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Ready for Startup

Get on your mark--our listings of more than 1,000 franchise and business opportunities will get you in the race.

Which Way?

You've got an idea. Now you want to find the fastest route to making it a reality. One of these 5 ways to start a business is sure to be right for you.

Passion Into Profit

Can you really make a living doing what you love? These entrepreneurs prove it's not only possible, it can be profitable, too.

Get Franchise Fit

We'll give you a research routine that will set you on the right track for your franchise future.


Biz 101

Map It Out

Get help making a plan so you don't get lost on the way to startup.
Biz 101

Smart Idea

This innovative advertising device catches golfers' attention even while they keep their eye on the ball.
House Calls

To Your Health

Keep from packing on the pounds while working in a home office with these easy-to-follow tips.
House Calls

Paper Chase

Is working from home as a medical transcriptionist still a profitable business? Our experts weigh in.
Marketing Makeover

Hey, You. Over Here!

Made you look. Now go ahead and get prospects looking at you with these tips for designing the perfect print ad.

Pet Pals

A part-time pet business lets a couple pursue their passion while having fun.

Mr. Fix-IT

A self-proclaimed geek heeds a sign to start a computer franchise.
Second Act

Dream a Little Dream

Find your perfect business by tapping into what you really want from life.
Smart Ideas

Strength in Numbers

There's no need to go it alone--you can find solutions by accepting others' advice.
Success Coach

Take It With You

Who says you can't? There's a portable available to fit every need and budget.
Tech Talk

If You Build It...

Will they come? If you think your invention could be the foundation for a business, here's how to make the leap.
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