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100 Brilliant Companies

Each year we pick the ideas, companies, applications and inventions that have amazed us with their unique solutions to common problems or marketplace voids, executed in forms both ultra-high-tech and strikingly simple.

8 Ways to Make Your Crowdfunding Campaign Stand Out

It seems like everyone and their mother has a Kickstarter campaign. Here's how to get yours noticed.

Man of the House

Former Apple exec Matt Rogers co-founded Nest, a smart-home product company that went from a garage startup to a $3.2 billion business.

The Road to Newness

We asked some of the leading idea people in business to define how new products, technologies and commodities come into being.

The Big Leap

Several owners who made the shift discuss their decision-making process, what they learned and how they do things differently.

More Is More

He started his life in franchising at age 14, mopping floors at a Burger King. Today, Aziz Hashim owns 35 franchises and employs 700 people.

The More Incredible Egg

The San Francisco startup has developed a plant-based substitute that's both cheaper and healthier than the real thing.

Image Consultants

ASAP54 matches users' photos of apparel and accessories to identical or similar product images stored in its database.

Perfect Harmony allows users of subscription music services to share songs and playlists with listeners of other services, such as Spotify.

Don't Tell Me!

Spoiler Shield lets users to block all social media updates pertaining to certain TV shows and sports teams.

Fresh Spots

Advertising and digital marketing platform Zooppa partners with brands and agencies to create crowd-sourced commercials.

The Knee Bone's Connected to the Smartphone

Withings has created a series of health-care devices designed to integrate seamlessly with your smartphone.

Eat 'em If You Got 'em

The company offers a range of cannabis products, including carbonated beverages, fudge bars and oil cartridges for vaporizer pens.

Wheel Genius

An electric car signals freedom for people with disabilities.

Next-level e-commerce

Meta data and machine-learning software leads buyers straight to what they want.

Questioning Authority

Hiring platform Smarterer wants employers to ditch the resumes and evaluate job candidates through assessment tests.


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The Big Idea

From coffee to brilliance
Editor's Note

Giving Fear the Finger

Franchise Listing

Dig in!

Quick-service and full-service restaurants plus retail food businesses accounted for over one quarter of our top franchises for 2014, proving that food franchises are a healthy business.

Seeing Dollar Signs

A franchise co-branding program spells growth for an indie print shop

Going to Great Lengths

Jamie and Tara Osborn, triathletes both, recognized that retail niche for athletes like themselves and so they opened Endurance House.
Ask the Money Guy

Q&A: Pay for Rainmakers

The amount of of commission depends on a host of factors, most notably the typical commission structure in your industry.
Startup Finance

The Conscious Capitalist

How to chase assistance and investors for social-impact businesses
VC Viewpoint

Crowd Mentality

Venture capital's dirty little secret: investors don't like going it alone.
Your Money

Don't Waste Your Time

Work-life balance is about managing the way you use both.
Who Has VC?

Crunch Time

Experience and a strong network pay off for a healthful-food startup
Ask A Geek

An Even Playing Field

Reddit's Alexis Ohanian walks us through the basics.
Online Trep

High-five for Free Wi-Fi

By getting people to share a part of their bandwidth, upstart Fon wants to build a no-cost web-access world.
Online Trep

Best Foot Forward

Sols aims to bring customized, 3-D-printed footbeds to the masses
Shiny Objects


Harman Kardon's Aura sounds like a work of art
The Fix

E-mail's Turbo Boost

Retention Science uses predictive algorithms to create automated marketing campaigns for companies based on customers' buying patterns.
Esquire Guy

So I was Thinking …

Presentation is important, people.

Too Close for Comfort

Q: Should I accept Facebook friend requests from my employees?

Marketing to Go

Streamline your mobile marketing strategy with these easy-to-use tools.
Business Unusual

Special Effects

OpenStage uses multiple cameras and advanced algorithms to capture and display motion data in real time, no special suites or elaborate setups required.

Don't be a Road Worrier

Business trips are stressful enough without a side of identity fraud.

Wellness at Work

With prevention a key focus of the new healthcare law, employers are promoting health. Here's how.

Creating Cultural Commerce

New Inc believes in mixing art and business.

Hello, and Goodbye

Also: Should you work with a bullying client? And is it unethical to be solely motivated by money?
Wacky Idea

Unfold and Go

Origami-inspired kayaks go almost anywhere--including small apartments and cars
Q and A

Homespun Appeal

The Manufacturing Solutions Center is a one-stop shop for inventors and designers who need help getting their ideas through production.
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