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Inside the Summer 2003 Issue


Home Run

Step up to the plate with one of these 500-plus homebased franchises and business opportunities.

Just the FAQs

Got questions about researching and buying a franchise or a business opportunity? We've got answers.

Trend Watch: Child-Focused Franchises

If the increasing popularity of education services, toy stores and kids' gyms is any indication, you can be sure the children's franchise industry is growing big and strong.

The Search Is On

Entrepreneurs and experts all agree: If you're willing to hunt around, you can score financing to get your homebased business off the ground.

How Low?

It doesn't have to cost a bundle to launch an e-commerce site. We've found several smart options for top-notch online stores.

Class Acts

College life can go beyond classes, keggers and cramming for finals. Why not start your own business? These enterprising students did.


Back Page
So what if your business is small? That doesn't mean your entrepreneurial dreams have to be, too.
Biz 101
There's really no need to rush into a full-time business. Keep these part-time pointers in mind for smooth sailing.
Biz 101
Pay attention to your community's laws before opening your doors.
Biz 101
Harness the power of PR, and make your business a rising star.
House Calls
Got what it takes to get through entrepreneurial "boot camp"? We'll give you some tips for toughing out your first year in business.
House Calls
Prepare yourself for being homebased by understanding the downside.
Licensing your idea to a bigger company can mean fewer hassles--and a lot more money in your pocket.
Stumped about what to sell at a kiosk? Find out how to get the ideas rolling.
Do you want to start a tech business but think you have to be a computer geek? Not so, says this franchisee.
Featuring a star-studded cast of baskets, table linens and more.
Going homebased made it easier for one entrepreneur to put his family first for a change.
Power Tools
These handy gizmos and gadgets will make for an easier ride through the start-up stage and beyond.
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