as other aspects of its business.
Lead Gen

The Talk of the Town

These tips will get your local business the online attention it deserves.
Doing Good

He's Having His Sway

A startup that works with environmental nonprofits and makes sustainable practices a critical component of success.
Who Has VC

Multimillion-dollar Baby

A look at how the startup is using technology to draw attention to independent films -- and who is funding the concept.

Sealing the Deal-Seekers

How to turn daily coupon users into repeat (full-price) customers

How Investors Read Between the Lines

Don't hide behind jargon. Seasoned investors know B.S. when they hear it.

Mix Masters

uFlavor is banking on personalization as the next big thing in the beverage industry.
Startup Finance

Thanks in Advance

Selling subscriptions during the development phase allowed the company to pay the rent, and what you can learn from it.
College Startup

Success in a Flash

How Flash Pals is gaining traction with its fuzzy animal-themed storage devices.

Lessons in Learning

Tutorspree links students with the help they need—online

Strength in Numbers

Don't just hang up a single sign--build an empire. Here's how one franchisee did it.
Franchise Ink

The Melting Pot Lives Up to Its Name

Fondue franchise broadens its reach to new communities to expand its corporate office and franchisees.

Back in the Trenches

This franchise founder bounced back from hardships the first time around and found success at his own speed.
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