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Give an Inch . . .

And then take a mile with these low-cost franchise options. With minimal investements, these franchises won't drain your pocketbook.

What's Love Got to Do With it?

Is a passion for your idea enough to base a business on--or is a hot market opportunity a better guarantee of a sure thing?

Cheap Sheet

Stumped by the task of finding the perfect budget-friendly franchise? We've got all the answers you need to do your homework right--and spend your money wisely.

Starting Small

With discipline and determination, these four entrepreneurs launched businesses with less than $1,000 each. See how they've grown from those budget beginnings to today's successful companies.

Trading Up

No cash? No problem. Here's how smart entrepreneurs use barter to help save money, create connections and grow their businesses.


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Spring Cleaning

Take a day to dust off your old business ideas and see if they still shine.
Biz 101

It's in the Mail

How to land your product on the pages of a catalog
Biz 101

Thread of Life

Sewing is more than just a hobby for this artistic entrepreneur.
Biz 101

Try Before You Buy

It is possible to test-drive your dream business.
House Calls

Making Home Work

What's the best way to balance your homebased business and your family life? Start by figuring out your style.
House Calls

Babies on Board

Can you take care of baby and business at the same time?

Come Together

Two heads are better than one, so why not use a joint venture to get your invention off the ground?
Marketing Makeover

Stop the Presses!

Want to get noticed? Take your marketing to the next level with these 9 tips for writing a powerful press release.

The Candy Man Can

After years of dreaming, this candy lover worked up the nerve to buy a franchise.

Good as Sold

A former stay-at-home mom takes her love for eBay to the next level.
Power Tools

A Movable Feast

We've set up an impressive spread of budget-friendly gadgets to get your mobile office on the road.
Second Act

The New Golden Age

It's not your father's retirement. Today's baby boomers see life after 50 as a new opportunity to start businesses they love.
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