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When Sharks Attack!

Get inside the mind's of the business and investment experts at the heart of ABC's powerhouse entrepreneurship show Shark Tank, as they dish on what it takes to make it in the world of business.

Sinking Their Teeth In

From cat cartoons to lip balm for couples, the sharks look back that some of their best (and worst) investments.

The Biggest Trends in Business for 2013

Our look at new directions in business and how they will affect you in the coming year -- and beyond.

Playing to Win

Business-plan competitions can yield more than seed money for your bright idea -- they can also connect you with mentors, collaborators and investors.

Gaining Traction

Even among the seemingly endless variety of franchises, patterns emerge. Here are some macro trends that will be driving franchising this year.

What's the Latest?

We predict the top franchise categories for the coming year


All Up In Your Business

5 Ways to Find Hidden Savings on Shipping

From creative strategies for returns to warehouse locations, you can find new ways to reduce shipping expenses.
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End Notes

Take note of the wisdom offered up by these innovators, raconteurs and candid observers, and apply it to your own work going forward.
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The Innovators: deviantART's Angelo Sotira

The co-founder and chief executive of the online artist community talks about building a 14 million member social network.
Doing Good

Clothing With Conscience

The online recommendation engine and shopping site directs shoppers to "stylish, eco-friendly and ethical" alternatives for men's and women's apparel and accessories.
Editor's Note

Inching Forward

Editor Amy Cosper's Note from the December 2012 issue.
Franchise Ink

Roll It Your Way

Jeremy Umland came up with a quick-serve sushi concept: Customers design their own rolls at the counter, then a kitchen full of automated machines helps cooks prepare them for takeout in just minutes.
Lead Gen

Visual Aids

We answer all your burning questions about infographics and give you seven resources for creating your own.

Smooth Landing

After John Grassia and David Smith lost their jobs as pilots, they bought an Express Oil Change franchise to supplement their incomes.

Star Power

Targeted marketing and persistence make for a powerful combo on the endorsement front.
All Up In Your Business

Acquiring Minds

Defy convention and employ these unconventional methods for connecting with new customers.
Ask a Pro

Your Wish Is My Command

The majority of companies don't know which of their products and services are most valued by the people who pay for them -- here's how to get it right.
Ask the Esquire Guy

How to Behave at Your Office Holiday Party

The Esquire guy shares his do's and don'ts for your company's annual holiday party.
Business Unusual

Well-oiled Machine

Chris Anderson, founder of Golden Fuel Systems, makes straight vegetable oil (SVO) conversion kits for diesel vehicles.
Design It

Go Small or Go Home

Designing logos can be tricky. Designing logos for mobile apps can be downright confounding.

Jargon: Deceptionist

A receptionist adept at blocking visitors, rather than facilitating their needs.
The Suitcase Entrepreneur

Waiting Games

From yoga classes in Dallas to rocking chairs in Charlotte, N.C., airports gussy up the pre-flight experience.
Ask the Money Guy

Hold 'em or Fold 'em?

Some customers take up too much time and energy. Here's how decide who isn't giving you a return on your investment.
Who Has VC?

Sleek Design for the Stroller Set

4moms, an inventive child-care products business plans to build tech into strollers and infant seats.
Your Money

The Gift of Giving

When it comes to supporting a charity, it helps to be realistic.
College Startup

Reef Madness

A University of Oregon grad turns his love of coral into a thriving niche business.
Startup Finance

Strangers With Money

On peer-to-peer lending website Prosper, anonymous users raise money from anonymous investors, Kickstarter-style.
Wacky Idea

Sound Carriers

Ryan Barr, founder of, makes durable leather goods for musicians, including a "picker's wallet" with a dedicated stitched pocket for a guitar pick.
Ask A Geek

Cash Pad

What are the advantages of switching your POS system to a mobile device.
Gift Guide

You Shouldn't Have...

Need ideas for your holiday wishlist? Wondering what to get your fellow entrepreneurs? Our gift guide has you covered.
Gift Guide

How Can I Find Venture Capital for My Business?

Brad Feld, managing director of the Foundry Group, on how to approach venture capitalists for backing.
Mobile Tech

Peeping Toms

A photo of any house reveals treasure troves of app-generated info.
Shiny Objects

Damage Control

These tablets, smartphones and laptops and other fortified tech can take a beating and still keep working.
The Fix

Tailor-made Transactions

San Franciso clothier Taylor Stitch employs multiple apps for a custom commerce solution.
Website to Watch

Basic Training turns job seekers into qualified candidates by helping them bone up on in-demand skills.
Ask the Money Guy

Multiple Choice

Think you're making the most of your time by writing e-mails as you talk on the phone? Cognitive scientist David Meyer unmasks the illusion behind the counterproductive habit of multitasking.
The Online Trep

Chatter Master

Revinate helps hoteliers track customer reviews from across the web by pulling reviews from top hospitality sites and feedback from social media.
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