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Indie Uprising

As game play shifts from the console to the smartphone, the balance of power has tipped in favor of upstarts like Bolt Creative and Imangi Studios.

Save the Planet, Save Your Bottom Line

Tips from the Green Business Bureau on saving the planet and your bottom line.

Scary Business

Psychologist Linda Sapadin presents an action plan for addressing your fears.

No Pain, All Gain

An entrepreneurial doc sets aside her own jitters to help quell the fears of others


Some green improvements may not be worth the trouble or expense. Here's how to determine which changes will provide the greatest return on investment for your company.


Chartboost is helping developers drive adoption--and revenue--by harnessing the collective power of mobile gaming.

Built to Flip

Creating a business with the intent to sell demands forward-looking thinking from the very beginning.

How Can I Come Up With a Name for My Company?

Scott Gerber, founder and chief executive of Sizzle It! and the Young Entrepreneur Council, on how to decide on a name for your business.

Overcoming the Fear Factor

The business world can be a frightening place. But entrepreneurs need to learn to face down their fears if they want to keep their enterprises moving forward.


Doing Good

Outdoor Attractions

Consider 'out-of-home' ads to connect with locals.
Doing Good

Good Sport

A PGA player tees off to improve Native American health.
Editor's Note

Speed Bumps

Fear is a natural part of entrepreneurship--we'll look into how to make it drive you.
Franchise Ink

Garden Party

The gro-O franchise brings home the green.
Lead Gen

In Video Veritas

There is no surefire formula to get your video to go viral. But here are a few tips to get people watching.
Your Money

More Green in Your Wallet

It's not just for do-gooders--sustainability saves money, too.

Collective Reasoning

Going it alone isn't the best route for all business owners. Cooperative corporations offer an alternative to franchising, with members working together to decide how their company should operate.

Affordable Alternatives

There's a low-cost franchise to suit any taste

Franchise Profile: Just Between Friends

Just Between Friends clothing store franchise grows from filling needs for family and friends.
Business Unusual

Old-World Charm

Philip Nappi discovers that his passion of footwear runs in the family.
Design It

Packaging Stimulus

As the market for your product evolves, the way it's packaged may need to change, too

Jargon: Dining Al Desco

Eating at one's desk in order to keep working.
The Suitcase Entrepreneur

Look at the Bright Side

From baggage fees to TSA restrictions, a look on what's on the horizon for business travel, and how to make it better.

A Bit of Help for Mom and Pop

A spin on crowdfunding, Smallknot, asks customers to support local businesses.
Ask the Money Guy

Profit Killers

The most unexpected areas of overspending for a small and growing business.

Law and Order

Messy legal issues can derail a new business. It's best to keep it clean from the start.
College Startup

Cold, Hard Cash

KegSkins banishes the biggest party foul -- warm beer.
Startup Finance

Crowd Control

Companies are lining up to help 'treps navigate new crowdfunding laws. Here's one to watch.
Wacky Idea

Going Against the Grain

Woodworkers carve out a niche with an offbeat, high-end product.
Ask A Geek

Now You're Speaking My Language

What to consider when creating multilingual websites to attract international customers.
Mobile Tech

Free For a Day

An iPhone app for currency conversion got a ranking boost.
Ask a Pro

Animal Magnetism

Lessons from a CEO who worked his way up through the ranks.
All Up In Your Business

Shed Some Weight

Why you should choose peace of mind over revenue and cut ties with bad clients.
Shiny Objects

Dream Machines

Today's all-in-one desktop computers mix cutting-edge tech, svelte style and gorgeous displays.
Website to Watch

Lesson Learned

Classtivity brings the online booking model to recreation.
The Online Trep

'It' Bags

Thoughtful web marketing drives an artisanal business.
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